The NBA Won’t Let John Wall Bet His Assistant Coach Over Turnovers

by January 08, 2016

One mark of a great point guard, is their ability to hang on to the rock.

Occasionally, even the world’s best floor-generals need extra incentive to keep their turnovers down, but the NBA has strict rules when it comes to placing bets on this sort of thing.

John Wall reports that he was told by the League that he couldn’t fork over $100 to Washington Wizards assistant coach Howard Eisley for each game with two or more turnovers—the All-Star PG would owe $2,600 had the wager stood:

The NBA notified the Wizards’ point guard via phone call in mid-October, after it became public, that such an arrangement is against league policy.


“They squashed that early in the season,” Wall told after the Wizards held shootaround Friday morning before playing the Toronto Raptors. “The called us. I guess it’s betting. (They said) it’s league protocol.”


Instead, Wall said, “I just take him to dinner sometimes.”