As the Playoffs get underway, Miami Heat forward Shane Battier understands the power of superstitions. Per,

“Athletes are all superstitious and even if they don’t admit it, there’s a routine and just a cadence to our days. Especially when things go well, you can see us try to replicate it.”

Exactly. Just what we suspected. And yours are …

“Well, I try to drink the same beer – Bud Light – but that’s about it. You never know. I don’t want to chance luck and switch up brands, so I’m staying loyal to Bud Light.”

After exclaiming his undying loyalty to his favorite beer company, Battier got a visit from the guys he so lovingly endorsed on the NBA’s Hang Time blog. For his ringing endorsement, Bud Light awarded him a truck-full of free beer. Not bad for a few words of support.