Kyrie Irving Vows to Be a ‘Complete Point Guard’ in Boston

by September 22, 2017

Kyrie Irving is looking forward to taking on a larger role in Boston, and plans to prove his doubters wrong by becoming a “complete point guard on a great team.”

Irving, who said leaving Cleveland had nothing to do with basketball, wants to show the hoops world that he’s much more than merely a one-on-one dynamo.

The 25-year-old All-Star doesn’t feel like he was able to reach his full potential playing alongside LeBron James.

Per ESPN‘s “First Take” (via reddit):

“I’m just looking forward to playing my position. I’m looking forward to becoming something that I’ve always envisioned myself being, and that’s being a complete point guard on a great team.


“I want to be able to come off pick and rolls, be able to dissect the defense, and be able to have guys – this is not a knock on anybody I was playing with, but my role was completely different.


“And you have other individuals saying – and he’s own this show now, his ‘humble opinion’ is always that he’s a ‘one-dimensional man’ and ‘he’s not making his teammates better.


“… I’m not just this one-on-one individual that wants to go one-on-one every time down. That’s not how I appreciate the game.”

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