DeMarcus Cousins Whistled for Six Fouls in the Fourth Quarter and Ejected

by November 02, 2016

Refs called six fouls on DeMarcus Cousins in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night’s Kings-Heat battle in Miami, and the big fella had to watch from the locker room as Sacramento fell 108-96 in overtime.

Adding insult to injury was this horrific airball Rudy Gay threw up with the game tied at the end of regulation.

Boogie finished with 30 points, seven rebounds and four assists in the loss.

Per the Sac Bee:

DeMarcus Cousins summed up the Kings’ loss Tuesday night in four words. […] “Good, hard, competitive game.”


Kings coach Dave Joerger elaborated more than Cousins about the officiating, but he did so trying to keep the league out of his pockets.


“Very remarkable, unbelievable,” Joerger said. “I just watched them. Unbelievable. That’s all I can say. I can’t say anything about it. I don’t understand.[…] Truth be, in my opinion, Carmelo (Anthony), DeMarcus, physical guys, Kawhi (Leonard), LeBron (James), they create a lot of contact, so they’re difficult to officiate. there’s no question about it. That’s all I can comment.”

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