Do the Right Thing

by August 29, 2007

By Adrienne Goodson

The WNBA Playoffs are off the hook and to those sleeping on it, all I can say is have a nice night. If I can compare it to anything it would be to the NCAA and March Madness. There’s nothing better than pure, untainted, textbook basketball. Don’t get me wrong, I love the high flying trapeze acts put on by Shawn Marion, Allen Iverson, Amare, and Kobe but I also love the passion, desire, and heart that is depicted in the women’s game.

The games have gone down to the wire in every playoff game since Sunday. Some games required double and triple over time for one team to come out on top. The East coast was simply marvelous to watch and not to take away anything from the west because the last game between San Antonio and Sacramento was good but New York and Detroit were spectacular (not to mention the Indiana and Connecticut series). These were two teams with two totally different styles of play but each offering true excitement for the fans. Rookie sensation Tiffany Jackson and Most Improved Player Janel McCarville played their hearts out. They went at it against Cheryl Ford all night in the paint. I like to see two post players bang down low. It was sorta like a Hakeem and Ewing matchup from back in the day but Deanna Nolan stole the show for real. She went 1 for 9 in the first half and the Liberty defense was to blame but in the second half a refreshed woman came on the court. Deanna was scoring from everywhere. Steals, pull up jays, a three ball, you name it she hit it. It reminded me of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s McDonald commercial. “Off the lights, Off the backboard – Nothing but net.” Deanna had better save some of that for Indiana cause they are waiting.

Honestly, I truly pity the person who has to guard Tamika Catchings, The real MVP. Now let me go back a lil’ bit. First of all, I want to say to all the commentators on ESPN, ESPN II, NBA TV and the WNBA Marketing Department, “Stop trying to influence the minds of the voters. I like Becky Hammon and Lauren Jackson but the policing is not cute, quite annoying and hurts the game. Let the players sort it out. The cream always rises to the top naturally and the fans are tired of you deciding whose face goes on what cereal box”. How is Cappy Pondexter now being considered a go to player when she’s been that all along? How does Deanna Nolan just get mentioned last night as a posibility? How does Tamika Catchings not get blown up for having a double-double in every game since she’s been back from a six week injury? Her numbers in Game One 14 and 20. Game Two, 15 and 13. Game Three, 30 and 13. Stop P-O-L-I-T-I-C-K-I-N-G…..

I have many fans come up to me and ask me to speak the truth about things and so here it is. I love this league but things have got to change. I have to also give Big Love to the New York Liberty and Carol Blazejowski for being the one team who appreciate their former players enough to hire them. That’s true love. You find out just who your friends are when the ball stops bouncing. There are 12 other teams who need to step up to the plate. Your fans left right along with those former players. It’s not Rocket Science and as Spike Lee once said, “Do The Right Thing”.