Not to worry, Orlando Magic fans, an NBA championship is in your team’s future according to CEO Alex Martins.

It may just take a while.

Martins not-so-boldly predicts “at least” one title by 2030 for the long-suffering franchise.

Per the Orlando Sentinel (via Yahoo):

“I certainly believe by 2030 we will have won at least one championship,” Martins said. “And I say ‘at least.’ I firmly believe we’re going to get there and once you get there, you got the kind of team that hopefully can come back.


“I believe we will have won a championship.”


Martins said he doesn’t expect the club to need a new arena within 14 years, feeling the $480 million Amway Center “was built to stand the test of time.” He said the multi-purpose arena ā€“ which was open to the public in 2010 ā€“ can adapt to future changes in the sports and entertainment industry.