Candice Wiggins Announces Retirement From WNBA, Professional Basketball

by March 22, 2016

New York Liberty guard Candice Wiggins announced that she’s retiring from the game of basketball on Tuesday.

The former No. 3 pick in 2008 endured eight surgeries in the last 15 years, making basketball a continual grind.

In an essay for the Players Tribune, Wiggins wrote that she lost her love for the game in 2011:

I can’t explain how much respect I have for the women who play 11 months out of the year for a decade or more. You rarely see your family, and if you don’t take impeccable care of your body, you’re done.


I’ve been there, lived that.


For many, many years, I was in love with the game of basketball. I’m just not anymore.


And that’s O.K.


If I’m honest with myself, it’s been that way since 2011. I haven’t been playing professional basketball out of my own love, but instead, that of my fans, and all those who’ve supported me throughout a trying career.