WATCH: Kawhi Leonard Fakes Out the Utah Defense

by November 02, 2016

Kawhi Leonard faked out the entire Jazz defense in Tuesday night.

Utah, though, took down the San Antonio Spurs 106-91.

Leonard is having a fantastic debut to the season, but remains focused on the ultimate team goal:

Alas, he indulged this reporter award after a win over the Kings by discussing the question of whether he was gunning for the MVP award this season. His answer, cliché and genuine all at once, should surprise no one.


“Nah, I want to win; I want to win,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “I’m a team guy. I’ll turn in all my MVPs if I get an NBA championship.”


“He’s a special player, without a question,” (Pau) Gasol said. “I’ve been around, and I’ve played against incredible players, but this guy is just unique. He’s definitely very confident and determined. He may not talk too much, and might keep it quiet most of the time, but his demeanor and his swagger is pretty high even though he doesn’t show much. He doesn’t express it. The way he plays, it’s pretty obvious.”

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