No. 49 Gilbert Arenas

Let’s look at the three-time All-Star’s stats, because numbers don’t lie, Gilbert Arenasor something like that. The dude can flat-out score: 22.7 ppg for his career, with 29.3 and 28.4 averages in ’05-06 and ’06-07. (Other notable figures: a 60-point game in 2006, three career 50+-point games, and 20-freaking-6 40-plus point games.) He’s dished 5.6 dimes a game over his nine seasons, and while ball-hogging tendencies have always been the knock against him, Arenas was in the process of responding last year with a solid 7.2 apg before his “incident.” He’s no slouch on defense, either, tallying 1.3 steals a game while often facing up against smaller, quicker and nimbler guys.

And then there’s that range. The former Agent Zero dropped 200-plus threes twice (and hit 199 once), and has practically patented the 30-foot pull-up, a ridiculously ill-advised shot that forces coaches’ hands over their eyes—until it falls in, touching nary an inch of rim. (FreeDarko’s Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac notes that Gil shoots a higher percentage 28-38 feet from the hoop than he does 23-24 and 25-27 feet from it. I know. I don’t get it either)

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