Tyronn Lue: ‘No Doubt’ Cavs Will Make the Playoffs

by February 06, 2018

Things aren’s looking great in Cleveland, but head coach Tyronn Lue has little doubt the Cavs are postseason-bound.

LeBron James echoes Lue’s confidence despite the team’s ongoing struggles.

Cleveland (30-21) currently holds the third spot in the Eastern Conference, and has lost 12 of its last 18 games.

Per Cleveland.com:

“I don’t think we’ll be knocked out of the playoffs, no,” coach Tyronn Lue said.

Cleveland is 6-12 since Christmas and its longest win streak during that stretch is two games, accomplished once.

“I don’t think anybody’s here not to make the playoffs,” LeBron James said.

“I mean we’re still going to make the playoffs,” Lue said. “There’s no doubt about that. We’re still confident in that for sure.”