WATCH: Kings Get Controversial Win Over Raptors

by November 21, 2016

A gaffe by the timekeeper at the Kings-Raptors game in Sacramento led to the home team getting a controversial win. With 2.4 seconds left and the Kings up 102-99, DeMarre Carroll inbounded the ball to Terrence Ross who hit what seemed like a game-tying 3-pointer.

Upon review, it was clear that the clock did not start when DeMarcus Cousins tipped Carroll’s pass, giving Ross a little extra time to get his shot off. The refs waived off the shot and said after the game that “more than 2.4 seconds” had passed between when Cousins tipped the ball and Ross’ shot:

After the game, Raptors coach Dwane Casey told reporters that he did not agree with the ruling and he “needed a better explanation.”

From the Toronto Sun:

“I’ve got to hear another explanation better than that because we reviewed it about 10 times in there and even if the clock started once DeMarcus Cousins deflected it, Terrence Ross caught it, shot it with point-whatever it was, with plenty of time,” Casey said. “I don’t know where the malfunction came, I’ve got to hear more than that because I just watched the same review that they had.”


Casey was asked point blank if he felt he had one stolen from him.


“You make your bed but hopefully you have a rightful ending, the way you earned it,” Casey said. “The guys executed the end-of-game play to perfection, guy made a shot, you would think that would count.”

Patrick Patterson took to Twitter to say that he is looking forward to an apology from the NBA:

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