Quite understandably, Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers was beside himself when referee Ed Malloy and his quick trigger hit him with a silly technical foul in Game 1 of the ECF last night. In his postgame comments, Rivers discussed the iffy call. Per WEEI: “I know mine wasn’t [deserved],’ Rivers said. ‘I don’t know how long I’ve been in the league, but that has to rank as the worst I’ve ever had. I would have liked to have earned it.’ Malloy called a technical foul on Rivers and then called one on Rajon Rondo midway through the third after Rondo and Shane Battier became entangled after a Brandon Bass basket. Rondo appeared to push Battier away, trying to get loose. Earlier in the game, referee Danny Crawford called a tech on Ray Allen after Allen was demonstrative after a call on him. Crawford then whistled Kevin Garnett for a delay of game technical for tapping the ball out of bounds after a Celtics basket. ‘We should never get them, I told our guys,’ Rivers said, before adding, ‘Everybody has to keep their composure, not just just the players and coaches.'”