LeBron: Behind-The-Back Nutmeg Was ‘One of The Best Plays’ in Career

by March 02, 2018

LeBron James has made his share of amazing plays during his career, but a behind-the-back nutmeg wasn’t one of them… until last night.

During the Cavs’ 97-108 loss to the Sixers on Thursday, LeBron split the defense by dribbling the ball behind his back—and between Tristan Thompson‘s legs. Check out the ridiculous move above.

After the game, LeBron called the play one of the best in his career.

Did you know in real time that you went between Tristan Thompson’s legs?

LeBron: “No. I didn’t know until halftime when one of my guys from the NBA showed me, and I was like, OK, yeah, that’s probably one of the best plays I’ve had in my career.”

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