No. 13 Chris Bosh

Chris BoshChris Bosh was in a fortunate, enviable place this past June. As a free agent in a buyer’s market, he’d be getting paid. A wide range of teams and players wanted him on their side, so he’d have his pick of wherever he felt he’d have the best chance of winning a title. After uniting with one superstar, a second decided to join, and the pieces were in place. You remember this, I imagine.

Before he brought his respective talents to South Beach, the first knock against Chris was that he didn’t deserve max money—that he hasn’t proven he’s good enough to hold the top spot on a competing team, so top dollars he didn’t deserve. Fair enough. The deepest a Bosh-led crew has traveled in postseason action is the first round, and with plenty of assistance (Hedo Turkoglu, Andrea Bargnani, José Calderón and Jarrett Jack) in ‘09-10, the Raptors failed to make the Playoffs. (CB4 averaged 24 and 11, both career highs, during the season.) If a squad that stacked can’t get out of the Lottery, perhaps the Dallas-raised 26 year old wasn’t bred to be a Head Captain, a surround-him-with-a-supporting-cast-and-you’re-set kind of guy. He puts up numbers, but leadership might not be his strong suit. Maybe he’s better off as a Robin.

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