Summer in the City, Vol. 4

by August 05, 2008

With the Olympics almost here and the WNBA in the midst of a month-long hiatus, some of our bloggers from the New York Liberty (you can find their three previous entries right here) wanted to write about the upcoming Games.

Zoya Pavlovskaya of SIG Sports, who has helped coordinate this blog, gives a little context on the Games in an email: “Arguably the best of the best at the 2008 Olympics are the women’s basketball teams of USA and Russia. After 2007’s EuroBasket Women Tournament, USA ranks first with 1140 points, while Russia is third with 838 points. Yesterday the two powerhouses played against each other in FIBA Diamond Ball and…the American Team won 93–58! Even being taller and having US native and WNBA star Becky Hammon on the roster didn’t help the Russian team to win. SIG is proud to represent several clients on both sides of this rivalry. On the US side, SIG represents 2007 WNBA Finals MVP Cappie Pondexter, who scored 8 points in yesterday’s game. On the Russian side, SIG represents former University of Connecticut standout Svetlana Abrosimova (2 pts vs US), 6-8 center Maria Stepanova (5 pts vs US), 6-9 center Ekaterina Lisina, and fellow post player Marina Kuzina (6 pts vs US). You can follow the Olympic tournament as it unfolds on FIBA’s website.

Anyway, here’s what the girls have to say about the upcoming Games, basketball and otherwise.

Tiffany Jackson: The Olympics are almost underway, and some sports I am excited to see are track and field, volleyball and of course, basketball. I have two good college friends, Sanya Richards and Marshavet Hooker, who qualified for the Olympics in track, so I’ll be rooting for them. Also, I am amped about watching the men’s Basketball team. They will face some fierce competition with Spain, Greece, and Argentina, but no worries, they will prevail… this is their year. On the other side, the women will be geared and ready. I think we have a highly talented and competitive group. They also will be challenged by Spain and Russia, but like the US men, they too will come out victorious.

I’m looking forward to fun times watching the 2008 Olympics.—Tiffany

Jessica Davenport: Hey all! So the Olympics are coming up and I’m excited about watching all the athletes compete in their respective sports. With all the free time we have for this Olympic break I’m goin’ to try and catch a few new sports that I’ve never watched before and see how that goes. It never hurts to broaden your horizons:).

So far I have cought a few of the men’s USAB tune-up games and I must say, I’m impressed. They seem to be playing well, but with the better competition they get the tougher the games will become, and I want to see how they handle it.

I also just wanna say good luck to all athletes competing in the competition and for all to return home healthy. I’m out.—jd50

Loree Moore: The Olympics is the biggest sporting event for every athlete. To be a part of an Olympic team is an honor that very few athletes get a chance to be a part of. I have had the honor to be part of the US Junior Olympic and Pan American teams and it is an amazing feeling. Unlike our normal high school, college, or even pro team…to be a part of an Olympic team is by far the the most gratifying feeling ever. The feeling you get can not even be put into words. It’s a sense of being part of something bigger than yourself because your a representative of a country. That’s an amazing position to hold.

I wish the best of luck to all of this year’s Olympic members…GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!—Loree