UPDATE: LeBron James Says Report About Beating Up Kyrie is False

by July 25, 2017

ESPN‘s Stephen A. Smith claims to have sources within the LeBron James camp telling him that LBJ “would be tempted” to give Kyrie Irving a beating if they were standing toe-to-toe right now.

LeBron is extremely unhappy with Irving’s request to be traded from Cleveland, and his desire to be No. 1 option on his own squad.

The 25-year-old superstar has given the Cavs a list of preferred destinations.

Per Bleacher Report:

Can you imagine Scottie Pippen demanding a trade to leave Jordan? Kareem asking for a separation from Magic? Kevin McHale deciding to bail on Larry Bird?


“Kyrie has always been uncomfortable with this not being about him, and his team,” one person close to the Cavaliers says. “He’s always had to sort of swallow his pride.”


There are no such tensions between Irving and James, who at every turn has promoted and empowered his co-star. They are not close friends, but they are friendly. James was said to be devastated to learn of Irving’s trade demand.


Even Irving’s wish list is puzzling. He asked for Minnesota, but the Timberwolves just acquired All-NBA forward Jimmy Butler and have a rising superstar in Karl-Anthony Towns. He asked for San Antonio, but the Spurs are built around MVP candidate Kawhi Leonard. Would Irving be the centerpiece in either place?

UPDATE, July 25: LeBron James says that this report is false:

Report: Kyrie Irving Thinks LeBron James Leaked Trade Request