Vince Carter Confirms He Won’t Be in 2017 Dunk Contest

by November 01, 2016

Vince Carter doesn’t want to taint the memory of his legendary performance in the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk contest, and despite a recently-circulated clip teasing the possibility of the 39-year-old improbably re-entering the contest, VC says it’s not gonna happen.

Half-Man, Half-Amazing’s body is simply no longer up to the task.

Carter believes he can still perform at least one of the jams from that unforgettable evening in Oakland.


“I could probably do one, and I’d probably need a day before I’d do another. I could do some stuff, but not enough to win a dunk contest. With what these guys are doing now? Yeah, right.”


The thing is, this whole thing makes a certain sense: Fans were willing to believe Vince may be back because, after all, this is still Vince Carter that we’re talking about. Following that incredible 2000 Dunk Contest, Vince walked away from dunk contests leaving the crowd wanting more, a thirst that apparently remains unquenched.


“I get all of that,” Carter allows. “I’m just like, this is frustrating. I’ve never even talked about it. I didn’t even say that I would win it. I didn’t even say that I would compete in it. And why would I want to mess with the memory of that magical night back in 2000?”

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