No. 19 Paul Pierce

Paul PiercePaul Pierce is now in his 11th year post-stabbing. He’ll turn 33 next week and have a wife and family to celebrate with, both on the court and off due to the by-and-large preservation of the 2009 NBA Finalists and the 2008 NBA Champions.

For a brief moment after the violence to the peacemaking Pierce on September 25, 2000, it was Reggie Lewis and Len Bias. It was Inglewood and NBA player stereotyping en total.

Instead, what do we have ten years later? Paul Pierce sports two sets of rings, one for his summer marriage to his long-time girlfriend and another from 2008’s success. He’s coming off possibly his most successful career year offensively, daring to opt out of his final contract year (before the CBA gets blowed up good) but insisting on staying a Celtic.

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