Wesley Matthews And His Three-Point Goggles

by January 27, 2011

The only explanation here, friends, is that Wes is from the future. The Oregonian reports: “Turns out Matthews was wearing goggles that serve as a training aid designed to help players shoot without overfocusing on the basket visually. The guy who helped popularize ‘3-Goggles’ was using a pair of goggles to make himself a better three-point shooter. ‘It’s like a strobe light so if I’m throwing something at you, it kind of blocks your vision, so you’re not seeing what you’re focusing on the whole time,’ he said. Several players had tried the device, with Dante Cunningham saying it made him ill. Matthews — one of the Blazers’ biggest gym rats — said he’ll try anything to get better. What’s the point of the goggles? Matthews, who has made a team-high 84 three-pointers this season and is shooting 38 percent behind the arc, took a stab at explaining. ‘You’re just not constantly focusing on what it is you’re looking at,’ he said. ‘So for me, it’s the rim, I’m not seeing it the whole time, so I take bits and pieces of it and just mentally train myself to know where the rim is every time. It just helps so you don’t have to look down at your feet or anything like that. Muscle memory, really.'”