Cappie Pondexter, Diary 3

by July 17, 2013

As told to Christian Mordi / @mordi_thecomeup

We recently got back back from a 10-day road trip. Road trips can be fun in a lot of different ways. It’s an opportunity for you to play basketball in different atmospheres and see different cities. I try to stay on the positive side of things and try not to focus on being tired. Your mind is your strongest muscle. We only won one game, but in the WNBA it’s really hard to win on other people’s home courts.

Offensively, I feel my game is coming along some. We are still in the hunt in the East. If we can put together a nice run of games we could end up as the second seed in the East.

We played a close game against Seattle at home. We had a 19-point lead get pulled down to one, but we held on for the victory. I thought we came out the gates of the game pretty intense which allowed us to jump on them early in the game. We had great energy from everyone in the game. In the second we eased up some which let them back in the game. Coach did a great job going back to his veteran group in the third and we were able to close the game out.

On another note, this was our last regular-season game against Tina Thompson. Tina means a lot to women’s basketball. Everyone knows her for her trademark red lipstick. She was one of the first women’s basketball players who was also big into fashion on the floor as well. When you thought of any player with fashion sense it was her. On another note, her game speaks for itself. She is the all-time leading scorer in the WNBA. I know she will still be a good ambassador for the game even though she will be no longer be playing.

The All-Star game is on its way as well in Connecticut. I look forward the chance to represent my team in the game. It’s a great chance to connect with the fans.

‘Til next time,
Cappie Pondexter

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