The big fella is not only tired from logging all those heavy minutes, but his hammy has bothered him the last two games (adding misery to the Lakers‘ four-game losing streak). From the LA Times: “Gasol said his hamstring was sore Tuesday in the game against Memphis and that in Wednesday’s game against the Rockets, ‘it didn’t get loose at all, so I couldn’t play the way I wanted to.’ Gasol had just eight points on two-for-eight shooting, leading Lakers Coach Phil Jackson to lament: ‘He probably had the worst game of the season by far.’ Last season, Gasol missed 11 games with a right hamstring strain and six more with a left hamstring strain. This time, Gasol said he’s ‘tired from fatigue.’ He has been averaging 39.9 minutes this season. Gasol played 38.38 minutes against the Rockets and 44:41 against Memphis. ‘What’s my concern? My concern is that it doesn’t get better, or that it gets worse and it becomes a problem,’ Gasol said. ‘Then we’ll really have a problem.'”