Win Kobe’s Jersey!

by June 11, 2009

by Tzvi Twersky

With the ’08-2009 NBA year winding down, and with the Lakers in the Finals, we couldn’t think of a better time to unveil another new contest. The jersey set (we’re giving away the full uniform, shorts and jersey) up for grabs is not just any ol’ Kobe jersey; this  set was purchased strictly for issue 126’s cover shoot. Aside from telling you that this is an authentic Lakers home model and has a retail value estimated at over $300, I want you to go look at Ish 126 again. You see the Kobe in purple and gold playing offense on the left? Yeah, well if you win this jersey you’ll be a part owner of that dope cover. So whether you root for or against the Lakers, whether you like or dislike Kobe, as long as your a fan of SLAM, the prize is well-worth trying to cop.

The contest itself is pretty simple: Below is a list of every cover of SLAM that Kobe has ever been on. In 100 words (entries that are longer than this won’t be taken into consideration), tell us which is your favorite Kobe cover and why. You can talk about the image, the cover line, the cover story or you can talk about something related. You don’t even have to love Kobe to win; the only requirements are passion and brevity. The contest will be closing next Monday; so get your answers up here pronto. Winners will be contacted via email (that’s why you should be sure to enter a valid email address with you comment!). The winner will be announced, if y’all put your email addresses,  by the end of next week.

You have the chance to win a slice, 1/130th of a chance to put a number on it, of SLAM history! Be a go-getter!

*To help you out on your quest for gold (purple and gold), here is the complete list of SLAM issues that Kobe’s been on the cover of.

SLAM #15 alongside a few others from the 1996 rookie class.

SLAM #24 Kobe’s first solo cover.

SLAM #39 Scoop discussed a young Kobe’s aspirations.

SLAM #43 A Kobe/Shaq joint cover.

SLAM #66 Kobe and Ryan Jones jammed about what motivates Kobe.

SLAM #74 His first cover post-Colorado.

SLAM #97 Russ broke down Mamba’s game.

SLAM #114 Lang wrote a screenplay featuring Kobe.

SLAM #123 In this, the season preview issue, we picked L.A to win it all this year.

SLAM #126 Well….could he?

SLAM #129 The debate between KB24 and he who will remain nameless.

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