How Emma Cannon’s Overseas Journey Landed Her a Spot in the WNBA

Emma Cannon’s road to the WNBA wasn’t your typical draft story, so when the 2022 WNBA draft came around, she felt that opening up about her experience in a tweet would help ease the nerves of the ’22 draftees.

“I knew the majority of [players] weren’t gonna make it,” Cannon said per Just Women’s Sports. “I wanted everyone to know that when one door closes, there’s always another opportunity.”

Not being selected in the 2011 draft opened another opportunity for Cannon to play overseas. In 2017 she proved her star power by leading her team Chevakata Vologda with 31 points and 12.5 rebounds per game.

Cannon’s grind paid off, and in 2017 she was offered a contract by the Phoenix Mercury. After spending a season with the Mercury and playing overseas, Canon was able to sign around The W with different teams. In 2020 she signed with the Aces; in 2021, she signed hardship contracts with the Suns and the Fever and found her way back to Indiana for the 2022 campaign.

“If you are willing to work at your craft and willing to get better,” Cannon said. “Then go overseas. You can still make money; you can still make a name for yourself. Somebody will eventually see you,” says Cannon.

“It’s only 144 spots. So, when you’re called upon, you just gotta be thankful. Take the opportunity for what it is. For me having that opportunity with Connecticut, it led to me having an opportunity with Indiana. Take it and run with it,” Cannon explained.

Cannon and Fever will return to action with a road game against the Fever on Wednesday.

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