Draymond Green Doesn’t Understand Double-Technicals

by November 24, 2017

Draymond Green says he doesn’t get the point of giving players double technical fouls.

Green, responding to the double-techs given to Kevin Durant and former teammate Russell Westbrook following their heated confrontation Wednesday night, thinks it’s an attempt to tamp down the passion of the game.

KD downplayed the exchange with Russ as “just ball.”

Per NBC Sports Bay Area:

“Man, that’s just ball. That’s just ball me. He’s competitive, I’m competitive. We like to go at it. Both of us. That’s just part of the game, so I respect it. I got nothing but love for him. I’m expecting it again when we play them again. All fun and games to me,” Durant told reporters.


When a reporter kept pressing about the incidents between Durant and Westbrook, the Warriors forward pushed back.


“Did you watch the game? Or did you watch for the scuffles? The story is about the game. We lost, they kicked our a**, they played a great. You should give them credit for how they played. We should be better. It’s not about who’s in each other’s faces. That stuff is not real. So please, don’t believe it. All the fans, they are lying to you. It’s all about basketball. They played a great game. We didn’t,” Durant retorted.