Even though he left the team this summer for greener pastures via free agency, everyone expects the fans in Orlando to give Hedo a nice hand tonight: “Toronto Raptors SF Hedo Turkoglu returns for the first time tonight to Orlando, the place he called his basketball home for five seasons. Turkoglu received a five-year, $50 million deal with the Raptors, too steep a price that the Magic were willing to pay the free agent. His former coach and teammates expect he will receive a nice ovation. ‘I think he should,’ SG J.J. Redick said. ‘As a fan, you want players to be loyal. As a player, you have to look out for your family and you realize you have a short window and it’s business. I think Turk wanted to be here. But he made a business decision. He was great for our team the last couple years. I think he deserves an ovation. He doesn’t deserve boos.”‘