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All-Star Giveaway!

Hooking you up with All-Star gear all week long; Day 3.

Welcome to Day 3 of the week-long adidas All-Star giveaway. Today’s prize is an authentic All-Star jersey of a player of your choice. All you have to do to win is, in 100 words or less,  tell us your fondest All-Star game memory. (It can range from something that happened in player intros to the MVP’s postgame speech.)

We’re gonna close this contest tomorrow, announce a winner and open another adidas All-Star contest. All week long you’ll be a few hundred words and a click away from owning some of this year’s freshest All-Star gear. So keep your eyes on your monitor, and your fingers on the keyboard.

Update: Congrats to Rick of San Antonio for winning yesterday’s shooting shirt!

*If you feel like copping AS gear on your own, you can do so here.

2010 All-Star uniform.

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  • http://facebook.com/itsarvin Arvin Lie

    The most memorable moment is probably when Dwight Howard put on the cape for the first time and revealed his inner super hero. I really thought that he was going to “DUNK” it, but he didn’t; but everybody was still hyped!!! Following this nice dunk, he goes to the Finals the following season.

  • Ricky Williams

    My greatest All-Star memory was Magic’s last All-Star game. He was killing it from all over the floor, and both teams were cheering him on. It was an excellent way to say goodbye to one of the game’s greatest. I’m a Laker Hater, and I even gave him respect for that performance!

  • Sean

    Mine would have to be Vince Carter in the 2000 All-Stars Dunk competition. T-Mac and vince both had amazing dunks, which I felt made it a true cometition. I remember trying to duplicate Vinces 360 windmill dunk at a local playground but could never come close! LMAO (Guess I shouldve probably grown a few inches first, and worked on my skills). I cant wait for this years to see Shannon Brown dunk, and KD in the HORSE competition again

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    Vince Carter Dunk Competition Coronation. There hasn’t been a anything like it since. The person who was able to mix power with finesse and simply fly. 360 windmill, arm in the rim, through the legs, all memorable moments. Kind of wish he was able to compete again.

  • Rick

    In 1996 during the East intros, Jordan pulls Penny’s tear away pants. It showed that the best who ever played, wasn’t above playing jokes like he was in High School.The video is classic

  • Migs

    It was the year 2000, and it returned in full force. After a disappointing no-show and a subsequent lockout, it returned and we were not ready. The roster was set, but all eyes were on three individuals – a diminutive, high energy franchise player; a sleepy-eyed, versatile swingman; and a half-amazing man with no shoe contract. Round after round, they elevate, pound for pound trading blows; rising to the occasion – until the man brings everyone to their feet by doing the unthinkable – by hanging. Time freezes. “It’s over ladies and gentlemen! IT’S OVER!” The dunk contest is back!

  • Ian

    The “thrunk” was probably my favorite memory of any all-star weekend i’ve watched, too. I think Dwight Howard changed the dunk contest, and i’m a little disappointed that he or LeBron James are not in the competition this year. The superman from last year was great, too, but it was completely overshadowed by the original.

  • KoyoH

    My favorite moment hands down even though I’ve been watching the games for years took place last year. Shaq’s intro dancing it up like a pro was the funniest most epic entrance in the history of entraces. Super awesome in so many thunder Shaq ways.

  • Blake

    My fondest All Star memory? AI’s MVP in 2k1. What a harbinger for things to come that year! AI pass to himself for a layup…falling out of bounds on an oop from VC and still hits the shot after switching hands…slashing among the trees and scoring 15 of his 25 in the last 9 min to bring the East back from 21 down…In an All star game where both sides were genuinely trying by the end…Where my coach at? All a precursor to his MVP season and great championship run.

  • Kenny

    To me, the most fondest All-Star game memory would have to be in 1992 when Magic Johnson was voted to play in his final All-Star game. I remember when he announced his retirement after revealing he had HIV, it was a stun to me. To see him play that game was a huge surprise and he played it like how he did back in the Showtime years. You can see him having fun out there dishing no-look passes and scoring at will, but it wasn’t those that made it memorable for me. It was his long distant 3-pt shot towards the end and his huge smile that would make that 1992 All-Star game the fondest memory for me.

  • J-Ro

    1998 all star game. Kobe trying to guard MJ. Old Skool gave it to new kid from the block. Who knew then that Kobe was gonna be one of the greats.

  • 6marjons

    The West peddle back when Carter receives the ball. No.15 pushes a leisurely break as the defense attempts to reset. Failiure. Confusion sets in as to who is supposed to pick him up, no one does. The ball is released at the top of the key, it rebounds of the glass and works like perfectly rehearsed play on its final night of showing. Vincanity reappears as his hand wraps around the ball for what seemed like an eternity floating rim high, he swipes it down as people recover from what they witnessed. NBA All Star game – where memories happen.

  • Migs

    My bad, just re-read the rules – didn’t realize it was just for the ASG

  • kh

    2003 Mariah Carey Jordan tribute.

  • the_baller20

    My fondest memory has got to be back in 1986 when a man named Anthony “Spud” Webb won the Dunk Competition. Someone who was 5″ 7′ and could dunk the way he did was something that people back then thought was impossible. One of his dunks was when it looked as if he was walking up an invisible ladder in mid air. He just kept rising and rising until he finally reached the hoop and slammed it in. I think he definitely inspired many of the smaller basketball players such as the likes of Nate Robinson who is in the Dunk Competition this year and is going for the first three-peat ever. To me Spud proved that anything is possible.

  • rainman10

    The 1994 all-star game. My favorite player ever, Scottie Pippen doing what I knew he always could: Showing he was the best, among the best, and in those unforgettable red Nikes. It was a coming out party for Pippen, his first season without MJ. His first of 3 straight first team all-NBA nods. Finally finished the season 3rd in MVP voting, probably should have been 1st or 2nd! But that all-star game said it all.

  • Jeff Henderson

    My favorite All-Star game moment comes from 2002. Tracy McGrady dribbles the ball up the left side of the court breaking down the defense. He see’s Dirk and Steve Nash in front of him and Gary Payton trailing him. As he approaches the lane he throws the ball off the backboard, but not to a teammate but instead to himself. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. What makes the dunk even better is that he did it in traffic, not on a breakaway.

  • kevin

    2002 NBA All-Star Game My favorite moment comes courtesty of TMAC. In a game that readily showcases individual talent and plays, no play stands out more than the one Tracy McGrady made in the ’02 All-Star Game. Basically, he lobbed the ball up from the left side and crossing over to the right before grabbing the ball off the backboard and slamming it home. We’ve seen other players do this type of move since but nobody did it as well as McGrady. That embodied the true brilliance of embracing the All-Star game to showcase your skills.

  • peter

    My most memorable all star moment was during last year’s all star game. Shaq held the ball, and there was Dwight with his signature smile. He was pouring the taunts all over Shaq, pushing him to bring it. There it was the two supermen of the league- the former and the future of dominance in the paint, having fun and putting on a show. Shaq throws the ball between Dwight’s legs catching him completely off guard. Chris Paul catches the ball and feeds it right back in a perfect execution of creativity and showmanship.

  • chris

    My fondest memory was the 2003 all star game in Atlanta. I was in the 6th grade, my aunt worked for Turner Broadcasting she was able to get us to all the events that weekend. the only all star game i have ever been to. That Sunday game was great but my favorite part was halftime with Michael Jordan. I just remeber my me jumping up and down and screaming my lungs off it was the best game I had ever been to in my life still to this day.

  • Ball For Life

    My favourite all star game moment was in the 1993 All-Star game. Micheal Jordan was really hyped about, and he delivered. 30 points and made them awesome. The greatest moment was when John Stockton and Karl Malone went on fire in overtime. They played true basketball, and helped West win. It was special, because i was young and i watched many legends unfold!

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    When all 4 Pistons were on the court with Lebron and the East made a comeback. It makes you think that with all the trade rumors and free agent talk, could you just imagine how much better your team would be with Lebron? Anyways the Pistons moment with Billups, Raheed, big ben, and Hamilton. Also the moment where Karl Malone expressed his feelings about playing with Magic, a few years after he announced he had HIV. Karl is a very classy guy!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Logues

    vince carter. 2000 dunk contest. nuff said.

  • Matin

    My fondest and most entertaining All-Star moment was last year in Phoenix, in the west player intros, where Shaq started dancing with the Jabbawockeez. I could not believe my eyes, I was literally on the floor laughing, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen.

  • The Last Kings Fan

    2003. MJ fade with five ticks left in OT, after Vince Carter gave up his starting spot. Even though Jermaine O’Neal ruined the win for the East, I’ve still got the image in my head.

  • JayChau

    Take it back to 2003 Atlanta ASG please. Can we give it up for the G.O.A.T.? Baseline fadeaway over The Matrix. Swish. Can it get more iconic than that?

  • BiPolar_Dude

    Ok Ok. Gilbert Arenas. ASG 2007. Him jumping off a tramp, and doing his Eastbay. I bet you his agent and whole Wizards personnel were scared as hell in case anything happened…

  • cheire

    The 2006 all star game in Houston when the east and west starting players were dancing when Ernie Johnson was saying their names. The east starting five of allen Iverson , dwyane wade, vince carter, lebron james, shaquille O’Neal did a better job of dancing together then the west. The west starting five steve nash, tracy mcgrady, kobe Bryant, tim Duncan, yao ming were trying something with arms. Behind the scene of all stars Kevin garnett was showing someone a dance move and allen Iverson using hand as mic and singing and making lebron laugh.

  • Jose

    Shaq in last years All-Star Game. His Jabbawockeez intro was hilarious. Then his pass in between big mouth Dwight Howard’s lEgs to CP3 then the pass back for the Dunk. Oh boy did Dwight look dumb.

  • celtics

    favourite all-star game moment is the 2000 dunk contest featuring vince carter. That was one of the best dunk contests ever. In That dunk contest vince put on some dazzling and breath-taking dunks. Carter put on a combination of athleticism, innovation and showmanship that night. He didnt dissapoint anyone from his first dunk, the 360 reverse windmill to his second, the reverse windmill from out of bounds to his third and final first round dunk, the iconic, between-the-legs windmill it was clear that the Slam Dunk Contest had become less of a contest and more of a coronation.With his last two dunks, first with the “Up to the Elbow” slam.Carter then followed it with a two-handed dunk from just inside the free throw line. Another jaw-dropper.: Five dunks that no one had ever seen before. All nearly perfect. All smooth. Not once did a ball rattle around the rim. The judges jumped over the table. His peers swooned. Not only that, he made the difficult seem easy.

  • serevei

    My fondest memory is during an all star game a while back (think in the 90s) where a white guy attempted to get crowd behind him before attempting a freethrow dunk and missing horribly… just remember seeing shaqs face watching… still makes me laugh

  • Jose

    Then shaq winning the MVP with Kobe after the reuniting. I think shaq said something in a post game interview.”I wanted to entertian.I dont if it’ll be my last game. If it isnt my last one then cool, If it is,It’ll make a hell of a DVD.” haha

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    2001 ASG. A little tattooed fellow by the name of Allen Iverson took over against the stacked West All-Stars. I was a kid that time and like everyone I thought the East was too small to beat those giants. Everyone except Allen Iverson. Iverson scored 15 of his 25 points in the final nine minutes and the East came back after being down 21 to win 111-110. AI got MVP and his to say after the game:”Everybody was saying we couldn’t win because of our size. It’s not about size. It’s about the size of your heart” Those words changed my life forever.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    2001 ASG. A little tattooed fellow by the name of Allen Iverson took over against the stacked West All-Stars. I was a kid that time and like everyone I thought the East was too small to beat those giants. Everyone except Allen Iverson. Iverson scored 15 of his 25 points in the final nine minutes and the East came back after being down 21 to win 111-110. AI got MVP and said this after the game:”Everybody was saying we couldn’t win because of our size. It’s not about size. It’s about the size of your heart” Those words changed my life forever.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    sorry about the first post it had an error.

  • Pic

    1992 in Orlando, Tim Hardaway was voted in to make his first-ever All-Star start. But he chose to give up his spot for the league’s brightest star the previous decade, who found out that he had a terminal disease during a routine checkup in training camp. We all remember all the iso plays towards the end of that game – Magic matching up against Isiah, then MJ. But what is usually lost in memory is the selflessness of one Tim Hardaway and his respect for one of the game’s legends.

    (if i win, i’d like a Kaman jersey, i’m serious.)

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariqُُ

    One of my favorite moments in All-Star lore was during Kobe’s first ASG appearance back in 1998 (I think?). Kobe was still this innocent-looking kid who was obviously dazed and confused, and I remember someone interviewing him, asking him how it felt to be among all these all-stars and whether he felt star-struck. All of a sudden, Jack Nicholson appeared out of nowhere and said: “Mr. Bryant, I was wondering if I could have your autograph?”
    That must have been some trip for a 19-year-old.

  • Sam Snead

    As I rode in a limo with Warriors legend Al Attles (long story) along with my friend and his dad to the 2000 All-Star Saturday Night, it was roundly agreed by all that the nights festivities had the potential to be pretty memorable. Obviously, the evening did not disappoint. As we all know, Vince threw down some of the greatest dunks of all time. But to me, the most memorable aspect of the night was the combination of Vince’s dunks along with emotions that I, along with the crowd, felt after each. I have attended and played in thousands of sporting events and I have never come across a feeling like the one in the building that night. The emotions are still hard to put into words. It wasn’t like the pandemonium after a game-winning shot or the elation of winning a champioship. It was a feeling of amazed speechlessness. After each subsequent dunk, everyone in the crowd looked around at each other in wide-eyed, astonished bewilderment. In our age, it is tough to shock someone and we have all been stunned before. But to be rendered speechless over and over was something entirely new. By the end of the spectacle people were literally giggling at each other and shaking their heads, trying to grasp what they had just seen. I have never felt or seen anything like it. Unfortunately, my memories of the actual dunks have fused somewhat with the tv highlights. However, the sense of awe that I felt after seeing each one has stayed strong.

  • Danbury

    My favorite moment in All-Star game history was in 2001. In the last minute of the most ridiculously tense ASG I’ve ever seen, my man Starbury made two clutch threes, including the game-winner. I remember getting out of my seat and hollering at all my friends assembled around the TV. I was proud to rep the Coney Island Kid, and still am today. But back then, it seemed the world was still his.

  • Jon

    my favourite all-star memory was from a player i used to hate. when shaq bullied and wrestled his way to 3 back-to-back championships, 3 finals MVPs, 1 regualr MVP, asg MVP. OMG. did i hate him.

    ever since his move to the heat and then suns, the league has been more balanced and shaq has become a likeable legend. i remember waking up past midnight (i live in England) to watch the ASG in phoenix as i do anually and the best moment was shaq’s little dance with that dance crew during his intro. way to go out with a bang shaq!

  • Ray

    My grade 6 teacher and I had beef. We both loved basketball but he HATED my favorite player Allen Iverson. He said Iverson was a selfish thug who had no respect for his Coach and team. He was disgusted when I wore my Iverson jersey to school. Than in the 2001 ASG Iverson put on a show leading the East to a huge comeback victory over the West. After receiving game MVP Iverson said “Where my coach at?, this is a tribute to coach Brown and my teammates”. AI showed respect. Next day my teacher showed up with an Iverson jersey on.

  • Dominique Raval

    2003 All Star game. That All Star had it all. Drama (VC sacrificing his starting spot for MJ), glitz (Mariah Carey in that jersey…oooweee), and outrageous humour (later). But the most obvious moment from that game… would have to be MJ’s fadeaway over the Matrix around the last 5 second mark. That moment displayed the fact that MJ could still outplay even the toughest defenders in the NBA at that time. The outrageous humour, well, JO’s bone headed foul on Kobe near the outside line spoilt MJ’s magic from the play before, in which would’ve won the EAST the game.

  • http://jaskaran_38@hotmail.com jaskaran

    you should get james is jersey it whould look good and cool

  • Toine

    2003 ASG .Since this was billed as Jordan’s last ASGthere was a lot of hype going in and all eyes were on him. Players were getting him the ball trying to get him buckets and everyone wanted a nice ending. The game was tight all the way and in OT with the score tied at 136 and 8 ticks left Jordan got the ball at the wing. Everyone was on their feet. Jordan guarded by Marion hit his signature fadeaway and the crowd erupted. I went nuts and was hyped because Mike had a perfect ending….. 3 ticks left J-O fouls Kobe. FU*K

  • Daniel

    My favorite All-Star moment would have to have been from last years game in Phoenix. Being a Laker fan, I enjoyed the reunion of Kobe and Shaq. They were my two favorite players from the 3 peat team and it brought a smile to my face. I hated the media always going on about their troubles, but then it was like this game put a happy ending to the long story. Both took the All-Star Game MVP honors and both got along with eachother in the game and out. That was my favorite All-Star Game moment.

  • King23

    2000 Slam-Dunk Competition. No doubt about it. There has never been or ever will there be a dunk contest of this sort. Every single second of this high-flying competition was breathtaking. There is only one word to describe this: Vinsanity. Vince Carter was the heart and soul of this event. His 360s and arm in the rim dunks are incomparable. VC completely revolutionized the dunk competition. If you don’t agree with me, watch it, and then tell me you don’t agree. Vince Carter and the 2000 Slam-Dunk Competition is what All-Star Weekend should be about.

  • Kenny

    To me, the most fondest All-Star game memory would have to be in 1992 when Magic Johnson was voted to play in his final All-Star game. I remember when he announced his retirement after revealing he had HIV, it was a stun to me. To see him play that game was a huge surprise and he played it like how he did back in the Showtime years. You can see him having fun out there dishing no-look passes and scoring at will, but it wasn’t those that made it memorable for me. It was his long distant 3-pt shot towards the end and his huge smile that would make that 1992 All-Star game the most emotional and fondest memory for me.

  • DeMarcus

    In 1998 I witnessed this cocky Kobe Bryant kid arrive. It was in the worlds most famous arena. It was Mike vs Kobe, Air v.s. Heir. Jordan came out firing and hitting jumpers in Kobe’s face and Bryant did his thing too by making tough shots and doing sick dunks. I remember KG lobbing it up to Kobe and he tomahawked it and just ran back, I knew at that moment that Kobe Bryant would be a legend. Kobe finished with 18, Mike got MVP. Kobe showed his toughness and heart in this game and made me a fan.

  • Balherett3

    As a young NBA fan my the first all-star game I ever saw was 2003 and it still remains fresh in my mind. Where VC being his usual unselfish self gave up his starting spot for MJ.
    Then it happened…,9,8,7 Jordan with the rock up top clocks winding crowds rising 6,5,4 shakes Marion turn fades…swish. The NBA where greatness remains great.

  • Lebron is greater than Kobe

    1991 year hed win his first,ASG hes coming in outta no where james worthys in the post, hes looking at his man thinking that with tom chambers him and that the paints safe as heck, he gets the ball off a pass from i think dumars, in he comes bam real close to the foul line last second james worthy turns for a perfect poster shot. who else?

  • Joel

    Shaq decides to attempt a three and airballs badly. Hakeem then decides to take a three on the next possession and drains it. It is just a perfect reminder of how the All Star Game is all about fun.

  • Mexican Aristotle

    I would have to say 2006 dunk competition in Sin City, being a life long Orlando Magic fan and having the feeling i used to get from seeing Penny and Shaq together. Watching Dwight Howard put the Magic back into the lime light with his sticker dunk and the notorious Superman dunk gave me chills!

  • Zarfan

    2008 All-Star Game. It was a long night for me and I wasn’t going to sleep until the East won so The King could take the MVP. With the game tied at 125, LeBron decides to dunk it with Amare, Dirk, Duncan, and Chris Paul surrounding him.It’s too bad that Dirk was the only one trying to actually play defense in an All-Star game. Looking back on the replay, LBJ actually covered Dirk’s mouth as if to shut him up. Come on, guys. It’s All-Star Weekend. There shouldn’t be any egos.

  • DJ

    I would have to say when Shaq got up on the stage at last years all star game. haha thats all i got!

  • Nick Smith

    The best mment of an all star game in recent memory was the 2001 game in which A.I. won the MVP. When he asked for his coach in his acceptance speech, everyone was shocked but i just laughed. it showed the heart of a young man and the willingness to change that no one believed in

  • LeoneL

    Since Iverson’s Where my coach at speech is already taken, I would go with Jason Richardson bouncing the ball off Carlos Boozer’s dome and draining a three at the 2003 Rookie Challenge. I’m not a Boozer hater but that’s something fans like me would like to see during the All-Star break. Also, that game is full of highlights especially from J-Rich with all those vicious dunks.

  • Meek

    2005 ASG Denver, 3rd Quarter 54-53. As the West runs back on defense I see VC bringing the ball up quite fast. Im thinking he will slow down and pass it off but as he gets about a foot in from the 3 point line he throws a perfect pass to himself off the backboard and dunks it with one hand. Just like that VC steals the show. I jump, the crowd erupts! This is my fondest All-Star memory because it represents what the ASG is about, putting on a show for the fans that make the All-Star game possible

  • Obie

    “Where my coach, where my coach?, coach Brown is he around?, this is a tribute to coach Brown and my teammates” That was Allen Iverson after torching the West in a huge comeback win in the 2001 ASG. When Iverson said these words he showed how much he matured and how big of a heart he had for Coach Brown and it changed the way many people viewed Iverson. Iverson went from almost getting traded out of Philly because of problems with Brown to having the best season of his career, and this speech had a lot to do with it.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    My favorite All-Star moment…Jordan rippin’ Penny’s pants in the introduction, you can see in Penny’s face that he would NEVER tought that Michael would do something like that(childish)to him…He’s baa-ack!(He would later rip the Magig out of the Finals, THAT Penny had to know…)

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    96, that was :)

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    96′ that was :)

  • DJ HurriKane

    I’d call this one a gift and a cursed favorite…2008 when Ray Allen started beasting and basically won the game for the East. Of course the crappy fan voting allowed Lebron “Undeserving” James to win the MVP. Not hating on Lebron but Ray deserved that award fair and square that night.

  • f

    Not many may remember….
    1997: my favourite player back in the days: Latrell Sprewell. First he dunked on Mutombo off an alley-oop.
    Later he caught the ball on the left wing, saw Pippen comin from the other side, dunkin on Pippen with two hands off two legs. Best thing about it: Sprewell already had a huge smile on his face when he caught the ball and saw Pippen comin. He already knew what would happen.

  • jumpman3224

    2002. Philly. AI. #6 Home Jersey. Repping Julius.

  • Ian

    2003. It was Michael Jordan’s last all-star game in his last season. The game was tied in OT and MJ hit a shot with 4.8 left to put the east up by two. The rest of the game was not good for his squad, they lost in double OT, but with Shawn Marion’s hand in his face, Jordan made a fadeaway shot from the corner that just made me think how great he still is.

  • daniel

    2007 when gilbert arenas jumped off the tramp and did a through the legs dunk..its cool because he was just having fun, thats what the ASG is about entertaining the fans, having fun and showcasing their skills

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com TADOne

    2001 is still my greatest All Star memory to date. I remember the game being in DC and being about 3 hours from the DC area I went and stayed with some friends in Northern Virginia and hit up some of the All Star parties and festivies in the area. Completely surreal. As for the game, the East was down by 20+ points before staging a furious 4th quarter comeback behind the play of AI and Steph. Those were the good days.

  • Yesse

    That has to be the 2009 All Star Weekend’s Kobe & Shaq encore. The game wasnt, that good, but that part actually made it great. After all the media showing all the drama between them all the years they unite and become co-mvp’s. The 99-02 Lakers era was one of my favorite teams ever. Also the intro was great with Shaq and the Jabbawockeez.

  • robert stewart

    T-Mac throwing it off the backboard to himself and putting down a nasty Alley-Ooop Slam in babck to back All-Star games. At the time AND1 was real popular and T-MAC matched there tactics pound for pound with this move. I also liked the fact that he sported one red shoe and one blue shoe. And now he’s trade bait. Man have times changed.

  • Double J

    My fondest All-star game memory sways from the expected highlight dunks, the sensational three point shots, or the competitive drive that fuels the All-star game itself. My fondest memory is simply seeing Shaquille O’neal and Kobe Bryant share the MVP trophy in ’09. It felt good to see two great players united once more.

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