Kevin Durant: NBA Players’ Salaries Shouldn’t Be Made Public

by February 28, 2018
kevin durant nba players salaries

Warriors forward Kevin Durant says NBA players’ salaries shouldn’t be made public because it’s making parents and kids “crazy.”

In a conversation with ESPN’s Chris Haynes and Knicks forward Michael Beasley, Durant said the salaries have become the focus, and not the game.

“They got to stop publicizing how much money we make as NBA players because it’s driving these parents and these kids crazy.

“So now they saying, ‘Oh such and such has made $200 million on a five-year deal.’ What you think his parents are going to talk about?

“They not even working about the game no more. It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, you need to go make that.’

“You know what I’m saying? Where as back in the day, I didn’t know what none of these dudes was making.”

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