by Marcel Mutoni

Last year, Gregg Popovich famously voiced his displeasure when the Lakers hoodwinked Memphis into trading Pau Gasol for virtually nothing. Well, it’s a new season, and Pop has a new complaint.

Gregg would like to know why the Celtics insist on calling themselves “World Champions”, when in fact, they’re just lowly NBA champs. From the Dallas Morning News:

“There’s no such thing,” he said. “Why can’t we just be happy with ‘the NBA champions.’ That’s pretty cool.

In the middle of the Celtics’ [banner], it says: World Champions in giant letters and Boston Celtics up [on top]. In the middle, in little teeny letters, NBA. In brackets. What is that? Ashamed to be in the NBA. Or, I know it’s really the NBA championship, but I’m going to go ahead and say world championship anyway. I don’t understand it.”

“And another thing that’s been getting on my nerves of late: whenever we travel to different cities, the staff at the various hotels never remembers to leave a mint on my pillow. I mean, what is that? I don’t understand it,” Pop did not necessarily add.

With a team struggling mightily to get out of the blocks in the early going, you’d think the man would have other things on his mind. And of course, you’d be wrong.