Marc Gasol on the Grizzlies: ‘This Is The NBA, Not The G-League’

by February 28, 2018
marc gasol grizzlies g-league

Marc Gasol expressed frustration with the Grizzlies‘ decision to shift focus to player development.

On Tuesday, Gasol told reporters, “This is the NBA, not the G-League.”

Describe your level of frustration on this 10-game losing streak.

Gasol: “It’s pretty high.”

Do you think it’s possible the team will break that streak against the Suns?

Gasol: “Yeah, that’d be ideal. Just to show guys and give confidence to guys. To show them that doing the right thing is important. It makes you win games, and winning is what this is about.

“It’s not about somebody playing well or getting your reps or developing players. Because we have a league for that. We have a league and a team here in Memphis to develop guys.

“This is the NBA, not the G-League.”

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