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All-Star Giveaway!

Your last chance to win some dope All-Star gear.

Welcome to the fifth and final day of the week-long adidas All-Star giveaway! Today’s prize package includes:

-A clima core All-Star tee-shirt

-A short-sleeve All-Star shooting shirt

-An authentic All-Star jersey of the player of your choice

-And lastly, an adidas All-Star TS jacket.

All you have to do to win all of the above is, in 100 words or less,  tell us what your favorite All-Star starting five of all-time was and why. (Meaning, from any single year, which starting five from either side did you like the most.) Only one entry will count per email address. So don’t try to drop multiple comments with different names. We aren’t that dumb!

We’re gonna close this contest later this afternoon and announce the winner of all of this dope gear. Thanks for participating in the contests all week long. For those of you who won, congrats. For those who didn’t, don’t lose hope! We got plenty more contests to come this NBA/NCAA season. So keep your browser locked on slamonline! And follow us on Twitter at @slamonline.

Update: Congrats to Shekela in Quebec for snagging the All-Star track jacket!

*If you feel like copping All-Star gear of your own, you can do so here.

So let’s give you some visuals on what’s up for grabs here today:




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  • Hanoon

    PG: “Pistol” Pete Maravich – To some this may be surprising but man, this guy went through hard times…. playing WAY ahead of his generation, knee injuries, and no championships yet this guy averaged more tha 40 ppg in NCAA!!

    SG: Michael Jordan – Do I have to explain here, lol?

    SF: “Dr. J” Julius Erving – Although he’s considered a SG, I put him there because the way he jumps for a slam dunk is effortless, and he glides in the air like a paper airplane.

    PF: Chris Bosh – Finally going new school here, everyone should recognize that being an all-star ain’t easy. One has to put in hard work to be an MVP calibre player, and CB4 is a perfect example. So, quit picking Garnett as a starter as he does not deserve to be on it any more.

    C: Shaq – Not only does “The Diesel,” “Shaq Daddy,” or the countless nicknames he made over his long career, he never fails to entertain the fans at the all-star games. Remember the Jabbawakkee dance last year? Or him being the point guard? Can’t wait for what he does this year.

  • RapsFan

    My favorite All-Star starting five is from the 2001 all star game. Being a big Raptors fan, it was awesome to see VC in his prime and AD coming off the bench. With T-Mac and AI in the backcourt, as well as Zo and Grant in the front, that line-up has enough offensive power and versatility to compete with any team. Last but definitely not least, the image of AI scoring at will in the 4th Q from that game is forever imprinted in my memory.

  • http://twitter.com/pb3ballin P. Bay III

    1992. West Conference: Magic, Drexler, Malone, Mullin, and Robinson. Each stater scored in double figures and the team dropped 153 points to beat Jordan, Bird, Thomas, Barkley, and Ewing. If that doesn’t make a statement, I don’t know what else will.

  • Ian

    Recently, AI has messed the starting fives up pretty good, so that eliminates a lot of choices. I think the best starting lineup was in the best all star weekend, 2000. The western conference’s starters include five future hall of famers, and they played like ones that night. It was Kidd, Bryant, Duncan, Garnett, and O’neal. All of them were in double figures in scoring, three over 20. Kidd had 14 assists, and Garnett and Duncan each had over ten boards.

  • LeoneL

    1996, West All-Stars. Kidd, Clyde, Kemp, Barkley, and Hakeem. Sure, they got pawned by Michael Jordan and friends but that lineup is something that could probably win a chip without a bench given that they are all in their prime and has not yet fathered a bunch of kids. Kidd directing traffic, Clyde making plays for himself when needed, Kemp getting those lobs from Kidd, Barkley cleaning the glass, and Hakeem being a very potent inside threat.

    *crossing fingers and hitting submit button*

  • Roberto

    I will take 1992, but this year is too hard to pick a side. The starting lineups consist of the Original Dream Team (Thomas excluded), all future Hall of Famers, most were multiple time champions, and honored later on as part of the 50 greatest players in NBA history (excluding Mullin). This was probably the greatest collection of not just All-Stars, but players ever to play together/against each other. Magic Johnson getting voted in even though he had retired, and earning MVP honors. It was also the showcase for the beginning of the career Jordan would have. Best Lineup(s) Ever.

  • jumpman3224

    1998 West. This isnt about being the best (they lost by 21). You’ve got 5 of the top 75 NBA Greatest Ever. Kobe – my favorite player. 19, not even starting for his own team, led the team in scoring. GP – When I think about the 90s, GP is one of the first 5 guys that comes to mind. The Mailman – an all-timer who’d be considered the best PF ever if he had jewelry. KG – The proto-type of the next gen of PF.. Shaq – the Shaq that was on the verge of become the MDE.

  • kaboom

    1996 All Star Game. The East squad, which consisted of players each in the prime of their career and in the peak of dominating the league. With starting guards, Penny Hardaway and MJ in the backcourt, you had arguably, the best player ever donning basketball shorts and THE best PG at that time dishing dimes. With forwards Grant Hill and Scottie Pippen, you had the most electrifying Dukie and versatile forward together. And to top it off, you had the big Aristotle, Shaq, break dancing and beasting his way to buckets.

  • the_baller20

    The 2006 All-Star starters where my favorite picks because that year they all deserved to be there because of their skill and their play. It was even better because it was a very evenly matched game and the East only won by a slim margin of 2 points. I can only hope it’ll turn out to be that way in Dallas.

  • cheire

    the 2001 all star game was my favorite starting five of allen Iverson, tracy mcgrady, vince carter, grant hill and alonzo mourning. Because they were down 20 points for like first three quarters and made a comeback. In the 4th quarter allen Iverson , stephon marbury , tracy mcgrady and vince carter and December mutombo helped them win the game with their scoring ,defense and rebounding. Allen Iverson won the MVP of the 2001 all star game because he helped east comeback from a 20 point deficit.

  • cramzy

    2005 West: T-Mac, Black Mamba, Big Ticket, Big Fundamental,& Yao–Smallest player in the lineup:6-7 Kobe Bryant. Yeah, they lost but the prospect of having that much size, athleticism,and versatility in a lineup is daunting.

  • Ball For Life

    The best lineup was in 2000. It was the year, where everyone felt that the systems would crash, and catastrophes would happen. The All-Star game though, was at the fullest. Duncan,Kidd,Shaq, Garnett, and Kobe. All of these players were young at this time, and they were at the start of there legendly careers. They all played very well and played together. I really loved this game and i loved to see all the players change from rookies to legends. It was an epic game and really great for these stars’ careers.

  • Kenny

    My best All-Star starting line-up history would have to be the 2000 Western All-Star starters which included 5 future Hall of Famers; Garnett, Duncan, Shaq, Bryant, and Kidd. It’s wasn’t about the individual performance. They played one of the best games with all 5 starters scoring 96 alone. Garnett, Duncan, and Shaq combined 33 Rebs. Jason Kidd alone had 14 Assists. Kobe Bryant who’s arguably the best player in the NBA right now contributed in Pts and Steals. This certainly had to be the best starting 5 in All-Star history with the whole package; defense and offense.

  • lilai4life

    I think the best All-Star game lineup was the West in 2000. It was a pretty close pick between this 5 and the 1990 East Starting 5. Starters: PG- Jason Kidd, SG- Kobe Bryant, SF- Kevin Garnett, PF- Tim Duncan, and C-Shaquille O’Neal. They were all in their prime, so you know it has to be a good show. All of them are top players at their positions throughout all of NBA history. They all put up very good numbers, too. J Kidd had 11pts, 14asts, to go with 5 boards. Kobe (c’mon it’s KOBE) 15pts. KG with 24pts, 10 boards, and 5 assts on 52%. Timmy with 24pts, 14rbs on 85% Shooting!!…back in his days. And finally Shaq had 22pts, 9rbs, and 3 blocks on 55% shooting. The West ended up beating the East 137-126. MVPs were Tim Duncan and KG both with outstanding performances. These are all future hall of famer’s no doubt and they put on a great show. Even though my favorite player, Allen Iverson, was not on West starting 5, I thought this was probably THE best 5.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    Best lineup…Hmmm…Gots to be that East starting five in 1998. 2 “next” Jordan’s(Penny and G.Hill) and 1 REAL thing. And one closest Jordan in the West squad…That’s 4 Jordan’s.Wow.

  • Jens Christian

    My favorite allstar starting 5 happens to be the East starters of 2009.
    The reason for this is that it was the first allstar game I have seen, because.. It was the first allstar game to ever be broatcasted here in Denmark. And my favorite player Chris paul finally became a starter!
    And he had so many nice passes (should hae benn the mvp) but Kobe and Shaq sharing the MVP was kinda fun too!

  • Cskin

    The 92 west line up is my favorite. Magic, Drexler, Mullin, Malone, and Robinson were the starters. Really Magic and any four guys would have been special. Getting to see Magic come back out for one more game and put on a show for the ages was priceless. It was a moving experience to see the passion he displayed that night. The one on one battles with Zeke and MJ at the end were increadable as well. I’m glad the NBA and it’s players did the right thing by letting Magic be a part of what has proven to be my favorite all star game of all time.

  • Sam

    The best All-star game starters was definitely the East in 1990. Starters were PG Isiah Thomas, SG Michael Jordan, SF Larry Bird, PF Charles Barkley, and C Patrick Ewing. Almost all of them were in their prime and with these throwback names you can’t go wrong. Isiah Thomas had 15pts and 9 assists. MJ had 17pts and 5 steals. Bird had 8pts and 8rbds. Chuck with 17pts. And Patrick Ewing had 12pts, 10rbds, and 5 blocks. The East ended up winning 130-113 and the East put on a show, along with Magic Johnson on the West (who won MVP honors)…and Chambers. But almost all these players were the best at their positions that year. These guys were champions, with the exception of Ewing and Barkley. The legacy these guys left behind was amazing.

  • Sam

    The best All-star game starters was definitely the East in 1990. Starters were PG Isiah Thomas, SG Michael Jordan, SF Larry Bird, PF Charles Barkley, and C Patrick Ewing. Almost all of them were in their prime and with these throwback names you can’t go wrong. Isiah Thomas had 15pts and 9 assists. MJ had 17pts and 5 steals. Bird had 8pts and 8rbds. Chuck with 17pts. And Patrick Ewing had 12pts, 10rbds, and 5 blocks. The East ended up winning 130-113 and the East put on a show, along with Magic Johnson on the West (who won MVP honors)…and Chambers. But almost all these players were the best at their positions that year. These guys were champions, with the exception of Ewing and Barkley. The legacy these guys left behind was amazing.

  • Chazz Michael Michaels


  • Jeff Henderson

    1998 Eastern conference team of: Bird, Wilkins, Moses, Isiah and MJ. What makes this team so great in my mind is that they all are hall of famers yet were willing to let Jordan shine in front of his home crowd. Other than Dominique no one else even scored double figures. Jordan for the game scored 40 on 17-23 from the field in only 29 minutes. This was Jordans message to everyone after the freeze out of 1985 that he was here to stay whether they liked it or not.

  • Lilai4life93

    My comment didn’t show up!!

  • Lilai4life93

    My comment didn’t show up!!

  • http://NBA.com Harold


  • http://NBA.com Harold


  • Rich G.

    The 2000 allstar game. west had KG, Tim duncan, Shaq, kobe and Kidd. 3 people got double doubles, Kg had 24 and 10, Duncan had 24 and 14, o’neal had 22 points and 1 rebound away from a DD. Kidd had 3 amazing big men to dish the ball to obviously that why he got 14 assists and 11 points and 4 steals. The only exception was kobe bryant but he still got 15 points with 2 steals, 3 assists, and a rebound. The starters scored 96 of the 137 total around ¾ of the western’s total points.

  • Pwilly Alldilly

    The 2003 all-star game west’s starters Kobe. Stevie franchise, KG, tim duncan, and yao ming. The team scored 155 total with the starters scoring 100 alone. I mean seriously kobe knocking down 22 points with 7 assists, and 6 rebounds adding 2 steals. Steve got 20 and was a assist shy of a Double-double. Garnett got 37 and a rebound away from a double. While duncan got a double double scoring 19 and 15 rebounds. Yao only got 2 points and 2 rebounds but oh well. The team overall had a 55% field goal percent which is pretty good..

  • Jalen

    My five dates to 1996. Everyone on the team was in their prime and that five had versatility. Any team that has Mike who is the greatest player to ever play the game, Shaq the most dominating force even in 96, Pippen in his prime who is greatest perimeter defender of all time, GHill, who was a budding star and co rookie of the year in 94, and Penny the best young star in 96 with playmaking ability, deserves to be the best five of ll time. P.S. That team won by 11 Mike as M.V.P.

  • adbphilly

    ’87. Fans who were present witnessed the best east starting line-up.jordan. wilkins. bird. erving. moses. unheard of right? It was pretty much a team that represented 3 decades of greatness, erving for the 70′s, bird lightin up the 80′s, and jordan, showing a preview of what was to come in the 90′s. it would be even more special,being the only time jordan & erving hooped on same team together; julius would hang up the cons a year later. They lost in OT, but since it was such a legendary lineup, it would be plain wrong not give them some recongnition.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Logues

    1996. MJ still in his prime, scottie pippen doin his thing,
    grant hill in his prime, penny hardaway, and young shaq
    beasting and dunking on ppl like they are little kids
    and its on a 8 ft rim. just imagine if mj and shaq played

  • Jacob

    1992 East Allstars, here’s the list:
    PG: Isiah “Badass” Thomas
    SG: Micheal “GOAT” Jordan
    SF: Scottie “Pip” Pippen
    PF: Charles “round mound” Barkely
    C: Patrick “no comment” Ewing

    unbelievable…just a crazy line-up

  • Pic

    1994 in Minnesota, East squad. No it wasn’t the most talented All Star five ever, but it was by far my favorite because of the number of one-time All Stars that made it. That DC-Chibbs twosome from NJ (my favorite duo of all-time had their best run that year), and BJ Armstrong all had their only All Star appearance, and was joined by Pip and Shaq. A lot of players don’t make it back to the Sunday game, that’s why this was precious. Starks, Oak, Mookie & Ho Grant were the other one-time All Stars on the team.

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com/ Seth

    My favorite All-Star starting five is the 2003 West team consisting of Kobe, Francis, Timmy, KG, and Yao. That is arguably one of the best frontcourts ever, with Shaq coming off the bench even. Not only was it Yao’s first time there (oh, the hype!), it was also Jordan’s last time for the East. Back then I watched as a college student in Minnesota, where KG was of course a name of epic proportions, and it was exhilarating to watch him play, not to mention collect MVP honors while dropping 37 in a thrilling double-OT win.

  • shooter5

    1996 All-Star game in San Antonio was one my favourite All-Star Starters because it was full of all different kinds of players and talent. The match-up between Olajuwon and Shaq was a great one, where shaq dominated with a double double 25 points and 10 boards. The diversity was great and was an exciting game to watch especially with MJ there and of course he would go on to win the MVP of the game.

  • Al

    The star studded 1992 East All-Star Starters was one to be remembered. it was great to see all those amazing players of that decade come together and played a sweet game bball. Isiah, Jordan, Bird, Barkley and Ewing played very well with each other, they shared the ball, made nice plays,took their turns to score and played with heart and intensity. Now that’s how you play ball.

  • http://www.jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    1990-Miami- Eastern Conference starters:
    Thomas PG
    Jordan SG
    Ewing C
    Bird SF
    Barkley PF
    This lineup is amazing. You have in Thomas a guy who can dish
    and set-up guys, as well as penetrate, MJ who, well is MJ.
    Larry Bird with his beautiful jumper, 3-pt shot or smooth passes.
    Charles Barkley getting all the boards and driving the lane for rim-rocking
    dunks, and of course the pride of Cambridge, Ma. with his baseline fadeaways
    or drawing the D in to kick out to His Airness or Larry Legend. This lineup
    is unparralelled in it’s versatility, power, finesse and skill. See for yourself:

  • http://www.slamonline.com Pardeep

    Easter All-Stars 03: Allen Iverson, T-Mac, Jermain O’Neal and Ben Wallace all in their prime and Michael Jordan in his final All-Star game. These guys put on a show all night, AI had 35,7 and 7 and Mike controlled the crowd the whole game. This lineup had it all. The talent, the energy, the popularity and the swagger. It was amazing watching these guys but they ended up losing in double OT because of J.O’s dumb foul.

  • Jeydee

    My favorite? The East All-Stars of 85. The Freeze Out game. Isiah, Bird, Moses and Julius all jealous of rookie sensation Jordan made sure he didn’t have a good game. They did not get him the ball and Mike only took 9 shots! this was a very evil thing to do and the reason this is my favorite line up is because those four guys created a legend. Who knows how much Mike got fired up after that. This lineup created a monster and a legend, this lineup created the changer of basketball. This lineup created the legend of Michael Jordan.

  • rainman10

    the 1996 East. A young Shaq and Penny. The great perimeter duo of Scottie and MJ. And then a prime (almost better than Mike!) Grant Hill. All 5 guys were playing at a high level unlike some starters who get voted in these days.

  • Neon

    my most memorable 5 would be the east team from the 83 game at the forum. we had 3 sixers starting (the doctor, moses and mo), with isiah and bird. (andrew toney was the 4th sixer, he came off the bench). i dont remember the stats, but julius won the MVP that year. that team was a unit. and marvin gaye sang the anthem.

  • Herindah

    Easily the 2000 West Squad. J-Kidd, KG, Kobe, Shaq and Duncan. All 5 of these guys were arguably the best at their position and all of them were in their prime. This line put on a great show for us, all players scored in double figures. All 5 guys are first ballot Hall Of Famers. This lineup had the talent to beat any starting 5 in ASG history. This line had the confidence, talent and the swag. It was like putting 50 cent, Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne on the same stage for a concert performing their best songs. Best Starting 5 ever!

  • Tyler Whitcomb

    The 1990 East team. Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, and Patrick Ewing. They won 130-113 over a good west team with starters of Magic, Stockton, Worthy, AC Green, and Hakeem. All5 will be in the Hall of fame if there not already and seriously, you could put these 5 up against any 5 of all time.