Charles Oakley on Carmelo: ‘I Think He Just Needs to Get Out of New York’

by May 03, 2017
Carmelo Anthony

On Tuesday, former Knicks forward Charles Oakley told TMZ sports what he thinks would be best for Carmelo Anthony going forward.

“I think he just needs to get out of New York,” Oak said. “This city is just you know, so much going on with management. You know, you deserve better but you have to speak up for yourself.”

Oakley had his clashes with the current Knicks organization back in February, when he was arrested at MSG after reportedly arguing with owner James Dolan.

In mid-April, president Phil Jackson publicly stated that he thinks Melo and NY should part ways. NBPA director Michelle Roberts spoke out against Phil’s comments, claiming that he tried to “shame” his star forward out of the city.

Anthony has a guaranteed contract through next year, a player option in 2018-19, and a no-trade clause, giving him a lot of control over his future.


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