Spurs 99, Thunder 113 (OKC wins 4-2)

The Spurs jumped out to any early 16-10 lead, but as Coach Pop accurately described, “things went to crap” after they made their first substitutions.

Andre Roberson and Steven Adams had huge nights and were the X-factors that helped OKC run up the lead to 28 in the third quarter.

The Spurs chipped away at the lead in the fourth, cutting it to 11 with 3:45 left. Tim Duncan and Andre Miller proved to be an effective 40-year-old pairing, but Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant closed out the game like the stars that they are.

Duncan had a rough postseason, mostly due to matchups, but it had people talking about his future. So we had to ask:

Ultimately, the Thunder proved to be the better team, convincingly winning their third straight game to eliminate a team that many had pegged to face Golden State in the West finals.

It will be a fascinating to watch OKC attempt to upset the defending champs in the next round.