Kevin Garnett screamed at another teammate last night, but the good news is that unlike Big Baby, Kendrick Perkins did not shed tears. At least not that we know of: “While Doc Rivers said the fourth-quarter exchange between Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins was just Garnett encouraging Perkins to be more focused, Garnett said after the 92-90 loss to the Clippers that Perkins needs to reduce some of those mental lapses … ‘I think what I tried to instill in Perk’s head is composure,’ he said. ‘Being consistent with the composure part of the game. I think he’s growing as a player but mentally sometimes I think it’s a distraction when he’s sort of distracted on other things that’s going on. I told him to be a really good overall, all-around good player at both ends, you have to be able to be consistent with the mental and no one knows that more that I do. No one knows that more than I do. Knowing that I was high energy as far as being mental, I would lose it and it would end up losing games for my team. You live and learn. Although it looks animated. What I am saying is so soothing and straight to the point, at the same time give him some confidence. I thought for the most part, he absorbed what I said and used it.”‘