Michael Beasley: ‘I’m Your Favorite Player’s Favorite Player’

by September 20, 2017

Quote-machine Michael Beasley held a free-wheeling interview with Knicks beat writers Tuesday, claiming among other things, that he can still become “one of the best in the NBA.”

Beasley, 28, lost twenty pounds over the summer and says he plans to play in the League for another 15 years.

Super Cool Beas is looking forward to proving the doubters wrong in New York next season, and thinks the Knicks can return to the Playoffs if they “do it right.”


The Knicks are a playoff team “if we do it right:” “If Tim Hardaway Jr., Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis and myself [are on the same roster] — those are four guys that can score 25 points per game. Then you add in Lance Thomas, Kyle O’Quinn, Joakim Noah [whom Beasley said looks great and has ’25 abs’], let’s not forget about that All-Star. It’s up to us to put it together, just like it was up to them last year. Whatever happened last year is what happened. But I’m here now, and I’m going to do everything I can to get everyone on the same page — even if that page is beating me up every day in practice. Whatever I have to do to get us to come together on the floor is what I’m going to do. Do I see us better than a 30-win team in Vegas [one Las Vegas sportsbook has the Knicks’ over/under at 30.5]? Listen, I don’t even go to Vegas. So, yeah, I do. I think we’ve got a position to be not only a playoff team but a 5-, 6-seed team if we do it right.”


Beasley still wants to play another 15 years, establish himself as one of the best in the NBA: “I’m still young, bro. I’m 28. I plan to play at least until I’m 43. So you do the math. My career is like none other, I think. I’ve wanted to be [at a high level] so long, but this or that, whether my fault or someone else’s fault, kept me [at a lower level]. I still think I have a chance to be one of the best in the NBA. I’m your favorite player’s favorite player. And it’s not enough for me for him to know that. I want the world to know that. So I’m still working hard as if I can be the best ever. If you doubt it, if you don’t believe it, it will just make my story that much better.”


Beasley said he has lost about 20 pounds in the offseason: “Yeah, thanks for noticing,” Beasley said with a laugh when asked if he was lighter. “Yeah, man, I cut my diet. No more sugar, I eat two burgers or two steaks a month, one chicken sandwich a week, I’m like literally a step from vegan, so thanks for noticing, bro, you’re my new favorite.


“The older you get the more your body starts to reject certain things. My body just started to reject harsh meats — I love chicken fillet, so took me a while to change. But yeah, man, don’t eat a lot of candy, eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, starches, beans, fish. I have my chicken sandwich once a week, cheeseburger, cheesesteak twice a month. I got a lot more energy, my body fat is zero, so I feel great.”

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