Shock Are The Champs

by Stephen Litel

The Detroit Shock won their third WNBA Championship Sunday afternoon and are now officially a dynasty. Even more impressive is the fact they were able to accomplish the feat after the loss of Cheryl Ford earlier in the season. They are, in fact, the franchise by which all other WNBA teams should be measured, and they should only be better next season.

As I cover the Minnesota Lynx in my other position and have ties to that organization, it is great to see Katie Smith win the Finals MVP award. After meeting Katie for the first time this past offseason and having the opportunity to interview her, my respect grew exponentially. I always knew she had that killer mentality on the court, but her graciousness, intelligence and grace during the interview were astounding.

Throughout the years, there have been many conversations as to whether Detroit’s coach, Bill Laimbeer, deserves a shot to coach in the NBA. Maybe he does, maybe he has earned the right to claim that opportunity, but his legacy as a coach has already been solidified as the coach of the Shock. He is a great coach and deserves whatever opportunity he chooses to take.

So, congratulations go out to the Detroit players, coaches, trainers, executives and anyone involved with this championship. It was, in fact, a historic season.

My final thought for the 2008 WNBA season: Will my friend, Nancy Lieberman, receive a championship ring?

Until next season, WNBA fans…