Tyronn Lue: ‘I’d Make A Spot For [Kevin Garnett] If He Wanted To Come Back And Coach’

by September 29, 2016

A coaching staff consisting of Allen Iverson and Kevin Garnett? If it were up to Tyronn Lue it could happen. Earlier this month, Lue said that AI “can coach with me,” and now it seems there is a similar offer on the table to Garnett.

While speaking to reporters after Cavaliers practice on Thursday, Lue said that he would love to see his friend coaching and he would “make a spot for him.”

More from ESPN‘s Dave McMenamin:

“I talked to him about it,” Lue said after Cavs practice Thursday. “I know his wife is pushing for it a lot. Brandi is pushing for it, trying to get him to come and coach. He says he’s not ready yet. He goes back — ‘I might do it’ — but he’s back and forth. We’ll see. But I’d definitely make a spot for him if he wanted to come back and coach.”

Lue, who was on the Celtics’ coaching staff during KG’s final two seasons in Boston, credited Garnett for being a trendsetter and compared him to LeBron James:

“Just seeing him go, just seeing what he brought to the game coming out of high school, all the guys that tried to mimic him, the things he did with the powder first and having his boys in the commercials first,” Lue continued. “Everything he’s done, he’s been a trendsetter. Just seeing him leave the game and the way he played every night on a night to night basis, every practice from me being with him in Boston, just how he approached the game every single day. He was just like LeBron [James].”

The Cavs coach also said that having Garnett, Kobe and Duncan retiring at the same time is “bad for the game:”

“One of the easiest guys to coach as far as being a superstar, as far as telling him what to do, they would do it. If they didn’t like what you were doing, they’d call you out to the side and tell you. They’d never call you out in front of everybody. Just having respect for everybody from the janitor to the owner. That’s our motto. Him, Kobe [Bryant] and [Tim] Duncan at the same time is bad for the game. But we all get old. It’s all part of the game.”

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