Sue Bird Diary 2

Hey SLAM Fam!

All-Star weekend was awesome this year! This was a great group of players, as we had the perfect mix of young talent with grizzled vets like Diana and myself. I think this year you saw an All-Star game at its finest. The ball was moving up and down the floor and you really got to see how talented many of these players are offensively. The game was so close in the end and you saw people lock in and really begin to defend as the competitive sides came out from both teams. There were so many critical plays which made this game awesome to play in.

Right now we sit two games out of the last playoff spot in the West. We are taking things one game at a time. If we can win the next few games and the ball rolls our way, we can make it in. We are focused on putting the best product on the floor each night and pulling out some victories. Last game it showed as we pulled out a critical victory against the San Antonio Stars 71-65. We knew the game was big seeing since they sat in the 4-seed and we pulled it out. It also could be huge for us as we know the win gives us the season series against San Antonio if we end in a tie record-wise. It’s a tough spot to be in as we have to climb up the standings but we have seen crazier things happen. We are excited to take on the task as we push toward the playoffs.

Recently we celebrated Karen Bryant and her years of being apart of the Seattle Storm franchise. The Storm is her baby as she started it. She was critical in keeping the Storm here when the Sonics moved to Oklahoma City. There wouldn’t have been a Seattle Storm and it wouldn’t be still out West if it wasn’t for her. She is genuine person and loyal person, just like the people within our fan base.

On a lighter note, for the first time in the last 10 years I probably won’t go overseas and play international ball. For me this is a huge choice. Staying in America for awhile is something I haven’t experienced for around a decade. I have spent the summer re-decorating my place in Seattle, but I am from New York and I may have to get settled out there as well. I have a lot going on right now in my life that I am getting together but I am very excited to see how it pans out.

Til next time,
Sue Bird

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