Tim Duncan Felt ‘No Emotions’ Facing Kobe Bryant for the Last Time

by February 22, 2016

While the rest of the NBA has fallen over itself giving Kobe Bryant the proper send-off at the conclusion of his brilliant 20-year career, Tim Duncan (as one might expect) isn’t falling for the hype.

Tim and Kobe faced one another for the final time time Friday night in Los Angeles, and all The Big Fundemantal cared about was getting a 119-113 win for his San Antonio Spurs against the Lakers.

Duncan, himself in his 19th (and perhaps final) season, says he’s not feeling particularly emotional about The Black Mamba retiring from the game.

Per the LA Times:

Spurs center Tim Duncan isn’t sad he played Kobe Bryant for the last time (Friday.) […] In fact, Duncan, in his 19th NBA season, said after the game that he felt “no emotions” at all.


“I’m here to play a game and win a game. I’m not worried about that stuff,” Duncan said when asked what it was like to face Bryant a final time. “He’s a great competitor over the years, but this wasn’t about him. It was about us trying to get back on track.”


Duncan scored 12 points and grabbed 13 rebounds in San Antonio’s 119-113 victory. Bryant finished with 25 points and played through a dislocated finger in the fourth quarter. […] But when asked once again whether he felt sad that he would never again share the court with Bryant, Duncan responded, “No,” and raised an eyebrow when reporters still appeared befuddled. “Why is that a surprise?” Duncan continued. “No. We played for many years. It’s been great. We’re moving on.”

Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan’s Rivalry (VIDEO)