LeBron James Rants on Fans Burning Players’ Jerseys

by August 24, 2017
lebron james isaiah thomas jersey

After watching Celtics fans burn Isaiah Thomas’ jersey this week, LeBron James went on a rant about how burning jerseys is becoming too prevalent.

LeBron took to twitter to defend his new teammate, reminding fans that the trade wasn’t of Isaiah’s doing.

He specifically called out the fans who burned Gordon Hayward’s jersey after he decided to join the Celtics last month.

Perhaps drawing on his own experiences from when he left Cleveland in 2010, LeBron added:

“When ‘we’ decide to do what best for us it’s ‘cowardly’ ‘traitor’, etc but when it’s on the other side it’s ‘business’ huh!?!?”

LeBron wasn’t the only one to come to Isaiah’s defense.

Jaylen Brown called it “pathetic,” while Lou Williams tweeted, “Na. They not burning my guy I.T jersey.”

Jaylen Brown Calls Fans ‘Pathetic’ For Burning Isaiah Thomas’ Jersey