Post Up: Raining Threes

The Cavs put on a shooting clinic as they made an all-time best 25 three-pointers.
by May 04, 2016

Hawks 98, Cavs 123 (Cleveland leads 2-0)

Cleveland put on an absolute shooting exhibition in first half, setting a playoff record with 18 made threes after two quarters. The team was shooting nearly 70 percent from beyond the arc as they went to the locker room.

In the second half, the Cavs built the lead up to 41 points before putting in the bench unit for the fourth quarter. As the game wound down, it was announced that Cleveland had a chance to break the all-time record for threes in a game.

Rightly or not, the Cavs continued to gun it. They eventually got their 24th three (which they did, thanks to a Dahntay Jones make) and boosted the record to 25 (thanks to Mo Williams).

Overall, the Cavs shot a season-high 45 threes and made 55.6 percent of them. Everything was working for them…even this deflection off of Mike Muscala’s head looked like it could have been intentional.