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All-Star Warm-up jacket giveaways!

Get in the spirit of the game by winning some fresh adidas gear.

All-Star Week is here, and while the SLAM fam that will be heading to Phoenix (Lang, Ryne and myself, possibly joined by some guest stars in Phx) has a lot to do before we jet out of NYC, it’s time to start building our All-Star content here on the site. What better way to kick things off than some free gear? Adidas sent us seven of these jackets that you all can win…I’ll explain how below.

First, here’s the product info on the jackets, straight from the Three Stripes:

Remember and win!“As the Official Outfitter of the NBA, adidas will bring not only performance to the 2009 NBA All-Star game in Phoenix, but style. Thousands of fans will be able to purchase a variety of adidas NBA apparel including warm-up jackets, fleece hoodies and flex fitted caps the official on and off-court apparel of the event. This warm-up jacket, similar to what 2009 NBA All-Stars Dwight Howard, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan will suit up in, features a 100% Poly interlock, satin adidas striping and printed mesh lining. All-Star logos appear on the left chest, adidas embroidered logo on the right and team patches East and West are featured on the center-back of the jacket. Available in the Wests desert red and gold and the Easts silver and sunset blue. MSRP: $125.00. Available at: Champs, Sports Authority, Just Sports, adidas Sport Performance store, NBA Stores and www.shopadidas.com.”

In the blue/East model we have Three size Larges to win.

In the white/West model we have two  Mediums, One XL and one 2XL to win.

Here’s what you need to do to win: in the comment section below, please recap your favorite all-star memories. I’m looking for some creativity and real knowledge. Show that you’ve got those and you’ve got a good chance to win. Also type in what size and model you’d like so that I can pick winners with sizes that will fit them. I’ll pick the winners Thursday and mail out the jackets next week.

Good luck and thanks adidas!

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  • starbury&stevey

    top 5…
    5.shaq´s blackjack mobile
    4.stephon marbury,two times allstar,im just proud of it
    3.agent zero using the trampoline
    2.shaq looking like a bum in 2006,he missed 3/4 dunks in a row
    1.the birdman trying to dunk the ball in denver(2005)

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    naaaah thanks, not down with the triple stripes. A swoosh on the other hand…

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Man…if there was a larger sized East one… I’d be all about this contest. Anyways…..coolest All-Star memory is definitley Magic’s return, hands down. Seeing him get down against Zeke..then Mike in the waning minutes showed just how much everyone loved Buck and how much he was NEEDED at the game at the time. The love everyone (well Karl Malone was just dense)had for him and really showed how great his role as the ambassador of the game was.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Um, i’m 6’3 and 220. Ain’t no way i’m fitting any of the East jackets. Meh.

  • niQ

    This is easy. Favourite allstar memories? Watching Vince Carter dominate the dunk competition and being wow-ed by practically every dunk. Seeing everyone be amazed (especially Shaq) by Carter’s creativity was a great time to be a Raptors fan. Another memory that still stays in my mind is the year Shaq had a dance battle with Lebron and Dwight. I still watch it on Youtube every now and then. Shaq has definitely got some moves up his sleeves. ON the topic of Shaq, I forget which year but I remember him going for a Free-Throw and he closed his eyes and used one hand. That had me LITERALLY “rolling on the floor laughing.” Actually, any time Shaq is in the All-Star game you can expect something memorable to happen. Like the time he brought up the ball as a point guard and tried to cross people up. Just cause of that he should voted in as long as he’s still playing! Anyways that’s it for now. Size Medium White for me. Thanks.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    still, nice swag guys. And in the spirit of the comp. Here are my favorite allstar game moments (in no particular order)
    At the practice session a few years back, the lil warrior breakdances his way into my alltime fav athletes list, popping, locking, and dancing Kal-el jr. Into the dust. (ironically the dance routine of the eastern allstars that year was equally badass)
    2000, new millenium, Vinsanity. (specifically the blowby drive and full 360 dunk he put on Kob’s + Shaq and GP’s reaction)
    San Antonio, cactus unis in teal: where to start? Jordan showing his funny start in the catacombs (trashtalking Glen rice AND Mutombo ” i never tried dunking on ya”. Mutombo’s response? You did, in my ROOKiEEE YEARRR.
    Magics threepointers and jubilant fist in his asg comeback. Inspiring.
    Starbury pulling an incredible streetball move on a big (vlade? Not sure anymore) in the superb eastern conf. Comeback win a while back. Last exciting asg i saw. AI won mvp, t’was splendid
    jordan’s impossible fadeaway rainbow make on a lunging Matrix near the end of regulation of his last asg(props also to the sublime horny look on his face when Mariah serenaded him at halftime.
    Wow, i could go on forever.
    glen rice’s shooting display.
    shaq DESTROYING the admiral with a nuclear dunk…In San Antonio

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    oh you asked for allstar memories? Wow. I concentrated on the game itself. One of the first as-weekends i followed, Bird won the 3point contest while wearing his warmup jacket (i later read he walked into the changing room proclaiming “which one of you sucker’s coming in second?”). Ultimate badass

  • Pic

    ’94 in Sota.
    Pippen was red-rockin with his blue East unis and was straight ballin in his first ASG without MJ. George Karl was throwing Shaq a triple team all game – Hakeem, Robinson and Kemp! In the waning minutes, Shaq finally got loose and Pip threw him a sick oop. Game over, MVP goes to Pip and his clown shoes.

    A West Medium please!

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    back to the game itself: first time Tracy passed it off the glass to himself.
    the time Vince copied the move, and dunked it so nice, i nearly broke my shinbone from kicking the cofeetable.
    shaq’s shoe gadgets
    jason Kidd; nuff said
    jordan (in the AJ XIII’s-yummy) dueling young Kobe in the mecca
    And many more. I luv the allstar weekend. A lot

  • Myung

    East Large would be fine (if selected)… If I had to pick one, I’d go with the 2001 game in Washington. First of all, you had AI playing in front of a lot of friends and family. You had that crazy move when Marbury threw the ball to himself over Vlade’s head. But more than anything, the East (this was of course when the West was seen as maybe 5X better than the East) came back from 21 down to stun the West. I remember Steph hitting two huge 3 pointers to seal the deal. I remember Dikembe (as a HAWK!) grab every rebound in sight (and thanks to his performance, the All Star coach traded for him a few days later and took his Sixers team to the Finals). And mostly, I remember seeing guys like Steph, Iverson, and Vince Carter smiling and hollering like they had just won the NBA Title, once the final buzzer sounded. This was easily the most exciting All Star game I’ve ever seen (I’ve got VHS or DVD copies of nearly every ASG since 1989, and I’ve probably watched this one the most).

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    clown shoes? Those were the nike air maestro’s in red. I searched the world for those when pip and utep twostepper started wearing ‘em

  • Tom

    My top 3 all-star memories:
    3)Glen Rice’s 20 pt 3rd quarter in 1997. Dude was absolutely on fire reigning jumpers from everywhere, and MJ kept feeding him every time to get the triple double. Plus plenty of camera shots of Glen Rice’s Wife.

    2)Kobe vs. AI and Starbury in 2001. Probably the most intense ASG i’ve ever seen. That 4th quarter was just big shot after big shot.

    1) Magics return in 1992….I was 12 and when Magic retired a few months earlier, I actually remember crying since he was pretty much the reason I fell in love with hoops. So to see him back for one more game, and then going one on one with MJ and Zeke at the end was just heaven.

    I’ll take the white XL or the Blue L

  • http://myspace.com/fireterryporter Josh Miller

    As a Suns fan, I loved the 1984 dunk contest, where Larry Nance palmed a ball in each hand and made the double windmill dunk to defeat the great Dr. J. in what was the first NBA dunk contest.
    This set the stage for the great ones like Dominique vs. MJ, and Spud, and everything after that.

    West XL would be my preferred jacket.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Myung: agreed!

  • Fidel G.

    Fav Memories?
    Mostly all Gilbert.
    Trampoline Dunk.
    One Handed attempt at 3 Pt Contest.
    Him talking smack about Kobe.
    Also VC in Tai Chi’s.
    But all time??
    As a DC Native it’s gotta be Marvin Gaye’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banned in 83′.
    East in Medium, please.

  • Russell

    Favorite All Star memory: Charles Barkley racing Dick Bavetta at halftime.

    Weirdest memory: After the race, they kissed.


  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    a reference to Glen Rice’s wife! Ahhhh, good times

  • Ken

    I watch the All-Star weekend to see stuff that you normally don’t see in a game. On that note, my top 5 moments are:
    Bonus: In the rookie-soph game when Jason Williams did the behind-the-back-off-the-elbow pass to Raef LaFrentz. This wasn’t in the premiere event, so it doesn’t make top 5.

    5. VC’s off-the-backboard to himself pass and tomahawk dunk, in the actual game.
    4. Shaq dribbling through his legs on the perimeter.
    3. Isiah’s bounce pass alley-oop.
    2.. Starbury passing to himself behind Vlade’s back, and Vlade not having any clue where the ball was.
    1. MJ’s game winner in his final ASG. Yeah, JO fouled Kobe at the last minute and they lost in OT, but to me Mike won that game. I also recognize that this IS something that could happen in a regular game, but it was so special I had to bend the rules.

    A West medium would be sweet if I won. Thanks for giving me an excuse to reminisce about allstar memories.

  • Myung

    Thanks, Dark. I’m like you… a total hoops junkie. I could go on for days and days. I have so many VHS tapes of All Star Weekends (only in the past 2 years did I move to DVD’s), and I can’t count how many times I’ve watched each one. It was hard to narrow it down to one, but I had to go with the 2001 game. The smiles on those players faces… yeah… it’s hard for me to relate to multi million dollar athletes, but at that moment, it just seemed to me like it was all about the LOVE of the game, the LOVE of winning… and not about endorsements, contracts, or trade requests.

  • Brian

    Hands down my favorite all start moment was the 2001 all star game. It was the most intense fourth quarter to an all star game that I can remember. The first three quarters were the usual have fun who cares, but the fourth quarter made this the most memorable all star game I have ever seen. AI and Starbury willed the Eastern Conference to victory in the fourth quarter. Since I am a Sixers fan, I always root for the east to win the game. Seeing AI get MVP and help the east to this unreal comeback made this game great. On top of all that Dikembe beasted the boards that game, and may have been the reason the Sixers dealt for him, giving the Sixers a shot to reach the NBA finals. Lastly I recorded this game on VHS tape while I was watching it, and I lent it out to somebody in high school so that he could dub it. I never saw that tape again, and I miss it. This was the most entertaining all star game that I watched, and also my most memorable all star moment.

    East – Large or West XL

  • Scott

    I have a few, most recently the Barkley/Bavetta race, that has officially made ASB a whole weekend event.

    Secondly, is Jordan’s last ASG. He hit a fallaway jumper on the baseline which should have been the go-ahead score, until Kobe came back on the other end to give the west the win. As an unabashed Laker hater, I’ve never forgiven Kobe.

    Lastly, and perhaps the most funny moment in my mind, is during the dunk contest when andre iguodala was dunking and Charles was going nuts about Damon Jones’ red jacket.


  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    You put it just right (as always) Myung. The west had that huge frontline, the perceived better team and Marbury / Mutombo / Iverson led them back. And even during the mvp introduction, AI’s teammates were laughing, recappibg and high fiving. Mutombo was a beast!!!!!! Full defensive mode. Most competitive asg. By far.

  • Scott

    Iverson and Marbury’s combo effort to bring the East back to win. VC, Franchise and T-Mac putting on the greatest dunk contest I’ve ever seen. J-Rich going off the heezy on Boozer in the rookie game. T-Mac’s ridiculous off-the-glass-to-himself alley-oops. MJ’s All-Star return with the Wiz, missing the breakaway dunk and hitting the would-be game winner (not to mention Mariah’s tibute!) Gilbert’s dunk off the trampoline, gotta love it. Barkley vs. Bavetta. And most recently, Dwight Howard hyped everyone up with the Youtube dunks, and didn’t fail to impress when it came time for the Dunk Contest. I’d love a large East jacket!

  • http://where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    10.Justin Timberlake sticking a J in the Jet’s eye during the celebrity game.
    9.The Chuck vs. Dick Bavetta sprint/marathon.
    8.The silence that came over the building when Spud Webb completed his first attempt in the dunk contest. Everyone was silent for like three seconds because they were in shock before they started cheering. I’ve never seen that happen before.
    7.The lapdance Mariah Carey gave M.J at halftime. Kinda reminded me of Marylin Monroe singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to JFK.
    6.Kobe winning the MVP and then getting booed in Philly for saying that L.A. was now his hometown. As much as I love Kobe, Philly keeps it gangsta.
    5.Shaq getting his cactus and teal covered revenge on the Admiral, in the Admiral’s building, in the All-Star game. This was my first NBA game ever attended. I Bet D-Rob always signed big kids autograph’s after that.
    4. Steph and AI teaming up for the overtime comeback win that was ever loyal Slam readers dream come true.
    3.Vinsanity 2000. “IT’S OVA ! IT’S OVA LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!”
    2.Nique vs. MJ 88. Best dunk contest ever. It revolutionized the game.
    1.Magic’s Moment. The class that most All-Stars (Fu(k you, Karl Malone) showed that day will never be forgotten.

  • http://www.ocupop.com/ Jeff

    It was always more about the All-Star Weekend than the actual game for me.

    My favorites personal memory is probably going back to when I was 10 or 11, watching those Dunk/3 point contests from 86-91. Recorded them on the old 40 lb VCR we had and watched them over and over again to get juiced to go play some h-o-r-s-e in the neighbor’s driveway. Wish I still had those tapes so I could digitize them.

    Im all about one of the size L East jackets.

  • http://kaj-4.hyves.nl/ kaj

    - Vince 2000 dunk contest
    - Kobe getting blocked in the first minute, 2001 ASG
    - Lebron dunking on nowitski’s at the last minute 2008 ASG
    - T-mac’s off the glass to himself 2002 ASG

  • Jacob

    5.Dwight “superman” dunk last year
    4.MJ’s dunk from the free throw line
    3.T-mac’s off the glass dunk in 2002
    2.The dance off between Shaq, Lebron and Dwight Howard during the all star weekend
    1.When the all-star game was in seattle in 1987 and Tom Chambers won MVP

  • price

    my favorite all-star memory was a play from the 1992 west all stars when Magic came back. It was this play where the ball did not touch the ground, and showed the playmaking ability of all stars at that time. Also the parts in that game where jordan and isiah went one on one against Magic.
    Oooh and dunk contests.
    I barely remember the ones that Jordan won.
    But the oldest I can remember is when Spud Webb took it.
    My next favorite was the swagger of J.R. Rider after he glided with the rock between his legs.
    And of course Carter. F#CK superman. Vinsanity.


  • http://kaj-4.hyves.nl/ kaj

    my size : medium

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    eastbay funk dunk. Awesome moment!

  • Jay Colle

    My favorite memory has to be Spud Webb winning the slam dunk contest in 1986. My friends and I were mesmerized at what he was doing, especially considering that he was shorter than everyone in my living room. He was 5’6″ for crying out loud! The drama came in the fact that he had to WORK for every dunk. This was no leaving from the baseline and swooping down on the mortal rim. No sir, he used everything in his physical arsenal to make the shots. And he was all business. The only person NOT shocked by what was going on was Spud. He was going about his business, proving, yet again, that there was a place for a little guy in the NBA.

    Number two was Magic’s game in 1992 after he had announced he had the HIV virus. The ovation he received when he was announced in Orlando was an all-time arm hair raiser. And if anyone watching that game did NOT think he would win the MVP trophy, well… they were a blind Celtic fan.

    Just in case: Blue East, Large.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Kenny Walker and his high top fade getting national exposure was fantastic. His hops were legendary too.

  • Jean-Luc

    Blue Large or White XL..whichever

    1st Memory…well can’t really call it a memory, but I watched several highlights and it’s one of my favorite dunk contests of all time: In 1986, it was a victory for short people everywhere. Spudd Webb won the dunk contest against a field of people all like a foot taller than him. He got so ridiculously high for his dunks, and overcame his own teammate, nique aka the human highlight reel, to win the contest. You can see the huge extent of his vertical in freeze frame moments.
    2nd memory: Last year, the dunk contest. Gerald Green’s blow out the candle dunk, his between the legs with no shoes..then he signed his shoe. Dwight Howard alley ooping it to himself behind the backboard and windmilling it in. Using a small hoop attached to the back board, he grabbed it and dunked it in. Tapping it to himself off the backboard.. And my favorite.. the superman dunk. He was almost horizontal in the air, his cape fluttering out behind him, he was looking inside the rim and he just threw the ball in. It was just awesome!
    3rd Memory: Tracy McGrady throwing it off the backboard to himself and slamming it in as if it were nothing more than a daily routine.

  • http://www.rufusonfire.com David Arnott

    In 2004, in L.A., P-Diddy and Paris Hilton were “coaches” for the Celebrity All Star Game. Three elements stick out about the game, though. First, Bill Walton was doing color commentary and lambasted–absolutely destroyed!–one of the teams for playing poor transition defense and allowing Richard Jefferson to get an open dunk. Second, it was obvious that even though Sue Bird was her team’s best option to play point, the boys on her squad didn’t want to let her bring the ball up the court, and they froze her out. Third, the uncomfortable night continued for Ms. Bird, as Nick Carter was on the opposing team and was shown numerous times cuddling on the bench with Ms. Hilton.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    skywalkerrrr! Damn i love this post. Memory lane’s fun

  • Tom

    B. Long: love your no. 5 moment….That slam was just mean. Shaq put some extra stuff on that one.

  • http://www.emptythebench.com Mr. Thell

    The 1997 All-Star Game. Everybody was there – The Rain Man, The Mailman, The Dream, The Glove, The Big Ticket (with sidekick Googs), Spree, Big Penny, Deek, C-Webb, Big Penny – DETLEF SCHREMPF!

    Oh, and some guy named Michael… I forget his last name.

    A completely star-studded affair to celebrate the league’s 50th. KG’s first All-Star game, he’s playing small forward and looking every bit his age. Glen Rice goes OFF, dropping 26 points in 25 minutes to win the MVP. And Michael notches a triple-double with a sweet feed to, who else, Scottie Pippen. He finishes with 14, 11 and 11 (the first trip-dub in ASG history) – and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him smile so much. Or KG. Or me.

    East, Medium or Large.

  • Philoguy24

    My all time favorite memory of an all star game would have to be kobe waving karl malone off the pick and roll in the 98 all star game. I knew back then that any chance Kobe had to go one on one with Jordan he would take but the fact that he would wave off Karl Malone was just the icing on the cake. I remember back then realizing that Kobe would either become an all time great bust or an all time great player luckily for me and laker fans everywhere it was the 2nd.

  • Philoguy24

    oh yea also West Medium

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Detlef’s east bloc style hairstyle and perpetual scowl always reminded me of ivan drago. Trailblazer for german b-baller right there.

  • Myung

    I learn a new thing every day on SLAMonline. I learned today that two of my favorite guys on here (eboy and Tad) could easily beat me up in a fight (seeing that none of the East jackets can fit them). I guess I’ll never say anything bad about the Heat or Pistons ever again, even though the Hawks have a better record than both of them. Oops.

  • http://www.showmeyourwits.com showmeyourwits

    6.Shaq’s monster jam on the Admiral
    5.Dee Brown pumping up before the no-look winner for the dunk contest
    4.VC vs. Franchise
    3.MJ vs. Nique
    2.All-Star 2001, and AI getting MVP at home
    1.Magic’s comeback and making it look so easy against MJ and Thomas

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    myung is fun…nny!

  • Ken

    Oh yeah, and when Baron was in the dunk contest with the blindfold and missed his dunk by several feet. Apparently he had eyeslits in the blindfold, but they slipped.

    And yeah, Philly booing Kobe when he got MVP was priceless.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    thought ceballos had slits and Baron peeked. Well Dee Brown had the nicest nolook dunk

  • Themis Mavridis

    My favorite all-star memory is definetely Vince’s dunk “fiesta” back in 2000 in Oakland.VC appears and he moves around thinking what and how he’s gonna do.Jet says “…if he’s gonna take it from the ft line for for the beginning I lose it”.Then the announcer starts “…and here is Vince Carter with his first %$#$&*” and then SHAQ is in awe holding his video camera and JET losing it and screaming “lets go home!lets go home!lets go home ladies and gentlemen!”…Everyone’s starring to the replay in order to understand what’s just happened!VC did the most perfect dunk in a dunk contest!Reverse 360 windmill with his hand fully extended!Pure dunk art!…He had already won the contest!King of dunk!

  • Themis Mavridis

    As for the jersey which I forgot about…I’d like an East one!Large is perfect for me!

  • Themis Mavridis

    I meant jacket not jersey!

  • Niio

    5. When KG threw that ally-op to Kobe who caught it way behind him and threw it down.
    4. Steph clowning Vlade with ball under the defender’s arm pass to self trick.
    3. Glen Rice going absolutely bananas enroute to winning game MVP.
    2. Dominque’s break away windmill wind up and MISS and him laying on the floor laughing in disbelief.
    1. MJ’s being the first all-star to get a triple double in the all-star game.

    EAST:Color Blue, Size L

  • Josh

    I loved Jordan against Bryant in Jordan’s last all star game. I was pretty young when Jordan was in his prime, so it was a treat to get to see him compete on the big stage. His final three to (seemingly) win the game was awesome, and you totally know it was coming and he still sank it. Then someone fouled Kobe. Blah! It was awesome though.

  • Andrew

    The correct answer is: Scottie Pippen coming out looking like a cross between Dorothy and Ruffles potato chips. Then promptly dominated the Target Center for the ’94 MVP.

    There’s no place like dome.

    I’ll take an East in large or a West in medium.

  • http://docfunk.blogspot.com Doc Funk

    2001 in DC. AI scores 15 points in the last 10 minutes to become MVP. Most of us knew how prolific of a scorer he was, but it really made the rest of the world take notice. The game also featured T-Mac and VC as teammates and left us wondering what could’ve been. 10 future hall of famers in the same game. Just plain awesome. East. XL.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Haha Myung. I’m a peaceful soul, for the most part.

  • Jason

    So many great all-star memories.

    As a Suns fan I loved All Star Saturday 0f the 2004-2005 season. It was held in Denver and the newly regenerated Suns dominated on Saturday night.

    First up was “Thunder” Dan Majerle, Diana Taurasi, and Shawn Marion owning the Shooting Stars contest. Next, Steve Nash showed why he would go on to win an MVP that year with his performance in the skills Challenge. Sweet!! 2 Suns win in a row!! Wait.. it got better. Our freshly liberated shooting guard Quentin Richardson took down the 3 Point Shootout. Next up: Amar’e. With the help of Steve Nash (what doesn’t he do?), STAT came in a respectable 2nd place in the Dunk Contest. The NBA loved the teamwork so much in fact, that the next year they instituted a mandatory “Team Mate” dunk in the dunk contest. Sweet, sweet Phoenix Victory.

    Besides that amazing Saturday night, one other All Star weekend sticks with me. The 95 game also held in Phoenix. I was 12 years old and my Dad took me down to the Purple Palace to enjoy the festivities. Seeing all these HUGE and amazing athletes and experiencing the joy that is the NBA turned me into a basketball fan for life.

  • Jason

    By the way.. West 2XL would do just fine.

  • The other Mike

    This one is too easy! It was a calm February night in Oakland when a legend was born. The hype, more than the dunks themselves, is what I think actually won the event for the man they once called “Half-Man Half-Amazing”. He came into the weekend with a whole country behind him and another one starting to take note. Vince Carter was “Next” and while things didnt turn out like people had hoped, this moment still lives on as the greatest all-star weekend of all-time. Whether your talking about the picture-perfect 360 windmill, the behind the backboard reverse windmill, the legendary between the legs off the bounce, the iconic elbow dunk, or the two-hand (almost)foul-line dunk, VC provided us with one of the most breath taking performances an athlete could provide…and for that I am forever greatful! Oh, and ill take an East in large, thanks in advance!

  • MeloMan13

    2003: Mj’s last ASG. Vc was voted a starter and refused to give that position up despite numerous members of the media attempting to pursuade him. at the last possible moment he gave in.
    that cleared the way for Mj to have a solid game including the (apparent) game winning fade-away over the matrix.
    i still hate Jo for fouling Kobe on the three that forced OT.
    also, Mariah Carey looked BANGIN at halftime.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    These are in no order,they are memories…So here is my Good,Bad & Ugly…
    Magic Comeback -92,Kobe booed in the City of Brotherly Love 2002,Cactus Jerseyz(GEESH!),MJ FreeTrowDunk Eighty-Eight,Dunk Wheel(WHUUUT!),KG’s MVP-trophy -03,looked something that Ralph Macchio would rase above his head(NO,NO!),JKidd of the glass to TD 2000,Dre snubbed in the D-Contest,Rookie Game 2003,Bird & Warm-Up Jacket,VC and his cousins motorcycle celebration???,08 Jerseyz(who is who?),Vince 2000,Shaq Camera Shoes…,T-Mac+New Orleans!,2001 Game with a capital G!,MJ missed dunk -02,Shed shootin’ lefty threes…,AI wearing #6,Mariah Carey,Kob vs. MJ 1998,Kob vs, MJ 1998,Kob vs. MJ 1998,People in New Orleans 2008,MJ mustache,MJ leatherjacket,Shaq:”I do my own stunts!”,Player Dance Introduction,Jason Richardson(DAMN!),Superman NO-Dunk,Reggie Miller…

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Myung….I’m not quite as big as TAD, but I’m usually not peaceful so….

  • http://www.myspace.com/bangbang240 Jason

    So many great all-star memories. As a Suns fan I loved All Star Saturday 0f the 2004-2005 season.

    It was held in Denver and the newly regenerated Suns dominated on Saturday night. First up was “Thunder” Dan Majerle, Diana Taurasi, and Shawn Marion owning the Shooting Stars contest. Next, Steve Nash showed why he would go on to win an MVP that year with his performance in the skills Challenge. Sweet!! 2 Suns win in a row!! Wait.. it got better. Our freshly liberated shooting guard Quentin Richardson took down the 3 Point Shootout. Next up: Amar’e. With the help of Steve Nash (what doesn’t he do?), STAT came in a respectable 2nd place in the Dunk Contest. The NBA loved the teamwork so much in fact, that the next year they instituted a mandatory “Team Mate” dunk in the dunk contest. Sweet, sweet Phoenix Victory.

    Besides that amazing Saturday night, one other All Star weekend sticks with me. The 95 game also held in Phoenix. I was 12 years old and my Dad took me down to the Purple Palace to enjoy the festivities. Seeing all these HUGE and amazing athletes and experiencing the joy that is the NBA turned me into a basketball fan for life.

  • Michael

    My greatest all star moment had to be the weekend I went to the 2003 All Star game in ATL>
    (Jordans last ASG) My favorite moments from that weekend were:
    -Jordans jumper over Shawn Marion
    -Mariah Careys Jordan jersey dress(my Goodness)
    -Kobe wearing the retro Jordans
    -Craig Seagers ridiclous gold suit
    -Jermaine O’Neal demanding Jordans kicks.
    -KG taking over in OT
    I’ll take East-L

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Ben O, quick question (off topic): do you have any idea how long it takes the on-line subscription service to get the new issue downloaded? Thanks.

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    ^I keep hearing about that and have no idea how to do it. Can we get a link or something. Oh yeah, for my entry above, I need a med or large. If the large doesn’t fit I’ll get my A-Rod on til it does.

  • Levon Jones

    Man, where can I begin? I’ll just throw it out there:
    1)Pippen’s red shoes and mvp in ’94
    2)Kobe’s first all-star @ msg and how he offended the mailman b/c he waived off this pick w/o the roll.
    3)of course 2001′s amazing east comeback with A.I. & Starbury running things.
    4)The way cynthia cooper, Isaiah thomas and the other slam dunk judges were acting when vince went off in 2000.
    5)2-ball lol!
    6)t-mac off the glass was unexpected
    7)how everyone quit playing in the rookie challenge in ’04 and created an unofficial dunk contest in the second half.
    8)When guys like dale davis, antonio davis, and jamal magloire respectibly found there way to the asg.
    9)When the best of the best made it to all-star weekend and the competition was fun yet fierce. With MJ, Bird, Magic, Zeke, Stockton, Malone, Pippen, Ewing, Barkley and I can go on for days. All-Star weekend is one of the most anticipated weekends of the year. It’s still really exciting with the new blood LBJ, DWade, Amare, CP3 etc. But, with every All-Star weekend it provides it’s own memories, there’s always something to take from it. So just sit back and let ’09 do what it do, and then we’ll reflect on this one. (if i win, west 2XL, thanks)

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    B….go under the subscribe link at the top of the page…..sign up at the yellow link at the bottom right of that page….pay the $6.50 and then get your online on. It’s still on the AI issue though.

  • http://www.ballislife.com Justin Walsh

    this doesn’t add to the all star contest in any way, but damn whoever wins those jackets is gonna look fresh! haha.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    WAIT…WAIT! Online subscribtion?! Meaning you can read the full articles in the most recent mag online? I’m late to this…

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Yes TAD…it’s true.

  • ChiCity23


    - 1989 All-Star Game in the Astrodome was special despite not having MAGIC OR BIRD!!…smh. Anyhoo, remember how isaiah was serving MJ up w/ assists left and right? That full court bounce pass…haven’t seen anything like that until A.I. did it against Phoenix last week. Maybe Zeke was so giving cuz this would’ve been the perfect opportunity for Mike to avenge that lil’ “freeze out” a few yrs. back. (Could u have blamed him?)

    - ’92…nuff said. It all starts when MJ demands Tommie Wood give him a few extra days of vacay headed into Break so he could take the fam to Disney World. Officer Stern grants him his wish. Then on Sunday he gets a chance to kick it with his buddies Isaiah and Magic. U just knew it was a special moment w/ Magic being back and the 3 threes to end the game was perfect. For the record, that game made Orlando arena relevant, THEN came Shaq.

    -’01…We were all still getting used to All-Star wknd sans His Airness, but AI and Steph (remember when he used to play?) did their best to make us feel comfortable by showing some pride and bringing the East back from down 21. This was the game where the old-heads got all giddy and started talking about “this is how the all-star game should be, back in my day they played for bragging rights…” blah blah blah, Thanks Pops. Nonetheless…amazing game in the nation’s capital. And to top it off….KOBE PASSES THE BALL in the waning seconds to…Tim Duncan for the last shot? That was rich…LMAO

    Bonus moment: Anybody Remember Allan Houston doing an off the head Dunk in the ’94 Dunk Contest?

    -Sidebar: Clearly you can see by all the MJ references and the Tag where my hometown is. I really wanted to throw something in about the ’03 game and Mariah and all that but….well…let’s just say, I wouldn’t be mad if he never played in another All-Star game again in his life….*smh*


  • Jacob

    oh yeah I forgot West-M my #1 was the Tom Chambers mvp its wayyy up there

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    How did we not know about this before, Tad?

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Take your head out of Kobe’s anus for a minute, B….you’ll see all kinds of cool sh*t. I love you.

  • Sean Gaudet

    1972. First of all, you had Kareem swat away Cunninghams hookshot(nobody is gonna out hookshot Kareem). Second, you had Spencer Haywood throw one down over the East. And lastly, Jerry West hits the game winning jumper from the top of the key.

    Every all-star game should aspire to 1972

  • Sean Gaudet

    Oh and if I win… A Large or XLarge..doesn’t matter which side

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    ^ Now, THAT’S old school.

  • minikidd

    My favourite all-star memory is the 2007 all-star game,in Las Vegas… I drove 150 miles with a handful of friends, so we could see the game in my friend’s summer house.. The west ended up winning 153-132 in regurlar time, with no defense whatsoever.. But it didn’t matter because the game had plenty of highlights, there was a good vipe and the players enjoyed themselves… It didn’t matter that it wasn’t a close game, the entertainment was top notch.. And after all that’s what the all-star weekend is all about.. BTW, I like both jackets in af Medium please..

  • delleon mcglone

    The year: 1992
    The place: Orlando, florida
    Final Score: West 153 vs East 113
    MVP: Erving “Magic” Johnson
    Stats: 25-9-5
    Moment: # point hook shot at the buzzer (well almost a hook shot)
    Side note: Clyde ” the glyde” Drexler really shoulda won the mvp

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariq al Haydar

    Back in 1996, I was a high-school junior. My best friend and I had an old tape with dunk contests on them. We debated whether or not Cedric Ceballos could see. We declared that Shawn Kemp got robbed because of a sneaker gimmick. And Isaiah Rider was our legend.

    96 was the first time satellite channels would be broadcasting All-Star weekend to us in the middle east. Armed with chicken shawarmas, Sprite and Pringles, we watched. We watched some weak dunking. We observed a cart-wheeling Michael Finley with bemusement. And then a lanky, bald teenager did his best Rider impression. It wasn’t magical or special, but it did salvage my maiden All-Star experience.

    West One XL, please.

  • http://shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ Tariq al Haydar

    Sean Gaudet has me beat, unfortunately.

  • http:www.myspace.com/linkstigatorkevin Kevin Wilson

    My favorite All-Star memories:
    1. Being the only guy on campus to record the Vince Carter dunk contest, and passing that video around like a Playboy in a sixth-grade classroom.
    2. Yeah, Pippen’s red shoes in 94.
    3. Magic Johnson just hitting everything in the last few minutes of the 92 game, and Isiah Thomas just handing the ball over with 10 seconds left and telling the officials, “That’s it, we’re done here.”
    4. The “just go away” Magic Johnson era, when he played in every Saturday night competition that could be found, including the celebrity game. I was rolling when Danny Ainge called a Magic drive down the middle by saying, “He almost got called for a three-second violation.”
    5. Timberlake scoring on Kenny.
    6. Darvin Ham getting screwed after his hand on the backboard dunk.
    7. Jason Richardson nailing the Dominique windmill, which was the only good thing about the dunk wheel.
    8. Craig Hodges, every damn year, just killing people in the 3-point contest.
    9. Dee Brown pumping it up, and his sick no-look.
    10. The Richardson-Mason dunk off, one of the most underrated competitions ever … with Kenny saying Jason Richardson needed a get-well card because Mason’s between the legs was sick.

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    @E:What’s Tad’s excuse. His head can’t fit inside AI. Love you too. (no Amechi)

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    I can’t read.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    AI to the Heat for Marion?

  • http://www.where-basketball-b-longs.blogspot.com/ B. Long

    Is Wade going to play the three in this ridiculous wet dream of yours, E?

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com/ TADOne

    Is that a rumor, E? Actually, i’ll meet you in the Post Up so that we don’t sully this post any longer.

  • Ismael Lopez

    Well my favorite all star moments are when magic shoot the three point shot by just fling it. Then When Michael Jordan did the free throw line dunk and won it in chicago. Also when spud webb was dunking all those amazing dunks and won it against D. Wilkens. Last year was amazing because lebron james won the mvp award and went off to lead the east in a victory. When shaq, leborn, and dwight was having the dance off competition, that was funny. The super man dunk was alright but it wasn’t a dunk. I liked when jason kidd took the ball in by hitting dirk’s butt. I like all the dunk contest they are.
    west, medium size if you have it left or the east.

  • http://ittakesanationofmillionstoholdthissac.blogspot.com ciolkstar

    AI and DWade will not work.

  • Marcus

    My first All Star Game I went to was in Phoenix. Unfortunately I was using a cane due to a foot injury. Getting on MTV while Shaq rapped was fun, getting my foot stepped on Sunday afternoon while watching the game however, sucked. I did get to meet Barkley while I was waiting for the ambulance ( never did get that jersey I asked you for by the way), saw Baby Jordan And Glen Rice win the dunk & 3 point contests, plus I can say I saw Penny play in his first All Star game. That made the overnight stay in the ER worth it.

  • Marcus

    Oh yeah, if I win You can send me the West 2xl jacket.

  • BostonBaller

    This is an impossible task but a fun one. I will not cheat and go check out the VCR tapes of the games and contests. lol. Dr. J’s last ASG was pretty special then you have the Wilkins vs Spud Dunk off in Texas or could it be the Wilkins vs MJ dunk off in Chi-Town (poor Nique, never had home court advantage). The Bird 3 pt contest with the jacket on was sweet too. Oh, who can forget Dee Brown’s performance (pump it up)and he actually did the no look dunk as opposed to Ceballas’ not so blind blind bold joke of a dunk. GP going at MJ.. I’m trying not to go back too far in fear of losing the young cats. lol. I might have to go with when Zeke in his itty bitty shorts trying to freeze out MJ and MJ still showed why he would become The GOAT! East or West, it doesn’t matter. “I LOVE THIS GAME!” XL or 2XL would be fine and if not I’d take anything and give it to one of the kids at the gym. T. Crook

    ps. Ray’s performance last year was sweet too. Can you tell I’m a Celtics fan? lol

  • http://wherethenbareallyhappens.blogspot.com Collin

    i am obviously not old enough to have been around when this happened, but I do know that the first all star game was played in 1951. Ed Macauly was MVP, even though it should have been Joe fulks. then Micheal Jordan went off for 40 in 1988. really wish I was alive then, but still I wasn’t born for another five years. that would have been a great game to see. Magic Johnson won the MVP of the 1992 all star game, with 25 points, 9 assists, and 5 rebounds, and of course the shot that won the game. his performance was probably the most inspirational in Sports history. in 1993, stockton and malone (arguably one of the best duos of all time )won co-mvp. stockton helped make malone as good as he was, and malone helped make stockton as good as he was, so it was great to see them win co-mvp. my favorite player brandon roy made it to the all star game last year and had a team leading 18 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. so if the west would have won, he obviously would have been mvp, but they didn’t win. that was a great moment for me because he was my favorite player when he played at washington university, and i have followed his whole career since he was a freshman, it was great to see him succeed like that. of course i cant forget tracy mcgrady’s alley oop to himself a few years ago, and shaq’s hilarious behavior at every all star game he has been to. these are my favorite memories in all star game history. ( east in a large, and west in a 2XL or XL)

  • Joel torres

    The Greatest All Star Moment in my eyes would definately have to be Magic Johnson in ’93. Months after having to retire from the NBA becaus of the AIDS virus, fans still voted him in, even with other superstars, most notably Karl Malone, saying that they were afraid of also obtaining the virus through playing with him. Through all of this, Magic played and won MVP honors. Magic opened up many doors for AIDs research through his upfront retirement, and although I feel it was truly one of the greatest moments in All Star history, it is also one of the most inspirational moments ever. It made finding out that a friend also obtained the virus that much easier. Magic brought that hope to everyone. Through one great game of Basketball in Orlando.

  • Roman H

    last year all-star game Lebron James winning the All-Star MVP in New Orleans after he led the Eastern Conference to a 134-128 Dub
    King James drop 27 pts 8 rebs n 9 assists n best of all after delivering higlights passing n dunking n shooting he dunk on dirk my best friends fav player had 2 pick this as my fav memory becuz lebron james is one of my fav players n i just had 2 let my boy kno whos the best player in da nba he knows now it deifinitely not dirk theres goin 2 plenty of all-star games just like this one 4 da next 15 years

    size: M
    holla back

  • mike

    The greatest moment in All Star Game history to me was watching Kobe and KG at the Garden in 98. That was great because you saw the future with those guys. You saw that they were going to be the future of the league and they have come to define the league the last ten years. I really enjoyed seeing Mike in it at the Garden and Kobe and Mike went at it a little. It was past and future. The play that sticks out is Kobe going around the back and hitting KG for the dunk. That was just poetry in motion. A star was born with Kobe and what better place to do it than MSG with all the game’s best competing.

  • http://bielasiakville.blogspot.com Jesse Bielasiak

    Hook me up with a medium…

    I was a little kid at the time, but I remember Vinsanity whipping out the between-the-legs for the first time, and then the camera pans to Shaq and his “oh-my-god, what on god’s green earth just happened” face. An amazing basketball moment and some comedy on top. A great memory certainly.

  • jufu

    5. Dwight Howard in last year’s dunk contest. The man-child demonstrated his all-around athleticism. Who ever heard of a 6’11 dude jumping high enough to chuck a ball THROUGH the hoop? The announcers were way funny too.
    4. Vince Carter’s self alley-oop in the ASG a couple of years ago in 05. He just threw it up and slammed it down. Great defense to the west. Amazing dunk, it was almost like a second coming of the old Vinsanity, like WElCOME BACK VINCE.
    3. Jason Kidd’s return. Jason Kidd’s last ASG last year was great. He didn’t really put up nice stats, but as a Nets fan, I loved it that the man who brought us two Finals appearances was playing in possibly his last ASG.
    2. There was a double alley-oop by the East last year. captain kidd to lebron and in the air, he goes to dwight howard. WOW.
    1. Vince Carter’s dunk contest when he did the reverse thru the legs. amazing hopping and hooping.
    east jacket large

  • Young Chris MP3

    - Michael Jordan tugging at Penny’s breakaways in ’96 during the starter introductions.
    - Shawn Kemp being robbed in the ’91 dunk contest.
    - That stupid spin-the-wheel idea is memorable, but for the wrong reasons.
    - Shaq at the free-throw line giving himself the assist off the glass for the dunk.
    - AI’s dominance in ’01 to comeback (with a little help from the baller then known Starbury).
    - Diesel’s gadget phones
    - Pippen in the dunk contest

    Obviously there are a lot… I’ll take an East Large if I win…

  • Terence Tang

    My favorite memories come from an often-forgotten dunker that did some VERY underrated dunks. Jason Richardson. Not only were the difficulty of his dunks underappreciated, but he also brought a combination of style and power to his dunks that we hadn’t seen since Dominique. His best dunk and my favorite all-star memory is the self-lob, 2-handed windmill reverse in 2002. If you watch the video in slow motion, you see him catch the ball with his entire body facing the rim, and THEN twists his entire body while doing a full-extension 2-handed windmill reverse. I say again – body facing the rim while catching the ball in mid-air… body facing the completely opposite direction AWAY FROM the rim upon finishing the windmill dunk. That is one of the hardest dunks to do, and will forever be the top underrated dunk in dunk contest history.

  • ChiCity23

    Oh yea, correction when i said “i woudn’t be mad if ‘he’ never played in another all-star game in his life”….just making sure you know I was speaking of JERMAINE ONEAL!!!!…Still *smh*

  • michaelangelo

    my favorite memory???
    its gotta be when Iverson wore #6 at the 2002 all star game in Philly.
    It was really awesome and touching.
    I remeber in his interview sayin that he waited three years for the chance because the all star was supposed to be in Philly in 1999 but it got canceled.
    I’ll never forget that game..even though Iverson was horrible that game haha.

  • michaelangelo

    o for me i would like a west medium

  • Myung

    Seeing that he’s 30 (an old 30 since he came to the NBA out of high school and has numerous injuries) and is averaging 13.5 and 6.9 this season, I’d say it’s safe to assume there aren’t too many All Star games in Jermaine O’Neal’s future. That ship has seemingly sailed…

  • http://nonsuperstar.blogspot.com Michael

    ASG memories come in two varieties: the great like Magic’s return and Marvin’s anthem. Then there’s the terrible, like Nate jamming the ball 20+ times.

    Everything in between is still solid gold because true fans of the League know that this weekend is a celebration of the fun of basketball, not just a time to slack.

    I want a large repping the West.

  • Danny

    My favourite NBA All-Star memory is without a doubt the 1992 game. I was 13 years old and since I´m from Iceland that meant that the game wouldn´t start until 1am and I had to go to school at 8am. But never did it cross my mind to skip this game. The reason. Magic Johnson.
    I had started following the NBA when I was 7 years old so I grew up watching the Showtime Lakers and of course Magic was the man. They didn´t show the games live here so we had to wait for a week to get to see a game, but it was all worth the wait.
    The first time they showed live games in Iceland was when the Lakers and the Bulls met in the 1991 Finals. I still remember how bad I felt when my Lakers were beaten by Jordan and the Bulls. It broke the heart of a 12 year old kid. Then the shock came. Magic had to retire. I was stunned and swore that I wouldn´t watch basketball again. And for a while I didn´t. But the love for the game couldn´t keep me away so I started watching again. And then came the surprise. Magic was selected for the All-Star game. I couldn´t believe it. So when the day came there was nothing that could stop me from watching this game. Nothing.
    I don´t need to go in details about the game but the final minutes will never leave me. Magic against Jordan. Magic against Isiah. And the last 3 pointer sunk by Magic. Unbelievable.
    I couldn´t sleep after that so the day after, you could say I was tired. But the vision of Magic´s last shot is what kept me going all day.

    Large jacket would be nice and West would be better.

  • http://www.kicksonfire.com Anton

    Air Jordan 2003. In the midst of the league’s new superstars KB8, AI, and KG getting big-time recognition, God returns one last time to remind aspiring players-to-be why he’s the greatest.
    Though he struggled from the field most of the night, the crowd wanted at least one more classic Jordan moment. They got one.
    With less than 10 seconds remaining in overtime, the then-39-year-old Jordan gets the ball on the east, spins off of Marion and releases a high arching fadeaway from the baseline. Half a second of silence followed by penetrating screams after the swish.
    Sometimes it’s best to fade away, but Jordan did it his way.
    West XL.

  • J.A.T

    t-mac off the backboard for the dunk
    kobe wins mvp in las vegas
    lebron first all star game
    east 3xl

  • that dude

    Larry Bird walking off with his finger in the air after the last money ball shot in the 87-88 three point to win his third title was a truly Boss move.

    The swagger of that farm boy from Indiana would seem too cliche if in a sports movie, but it was real.

    (West, medium)

  • Ian

    1. The return of Magic in Orlando. Game winning 3pt and the Game MVP award. Very Emotional!
    2. All star game in Cleveland. The 5o greatest players unveiled and the welcoming of Kobe Bryant in the dunk contest.
    3. Shaq kissing T-Mac. Hope he does it to Kobe this year.
    4. Vince Carter vs Steve Francis. Enough said!
    5. Shawn Marion fouling Michael. He was suppose to win the game and you ruined a storybook ending.
    6. The ugly uniforms they wore in San Antonio. Still giving me nightmares.
    Either Jacket for me in a large or XL. I’m a fan of the game and would be proud to represent either.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    Being in Philly in 2002 for the ASG and seeing the same golddiggers/groupies/hoochies/etc I saw in Oakland in 2000 for the ASG and wondering how the F they got into the arena. When I asked “Passion” that question she replied: “I gots what they want” and proceeded to saunter off in all her thickness. Also, at one of the after parties there were unisex bathrooms and all types of wrongness. Size XL West please.

  • Andrew

    Bones proving white men can jump. From the free-throw line. With warm ups on.

  • Andrew

    ^East, L or West, M.

  • Uzi

    1- Jordan taking off from the line after the missed freethrow by stackhouse in 97.
    2- Magic takin over the show when he came back in 96
    3- East come back from an almost 20 point margin in one quarter in 97
    4- Triple alley-oop from Dwayne to Dwight to Bron for the flush last year
    5- T-Mac off the backboard in 2002
    6- AI skoops it in from an alley-oop pass from Vinsanity in 2001
    7- Spud Webb Takin the dunkin champion over Dominique
    8- MJ double clutch from the line after seeing Dr. J on the sideline
    9- Steve Nash bounces the ball off his head to the backboard where STAT picks it up and slams it in
    10- SUPERMAN Dwight Howard

    East, Medium .. Deuces

  • Uzi

    Correction I mean magic in 92

  • http://slamonline.com gabriel

    i have been watchin allstar weekend since 04.but i just love the whole weekend b/c its mad hype and i always enjoy it.Oh and i would like the East warmup in Large.

  • Yusuf Yusuf

    Alright, I’m from Canada, which is hockey country. But I have some basketball blood in me and the All Star is a big thing for me. I think my favourite player to watch is Shaq. Somehow, that man got something about him that makes watching All Star weekend worthwile. So when the man brings something new to the table in an interview with Craig Sager, the man is funny. I remember him bringing a cellular phone/shoe. Another time was on the fast break, when he was playing like a point guard. OOOWEEE! That was jokes! Anyways, if I do win, send me an east suit, b/c i’m a toronto raptor and in medium. Thanks a Lot!

  • http://www.jeffdaycartoons.com gwillicker

    Fave all-star memory was when Magic came back, and he guarded one-on-one vs. Jordan and Isiah at the end of the game. Most people don’t remember, cus Jordan missed, and Isiah air-balled, but Isiah put on one of my favorite dribbling spectacles of all time where he did his signature low-dribble between the legs, and then behind the back like six times. That was before all the And-One stuff that’s so popular today, so it was really fresh back then. I always felt I was the only one who loved watching that guy just dribble the basketball. Oh yeah, Magic coming back was cool too.
    East warmup Large please.

  • Bryce Henderson

    The 1992 all star game may be the best one of all time. This game had everything that makes a game exciting: Drama, Game-Winning Shots, Shocking Moments, and of course the best players in the game going at it. In one of the most inspirational moments in NBA history, then recently retired Magic Johnson was voted into the game by the die-heard fans. HIV is a life-altering disease and nobody takes a back seat to it….not even elite athletes. But Magic was not just an elite athlete…..he was an elite individual and gathered up all his strength and willpower to play once again in front of the people that he loved. Magic put on a show at the biggest stage of them all like only he could, and his last 3-point shot was just the icing on the cake. Even though a man crying is a seen as a sign of weakness, this was the first time I shed a tear watching a professional sports game. Great Game, Great Perseverance, Greatest Moment in All-Star history.


  • NJ4Life

    JKidd, with the masterful head-turned-pretty-much-backwards oop to KMart, Steph and AI rippin the west to shreds in DC, proving the east could compete. Kobe and KG in the early years, throwing NASTY oops to each other when they were each like 19 amongst vets like Mike, Scottie, and Penny. Vince Carter. Baseline. 360. Kidd on the west throwing one way up over Reggie, lookin like Kobe and Duncan were both gonna go up and get it, with Timmy wisely stepping aside. MAGIC turning the game into a manifestation of his legacy, winning the MVP. Mike with the ball, turns fades, Marion goes for it…SWISH! Shaq’s off the backboard dunk at the free throw line. JKidd in DC hitting the long range bomb to beat the buzzer. King James on the whole west lineup.
    JRich off the noggin, makes it rain. Some not well thought out musical performances (country music at the asg?) Barkeley and Bavetta. Birdman’s 19 ATTEMPTS. I REMEMBER WHEN THE ALL STAR JERSEYS DIDN”T LOOK LIKE Peak Shoes TRIED TO GET INTO THE JERSEY BIZ. For real, either use the same ones they used in 2003 for every year, or let the players where their teams’ jerseys. speaking of which those east warmup jackets this year might make up for my disappointment of Kidd not gettin into the game this year.

  • Pardeep

    The Dictionary definition of SPECIAL:

    #1: Surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional
    #2. Distinct among others of a kind:

    This is the word I use to describe Vince Carter’s performance on All Star weekend 2000. I remember getting his jersey 2 days before for my birthday. I was only 8 years old at the time when this dunk contest happened. I did’nt play basketball I just watched. I did’nt have a favorite player in the NBA untill the second VC took off for the reverse 360 windmill. It was just sick that dunk was amazing and it was new. Then the man comes up and decides to change the dunk contest for ever and change my life forever and change the standard for dunking forever by putting it between his legs off of a T-Mac toss. Then looking at the camera saying it’s over. It was this exact moment where I jumped up screamed like a little girl and shook the house. I got slapped by mom for that disturbance and I did’nt feel it because I was just that shocked. I took the slap quietly sat down and looked at the TV and watched the replays of what I call SPECIAL. Even my mom did’nt know why I did’nt do anything different. Little did she know that a man had just changed my life. This was by far the best dunk contest performance ever and my favorite sports moment ever. This changed what it meant to be athletic. This was’nt just my favorite all star moment ever it was’nt just my favorite sports moment ever. This was my reason. The reason I know have a 38 inch vertical after all those hard plyometrics and weight training workouts and the reason I did’nt give up on training because I would just picture Vince put it between his legs and stick his arm in the rim and my legs would feel like I just started working out they felt fresh. It’s the reason I wore my Vince Carter jersey to school everyday for a month after that. The reason the DAMN NETS ARE MY FAVORITE team, The reason I take a flight with my dad from Vancouver to Tornto to watch him drop 50 in the EC finals in 2001. The reason I go back in 05 to see him in his first game back and be the only guy in the arena without the name Carter on the back of my jersey crossed out. It is the reason I pointed my arms to the roof just like Vince after I threw my first dunk down in 9th grade. It’s the reason I wanted to play in the NBA and the reason I starting playing basketball. These are all the reasons It was my favorite all star moment ever. So when I saw write about ur favorite all star moment I knew exactly what to write about. But this was’nt just my fav all star moment it changed my life forever.

    East- L or West XL

  • The Last Kings Fan

    My greatest All-Star memory is probably from 2004 I think it was. Every year me and a buddy of mine spend basically the whole weekend together just talking basketball. I was in 6th grade at the time and me and Sean (5th grade) were going out and trying to do our own dunk contest things. I was trying to put off the backboard dunks down with one hand on a little 8 foot rim while Sean was working on his through the legs with a Nerf ball on a 7.5 foot hoop. Not six hours later J-Rich combines our stuff and put down that crazy dunk he had. West-2XL

  • Thomas

    Favorite moments:
    1)Vince Carter in 2000 Dunk Contest many young high flyers in that one including T-Mac and Steve Francis
    2)Nate Robinson showing that little guys can win the Dunk Contest too by jumping over former little dunk champ Spud Webb.
    3)Superman by Dwight Howard that was unforgettable
    4)1988 3-Pt Shootout: Larry Bird says, “Whose finishing second,” and backed up his words on the last shot to win it

  • Thomas

    West XL or East L

  • Andrew

    Ron Artest changing shoes every quarter trying to get a deal with someone.

    Rik Smits behind-the-back pass to Jayson Killiams circa 1998.

  • Jemal

    The NBA All Star Game that said, “Don’t miss a chance to see the top stars, play together against one another” was 2001. The squads were slip East vs. West it was clear to all that the West (Kidd, Kobe, Garnett, Webber & Duncan) had more of the best. But the East (Iverson, McGrady, Vince, Mason? and Davis?) had the heart, fire and desire. West up moe than twenty well into the 4th. Kobe laughing says coach going with the small line up, amused that both Iverson and Marbury are in the game. The improbable happens, no the unbeliveable transpires and Iverson, and Marbury (score and defend, putting up more than 50% of their points for the game in the 4th qtr), they display their love for the game and their passion to compete and rally back from 21 down attacking the bigger and “better” stars of the west. Kobe can not contain Marbury, shock and awe on the faces of the West. It was more than fantastic it astonished fans and player alike. Mutumbo (22 Rebounds in a ASG!). Players quoting this game as a dream! never seen anything like this before! Coach Brown, Coach Brown saying he had no idea they could turn the game around. Urban myth maybe, but I heard it said that Stephen A. was speechless for just a moment. (East, Size L)

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber

    Ben, Ryne and co. Don’t wannna overcross my boundaries here, BUT GIVE Pardeep a damn warm-up already. That was basketball love at it’s best.

  • Megan

    My top 5 would have to be…
    1. 1998 All- Star game when MJ won the MVP in Madison Sqaure Garden. MJ was sick but still played well. MJ also played against Kobe and it was Kobe’s first All-Star game.
    2. 1992 All-Star game when Magic Johnson returns to the game after being diagnosed with HIV. He also won the MVP. I love how he schooled everyone at the end of the game.
    3.1972 All-Star game. Jerry West hits the game winning shot in front of the home crowd in LA.
    4. 1988 Dunk Contest in Chicago. MJ vs. Dominique
    5. 2004 All-Star game-Ron Artest kept changing his shoes trying to get a shoe deal.
    size Medium west

  • http://none DENNIS OMAR

    1. 2003 — Michael Jordan’s last All-Star game
    MJ’s incredible, impossible-if-it-was-anybody-else-but-him fadeaway baseline jumper with 4.8 ticks left in OT to give the East the lead

    2.the epic Dunk Contest between Domique Wilkins and Michael Jordan and Jordan’s MVP performance in the All-Star Game.

    3.1992 — Magic Johnson’s incredible MVP performance. Magic Johnson, playing in his first NBA contest since announcing to the world that he was infected with HIV in November, was voted a starter in the All-Star game despite not playing a game all season.

    4. 1997 — NBA names its 50 Greatest Players
    The NBA at 50 celebration culminated at halftime of the 1997 All-Star Game in Cleveland as the greatest collection of basketball talent gathered under one roof.

    5. Dee Brown pumps and covers his eyes in winning the Dunk Contest. For his final dunk he dramatically pumped up his kicks and then soared in for a one-handed jam while covering his eyes with his other arm.

  • http://none DENNIS OMAR

    1. 2003-Michael Jordan’s final all star game
    The game went down the wire with a double overtime package.

    2. 1988- MJ vs. Dominique Wilkins dunk contest. It features two of the greatest slam dunkers of all time.

    3. 1992- Magic’s incredible MVP performance. Playing in his first NBA contest since announcing the world that he ws infected with HIV.

    4. 1997- NBA names its 50 greatest players. At halftime of the 1997 NBA All Star Game in Cleveland as the greatest collection of Basketball talent gathered in one roof.

    5. 1991- Dee Browns wins his NBA All Star Slam Dunk contest after he pumps and cover his eyes in winning the dunk contest.

  • http://www.yamahyouth.com Germs

    Most favorite about All Star. Sitting in front of the TV at 03.30 AM, together with my brother, to watch the whole Show live and uncut. Shouting, screaming, just enjoying. VC in Oakland, ’88 dunk contest, Bird humiliating those who tried to challenge him from 3-point. But, most favourite, with the loudest sheers? Got to be 1998, Rik Smits, Dutch, first time All Star, throws a behind-the-back to Jayson Williams of the Nets, who slammed it. Smits throws his arms high in the air, high-five with Jordan and the whole benchmob of the East just celebrates. Yeah, one great moment!

  • http://www.yamahyouth.com Germs

    Oh yeah, West, XL or 2XL.

  • slamfan4life

    haha HAS TO BE shaq shooting a free-throw right to himself to dunk, that was truly “Shaqtastic”

  • Jordan

    East medium would be fine. My favorite allstar moment has got to be on March 7 2007 when Dwight Howard, Lebron James and Shaq had a dance off at center court. That was hilarious. Shaq tried to do a headspin. And Lebron grinded with shaq and shaq was moving his but. Jigling around. Howard popped and locked his body and then shaq did the worm. Oh man that was the best!

  • Jordan

    Oh now east mediums i will take a west medium.

  • http://www.yamahyouth.com Germs

    BTW, got to agree with Darksaber. The story Pardeep writes deserves a warmup. Nice telling Pardeep.

  • einstein

    size: west medium
    favorite all-star moment? magic winning this mvp-award after being diagnosed with HIV back in 1992. i also really liked that off-the-backboard-alley-oop-dunk by vince carter in 2005…

  • starbury&stevey

    size:medium(im ok with west or east either)
    (the 1st comment is mine,with my best memories)

  • http://www.liveddb.com DDB

    My 3 Favorite All Star Moments:

    1. Magic returning just to play the ASG in ’92.
    2. Kobe vs Mike in ’98.
    3. Chris Webber riding “spinners” courtesy of DADA’s sneaker line!

    Honorable mention was: Larry Nance 2 balls and Destiny’s Child getting booed in Philly…oh wait that was the finals. Kobe getting booed in Philly. Funny how Kobe gets booed in his hometown during an all star game and could care less. McNabb gets booed on draft day 10 years ago and is still crying!

    Can you tell I’m a Philly fan!

  • Addam

    Watching Kobe get booed in Philly!

  • Addam

    And seening AI win MVP

  • http://wherethenbareallyhappens.blogspot.com Collin

    I’m only 15, so I obviously wasn’t around then, but I do know that Ed Macauly won the very first All star game MVP in 1951 (even though it should have gone to Joe Fulks). I remember Jordan putting up 40 points in 1988; that was one of the many things I wish I could have watched live. Then of course Magic Johnson’s magical performance in 1992. Magic had 25 points, 9 assists, 5 rebounds, and one amazing game winning shot. With everything that had happened to Magic prior to that game, I was very happy to see him play so well. That was definitely one of the most inspirational moments in sports history. In 1993, Karl Malone and John Stockton were co-mvps. That was great, because they were one of the best duos in basketball history, and I loved seeing them win the mvp together. Brandon Roy has always been my favorite player, from his freshman season at Washington University to now. I knew he would be a sure hall of famer when he retired, and he made the all star game last year, and did great. He had a team leading 18 points, along with 9 rebounds, and 5 assists in last year’s ASG. He would have been the mvp if the west would have won. (ray allen should have won it last year ) That is one of my favorite all star memories because he is my favorite player and it was great watching him on that stage. No one will ever forget t-mac’s alley oop to himself In the all star game a few years ago. A few people have tried to mimic his move In the past couple years, but his will always be the best. And of course the hilarious stuff done by Shaq in past all star games. These are some of my favorite all star moments ever. I wear a L for the east one, either 2XL or XL for west.

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    Oh….West XL!

  • Peat

    My favorite moment is for sure the shot MJ made over the Marix that should have won the game. It was one of my most intense moment since that shot in Salt Lake. Also, the fact that he missed a couple of shots before making one of the most beautiful fadeaway he ever took was priceless. Everybody knew the ball was still gonna go to Michael for the last shot. I rank it in the best moments of Jordan’s career along with all these “more important” shots he made in his career… Thanks Mike !
    Medium West jacket

  • http://sportzin.com Joey E.

    My favorite All-Star moment should have been Eazy Yi playing in the game! But since thats not happening, it was 2004 for me. The ASG was in L.A. which is where I live. I was only 13 at the time and I was in love with the game. I have never been able to go to a Laker or Clipper game, so I begged my dad to take me to Jam session. He budged. I had one of the best days of my life. SO much NBA stuff all over the place, I was in heaven. I just had a blast. It was so much fun. This may not be an actual ASG moment, but this was my highlight

  • Youssef K.

    All-Star Weekend’s always been a time for the NBA to market itself to the public in some way, shape, or form, a type of showcase designed to appeal to fans, sports enthusiasts and casual spectators alike. I was thinking about my favorite All-Star memories and have to say that these three generated the most genuinely positive buzz for the league in recent memory.
    3) I have to go with Vince Carter’s performance in the 2000 Dunk Contest. It’s rarely fun to watch one-sided affairs in which everyone just about knows who’s going to come out with the victory. In 2000, though, everybody in the building knew who the NBA’s dunk champ was, and yet people kept watching because they knew to expect the spectacularly unexpected from Vince. Not only did he deliver, but he re-energized the dunk contest, punctuating the event with an unheard of tomahawk slam that had him halfway into the rim.
    2)The 1998 All-Star game in NYC was one of those rare occasions when the successor took the same court as his predecessor, with Jordan at 35 seemingly playing in his final all-star game while Kobe, only 19, playing in his first. The thing that still sticks out the most about that game has to be the fearless way in which Kobe approached the game. The kid came out firing because he knew that there would not be many more occasions featuring him and His Airness competing on the same court. Jordan handily outdueled the young Kobe, but the play when Kobe waived Karl Malone off to take Jordan one on one still stands out in my memory as a point when the NBA throne was relinquished.
    1) The ’88 All-Star Game paled in comparison to the the Dunk Contest that took place that same weekend, with Jordan facing off against Dominique for more than just the dunk contest crown. And those guys made it clear that they were going to take it to one another. Dominique’s power dunks were really unmatched because he just seemed to attack that rim with so much force that it was amazing to see it still standing by night’s end. His one, two-handed windmill was amazing and seemed to seal it for him, but he still ended up on the wrong side of the result when all was said and done. Jordan’s combination of power, athleticism, and grace was the difference, and his dunk from the baseline when he seemed to get parallel with the ground with the ball extended behind his head is the epitome of big-time flight. Oh yeah, and it also didn’t hurt that he was in Chicago.

    Size: I’d like a Western Conference warm-up in a medium please (but a large would be fine if there weren’t any mediums left).

  • fernandooo

    Some of my top allstar moments are.. When lil Nate robinson grabbed spud webb and gave him a throwback jersey and then dunked over him… when tmac threw the ball over dirk nowitzki off the glass and then dunked it… And of course when shaq helped a fan in the audience notice that the reason the everything was black was because she had the cap on the camera.

    medium West

  • femaleballa14

    One of my favorite moments had to be the 1988 dunk contest between MJ and Dominique Wilkins..Wilkins only a dunk he knew would get a 50 and turned out the judges only gave him a 45 for it…MJ beat Wilkins in the dunk contest
    Also in 2005 when Steve Nash headed the ball to Amare Stoudemire for an alley-hoop dunk in the dunk contest…East-Large or west-Medium

  • femaleballa14

    One of my favorite moments had to be the 1988 dunk contest between MJ and Dominique Wilkins..Wilkins only did a dunk he knew would get a 50 and turned out the judges only gave him a 45 for it…MJ beat Wilkins in the dunk contest
    Also in 2005 when Steve Nash headed the ball to Amare Stoudemire for an alley-hoop dunk in the dunk contest…East-Large or west-Medium

  • http://www.sprint.com/sero dma

    one of my favorite allstar had to be the year when tmac did the alley-oop to himself. all i remember is peja looking at the camera/hoop and tmac with that weird look he always has. and the one year that JR rider was in the slam dunk contest. reminds me of the movie “O” when mekhi pfiefer’s character takes some sketchy drugs and then does his dunk. matter of fact that whole movie reminds me of rider’s career.

  • http://myspace.com/arodakaroman and1ballermj2350

    You guys rule for this givaway! Go SLAM!

    Yo I couldnt be more hype that the ASG will be up the road from my city of tucson az!!! So, man where do I start. That asg in ’01 where the east was down like 15 points in the 4 qtr and between my man Starbury, A.i. and Jesus Shuttlesworth they brought it back with a barrage of 3′s and strong takes to the hole and they stunned everyone by gettin the Win with a few seconds left. They destroyed the whole place! Aw and you also gotta love when MJ came back donning the Wizards jersey and missed that dunk, I love the man but that was funny, he also got that blck that he pinned on the back board…ill! And Vince although he has shyed away from what made him famous, the dunk contest he owned was Vin-tastic! 360 windmills and all. That made us all want to get in the air up there. My mouth was open for days on end


  • Tom

    Magic Johnson’s comeback and last all-star game in ’92. before the game, Isiah Thomas still gave him the customary hug and kiss on the cheek. Almost at the conclusion of the game, Magic could not have dream t it up better himself. Making 3 consecutive 3 pointers and thus, earning him the all-star MVP. A great ending to one of the greatest players ever to lace up their converse. If I win, I will accept any size given. Thanks

  • Young Chris MP3

    Semi-off topic, but who else used to wake up early for the Stay-In-School Session on Nickelodeon All-Star Saturdays?

  • JoeBasketball

    Seeing Shaq’s handles put Melo on the floor, not with skill but with laughter. Seeing a 7 foot, 300 pound Center trying to beat a man with his handles then helplessly brick a jumper doesn’t happen often in the NBA, unless it’s All-Star weekend.
    I fit both medium or large

  • http://251tonnidrive Mike

    All about Jordan!

  • http://itsadcthing.blogspot.com Squad

    2001 All-star weekend: I was 12 years old and living in the DC area. Naturally, I had a chance to go. My best friend’s dad got tickets to the Saturday Jam Fest. They told me I could go with, and I immediately got excited, in the way any bball-crazed rec league kid would. How many times will the ASG be back in DC in my lifetime? Hours later came the disastrous news that they actually had promised the extra ticket to a different friend, thus crushing my high. I started sobbing (only other time i cried so hard was the Jay Williams Duke 10 points in 1 minute to come back vs. UMD — stayed up way past my bedtime). Luckily, the game itself turned me back into a basketball believer. AI made the ASG fun again. Just when it looked like the game would end like most others — in blowout fashion — Iverson and Steph brought the East back from down 21. I’m all for watching Shaq shimmy into the lane and brick a floater, but as a kid learning the game, ’01 reminded me that legit competition amongst the game’s best is what it’s al about…On a side note, the fact that Anthony Mason, Vlade Divac and Antonio Davis were ever considered “All-Stars” makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.
    (Sz: East L or West M)

  • http://jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    My favorite all-star memories: 1st the dunk contest between Jordan and Nique in 1988. I specifically remember hearing the commentator say of Jordan’s sideways one-hand double-clutch: “look at the flying motion!” And what about the dunk Nique did that inspired a great poster-oh yeah, I’m talking about the two-handed, reverse double pump he did. The one when he brought the ball all the way down to his knees, then slammed it through over his head. This was to me, a golden era for dunking. Those were the days when there was no YouTube, and for me, no cable, as we couldn’t afford it. I had to wait until halftime of the All-Star game for CBS to show the highlights. I know now that that made me appreciate it even more. Those were also the days when you didn’t dare get up from the tv during the all-star game, as you might miss the new Jordan commercial. Special days, fond memories. And my other fave all-star memory was Magic Johnson winning the MVP in 1992- just 3 months after announcing he had HIV. What made it more special was the fans voted him in! Every one, including myself, was “new” to HIV then and what it was, how it was spread, and the stigma was huge. I remember an interview w/Karl Malone and him saying something to the effect “I don’t want to have to worry about someone else’s sweat..” Magic shined in that game-the crowd gave him an emphatic standing ovation, and he buried that heave of a 3 pointer at the end of the game. That huge smile just told everyone “Thank You.” It was a moment I will never forget-awesome. If I am chosen a winner, I would like the East warm-up jacket in a Medium size. Thank You! Jamey Burke/Boston, Ma.

  • Jeremy

    Playing in his hometown — actually, he went to high school in the Philadelphia ‘burbs — In 2002, Kobe Bryant was brilliant with 31 points, five rebounds and five assists in the West’s 135-120 victory. Bryant shot, passed and defended.

    Kobe did everything — but win the crowd. He was booed in the introductions, booed during the game, booed when his game MVP award was announced.

  • http://jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    whoops..just saw that the East ones are only large so I’d take a large. Could only fit a medium in the West one..Thanks again..

  • Jeremy

    West XXL, Jeremy Shape/Chicago, IL.

  • jose

    Greatest memories of AllStar Weekend… Shaq,Lebron,and Dwight Howard breakdance battle Was the Funniest thing ever recorded.Sticking with shaq,I like his oe-on-one with mehmet okur.(between the legs and brick!)Dwight Howard’s superman dunk was obviously not a true dunk but still oe of the coolest things i’ve ever seen.Going back, Vince carter in 2000 was insane.Between the legs 360 OH BABY!!!Jordan’s last ASG was unforgettable.That shot over Matrix gave me chills..Finally i would put Magic’s ASG in ’92.Just how he played in order to not dissapoint the fans who voted him.True Magic Right There..
    (No XL east!aww)XL west warm-up then

  • http://soulbanger.tumblr.com tapion786

    There are too many favorites to name and too many memories associated with them, so I decided to write about a moment in the all star game that I’ll never be able to forget.
    The moment in the all star game that I cannot get out of my head isn’t VC’s through-the-legs that made everyone in Oakland and anyone tuned in on the TV jump out of their seat. It wasn’t when Shaq was crossing over Mehmet Okur at the three-point line in the league’s first ASG in Sin City. And it wasn’t Jordan’s seemingly game winner fade away against Marion in his last all star performance… but it was a year prior in Philly where it happened. The moment was a surprise to everyone. It drew a lot of ooohhhhs and ahhhhhsss but for all the wrong reasons. We saw a familiar face and a familiar number that had been missing from the ASG for years. But it was the first time we saw him wear Wizard blue instead of Bull red. Jordan took off like we’ve seen him do countless number of times. We all believed he could fly, until that ball clanked the back end of the rim. And then it was confirmed. No matter how much we wanted to see MJ succeed and continue to do the aerial impossible, time was taking its course and it was apparent that his time had passed. It hit me hard in the chest, the shock, the disbelief, the sad notion that no matter what happens from that point onwards, the vision of the Michael Jordan of old would stay forged in the statue outside the United Center. And even though he showed signs of his greatness after that moment, the level that he was viewed as while wearing blue was as a basketball great instead of a basketball god.
    (east-large please)

  • Robert Noble

    Shaquille O’Neal brings the ball up, tries to cross Mehmet Okur, then misses the jumper. Hilarious.

    Michael Jordan missing that dunk in his last all-star game and laughing it off. Who knew he was human?

    Jerry West hitting that game winner back in the day. Saw it on this NBA Furious Finishes VHS when I was a kid. He was cool as ice.

    West of course. Medium please.

  • J.B

    i liked all the slam dunk ehmm..mistakes you could call them. abdul rauf was weirdd, not makin a dunk in the whole compitition. larry huges was just sad, attemting 3 ‘kenny smith’ dunks. failing on each of them. but the best wat definetly the birdman, together with nate robinson they took like half an hour to complete a dunk.

  • jordan

    Me being a young guy, my greatest all star moment was the 2006 allstar weekend. It was amazing because of the dunk contest, me and my close friend at the time were watching it and we were just wowed at how little nate robinson was stealing the show. I remember just jumping around when he finally pulled off the dunk over spudd. The living room just exploded! Since then though, it hasn’t been the same for me since my friend past. :( . But atleast I have that memory and that is why i continue to watch!

  • rob stewart

    All Star moments:
    Mariah Carey in a Jordan dress
    T-Mac off the backboard SLAM (two times)!!
    Chris Webber’s aluminum foil Dada shoes
    Jordan’s fadeaway in the 03 All-Star game
    Olajuwon and Admiral giving it to Shaq in 1994
    I’ll take the Blue in L, or the White in an XL.

  • Double J

    Oh man my greatest all star memories, well personally I have three. First and foremost I have to give it to my boy Kobe. When KG threw up the “lob from God” I had no belief that KB8 (Back in the day Kobe) would get up and throw that down, but lo and behold boy did!! Second I remember Shaq dribbling the ball and giving a couple high legged crossovers, man I love that boy. And last but not least, it’s all about the Birdman. Seeing that boy in the dunk contest year after year with a new hairdo and no dunks was just splendid.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for all the great entries (except those of you who can’t follow instructions and didn’t tell us a size, or told us a size that we don’t have). Either way, it was great to read so many of the memories that have helped make All-Star Weekend so special over the years. Myself and our man Tzvi have chosen our seven winners…now let’s see if you guys can read your emails. Tzvi will be emailing the seven winners in the next 24 hours. PLEASE reply with your full name and mailing address. Once we get everyone’s info we’ll announce the winners here on the site and get those jackets in the mail. Thanks for playing.

  • Miguel Ferreira

    The crowd goes wild as shaq is back for the West Side, although he did some damage on them in his last all-star game when he thrashed down a slam on Tracy McGrady and finally to heal the wound kissed him.

  • Miguel Ferreira

    Kobe Bryant lost the battle to Mike in his first all-star game. Though there was one move that amazed the whole building as it shook when he delivered his newest moves on Mike.

  • Miguel Ferreira

    Before fighting a battle against AIDS magic pulled one last trick out of his sleeve when he, as usual made hsitory by delivering a last second three to win it for the West’s best!

  • donlaker

    connie hawkins from the corner,thunder dan was the man,did jordan miss a dunk,t- mac backboard thump,vinsanity , all alone now stockton to malone
    cross up by iverson, dwight howard superman, pipen lob to m.j. k.g to kobe , 4 lakers made the team wade and payton cuttin seams
    worthy to hakeem , majic to kareem shawn
    kemp (real men) high post duncan, assist by david robinson or was it kevin johnson made them pay choclate thunder
    doctor jay …….jerry west and pistol peete
    larry bird ,clyde with the black puma’s on his feet

  • El Gee

    West XL or Dub X, in case I happen to win… I know I’m late and all but i thought I’d give it a shot. White Chochlate is famous for his flair, handling, and passing skills. Whether it be a behind the back pass, no look pass, or double cross-over dribble, Jason Williams always got the crowd up. For me, there is one play that epitomizes him, and the style that he brought to David Stern’s League; a style that was needed. In the Rookie Sophomore game, running the delayed break, J-Dub hit a cutting Lafrentz behind the back, off his elbow! Before this, few were using the behind the back, let alone off the elbow. I don’t think I saw that before or since. In my mind, that play ushered in the new era of b-ball and laid the groundwork for And1′s later success. I credit Williams and that play for helping the game step into the 21st century. So, on behalf of basketball, thank you JW, and thank you All-Star Weekend!

  • emmanuel gil

    i got 2 favorite moments kobe’s first allstar in 1998 at msg whe he showed the world his flare and style.my other moment was 1992 magic’s last allstar game when the players were taking shots at him 1 on 1 it doesnt get any better than that.

    ill take a west jacket XXL thanks.

  • thebigticket05

    My favorite All-Star memory was from the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest. I was ten and had never seen someone try a between the legs dunk. Then I saw Vince Carter get the whole NBA world on their feet with some of the best dunks I’ve seen to this day. My favorite was the 360 between the legs. After seeing that I went out to my trampoline and tried one and went so high, I ended up chipping my two front teeth on the rim, but it was all worth it. East Size L. Thanks Slam for keeping me reading….

  • Chris Bryant (from the UK)

    From the past years ive watched the all star games, my five top moments are:

    Shaq alley hoop to himself from the freethrow line

    Vince carter alley hooping to himself through traffic

    Allen iverson recieving an alley hoop from
    behind the back board and laying it home

    The commentators reaction to dwights superman dunk last year

    And Gilbert Arenas of the trampoline

    East size XL

  • Duane

    After getting the Pepsi Center crowd’s attention with a free-throw line jam for his opening act, Smith leapfrogged a seated Kenyon Martin and thundered home an alley-oop that brought them to their feet. On Smith’s first dunk of the final round, he donned a throwback Wilkins jersey and paid tribute to the soaring windmill jam that No. 21 made famous. Smith closed out with a 360-degree reverse spin jam to clinch the trophy, downing Suns star Amare Stoudemire in the final round.


  • Ryan

    connie hawkins from the corner,thunder dan was the man,did jordan miss a dunk,t- mac backboard thump,vinsanity , all alone now stockton to malone
    cross up by iverson, dwight howard superman, pipen lob to m.j. k.g to kobe , 4 lakers made the team wade and payton cuttin seams
    worthy to hakeem , majic to kareem shawn
    kemp (real men) high post duncan, assist by david robinson or was it kevin johnson made them pay choclate thunder
    doctor jay …….jerry west and pistol peete
    larry bird.xxl thatsmy size

  • David Vang

    1992. I was a high school freshman at the time. The NBA was at the top, with every kid wanting to ‘be like mike’. Barkley and Malone hating on Erv cause they thought his sweat was gonna give em AIDS even though Isiah and Magic were still doing ‘the kiss’. Far and away my favorite All-Star game of all time. Magic creating exactly that, MAGIC. Getting voted in by the people who mattered most, us, the fans and then winning MVP honors to boot (proving us right). Magic hitting that crazy hook shot 3, looking like Woody Harrelson from ‘white men cant jump’. People complain about All-Star games not mattering but not very many sports’ moments give you goosebumps like that game, like that moment. A white WEST in medium would be nice. PEACE.

  • Tristan Elledge

    5. 2006 East comes back from 20 to win 122-120
    4. 2007 Shaq, LeBron, and Dwight dance off
    3. Marvin Gaye singing National Anthem 1983
    2. Master P owning at All-Star Celebrity Game 2008
    1. 1995 All-Star Game Shaq tries a 3 misses Olajuwon goes and scores a 3

  • C-Dubb

    There are so many great moments, T-Mac off the glass to himself, J-Will with the behind the back elbow pass, the return of Magic, V.C. then Dwight blowing up the dunk contest, Spud winning the contest, the battles between AIR and NIQUE. But to me the single biggest memory of any All-Star weekend is Bird putting up the finger right after releaseing the final shot to prove no one was better in the clutch then he. I wear a size L in the east blue.

  • http://slamonline Traveling

    My all time favorite memory was in 2007 Las Vegas. During a the time-out I watching the stunt man do the dunks from the trampoline. Even from the nosebleed seats, I could see Arenas eyeballing that trampoline. He grabs the ball and goes for—OFF THE HOOK. WEST XL

  • Ben Spofford

    I have alot of all star memories. One of my three most favorites was this year, although the game hasnt happened yet, it was when Mo Williams got into the allstar game. I remember watching the Cavs on tv and fans with signs that say “Cleveland has mo’ than one all-star” i thought that was pretty cool. another one of my favorites was when in 1991 “sir” Charles grabbed 22 rebounds and snatched the MVP from Micheals (Jordan) hands. but my most memorable all-star moment is Jordan getting the first triple double in the All-Star game. Since I am only 13 and am not big enough to wear a large, I would like one the the Medium Sized West warm-up jackets.

  • Federico

    MY all-time all-star memorie is Michael 23 dunking from the line.. I travel for that all-star weekend from Argentina, in the very south of the continent.. some by ship, some by bus, getting to the city was awsome..
    trying to get into, I find I’d losted my ticket..
    2 hours trying to find the solution, a charitable soul (in the face of a female ticket controller) let me pass to see the final minutes.. I got into the stadium just some minutes before that dunk.. I lost all the previous ones, but seeing Michael flying was enough.. I didn’t need any more
    Next day, for the all-star match I made sure to have the tickets after getting out the hotel XD
    .. I’d love a west L jacket

  • http://www.yahoo.com khris

    “I don’t remember a lot of details about Spud Webb’s slam dunk victory including two perfect scores. I just remember the impression it left on me. Spud represented the impossible. Literally, he represented the vertically challenged. Short people couldn’t perform a 360 dunk if they could dunk at all. At 5′ 6″, Spud was lucky to be in the NBA. He may have been 10-some odd years older than I was, but he also represented the kids…”

  • http://www.yahoo.com khris

    Looking back at my memories of All-Star Weekends past, there have been a ton of great moments, but none stand out more than the best Dunk Contest ever. Whenever we talk dunk contests here at NBA.com headquarters, it’s the first that comes to mind. ‘Nique’s off-the-glass hammer, Jordan’s Kiss The Rim Reverse, Clyde copying everything Jordan did … It’s the strongest basketball memory of my youth, maybe even stronger than winning the fourth-grade championship in my original Sky Jordans …”

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    1992 NBA All-Star Game – Magic

    This is the only All-Star moment big enough to transcend the sport itself. The game happened in the midst of AIDS hysteria. At the time, most of us thought AIDS only affected homosexuals and drug addicts. Magic put the world on notice in November of 2001 when he abruptly retired after contracting the HIV virus.

    Showing the sort of tolerance and social consciousness that sports brings out in people, the fans still voted Magic to start in the All-Star game and he agreed to return for the game. Some players voiced concerns of possible infection, but Johnson took the floor and lit up the East team on his way to a second NBA All-Star MVP award.

    His dominant performance helped spread AIDS awareness and alleviate the stigma of the disease. Truly one of the great moments in NBA and sports history.

    white west/medium please =]

  • http://cedricalvinezyahoo.com cedric

    and also

    1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

    Spud Webb won the ’86 dunk contest. Beat Dominique, his teammate, in the final round with a perfect 150 point score. He’s 5’7”. That would be the same height as Halle Berry.very crazy showing nothing is impossible.

    white west medium

  • bbestmvp

    I’m 11 so as you can probably guess i haven’t been around to see many all star moments. I liked the dance off in 2007 and the amazing game in 2006 when the east just beat the west 122 to 120 in 2006. JUst before shaq dancing with a mask.I have always enjoyed the all star games since i was a little kid. If I would have to chose a jacket East mens meedium p.s it’s not them i’m fat i’m 5’5 and kids are to short in the arms. Please chose me thank you for this opurunity have a nice day.

  • bbestmvp

    I’m 11 so as you can probably guess i haven’t been around to see many all star moments. I liked the dance off in 2007 and the amazing game in 2006 when the east just beat the west 122 to 120 in 2006. JUst before shaq dancing with a mask.I have always enjoyed the all star games since i was a little kid. If I would have to chose a jacket East mens meedium p.s it’s not them i’m fat i’m 5’5 and kids are to short in the arms. Also I have a broken foot and it is hard to get around. Please chose me thank you for this opurunity have a nice day.

  • Casey G

    My top 3 all-star moments…

    1) Darrell Armstrong’s layup dunk. He tried so hard but he couldn’t do it, I admire his desire though…

    2) Magic Johnson drains a fade-away 3 at the end of the 1992 All Star game. Just simply amazing…

    3) And finally, Brandon Roy’s first all star appearance….18 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists, shooting 8-10…WOW!!! Im a blazers fan so I have to have Roy on here….


  • CRB fr3sh

    1988 all-star dunk contest, Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins hit those yung Reverses, one-hand windmills, two-hand windmills, alley-oops off the backboard. And Jordan’s takeoff from the free-throw line. Air Jordan and The Human’s mad retro dunk skillz blow my mind.

  • CRB fr3sh

    East babyyy size large

  • http://rich_boi_throwin_ds@yahoo.com KenLow’s2

    I remember the 2000 all star game held golden state tou had names like A.I Kobe Shaq K.G V.C tim duncan It had rim rockin ally oopin ankle breaking slik assist made a all star game a all star game the whole weekend was great the 3pt shootout had names like ray allen mike bibby dirk nowitzki bob sura and allen iverson then the dunk comp pulled out all the stunts that night with names like T Mac vince carter larry hughes steve franchise jerry stackhouse and ricky davis with the one of the coolest dunk from vince carter with the 360 one handed wind mill remember mckinley leverett size large or medium

  • http://none mark sella

    east large
    howard’s superman dunk 2008
    vince carter 360 360 windmill 2000
    jason richardson between the legs 2003
    wilkins windmill 1988
    jordan free throw dunk 1988
    shaq through the legs of howard 2009
    carter allyoop 2006
    i love all star weekend yaaaah.

  • http://none mark sella

    its 4 me kid please

  • jay

    wilkens and jordan putting on a clinic on dunking. i love jordan but wilkins should have won.

    or it could be this year, with howard talking trash to shaq. a pass between the legs and a cut to the basket and slam later. that was awesome.

  • jay

    i forgot my size

    xl in either

  • Coltin D

    Got be magic commin back after he had to retire cus of aids and just did what magic does. Think he scored like 25 and had 9 dimes. Won Mvp and that was the last of the great magic man. such a classic. nothing can even come close to that game.

  • Coltin D

    large west

  • Antonio Curiel

    Memories can only start off in BLACK and WHITE… who else can be seen in our visual cortex paused in mid air from the free throw line, but the 1 and Only Michael AIR Jordan? But giving us a glimpse of what heir really means can only come from a last minute dunk in 2009 by a KING!
    Where a Logo of an actual player “Jerry West” becomes immortal, where fundamentals became a skills challenge contest “John Stockton”, Legends of yesterday “Kareem” becoming Coaches of today. Where 5’7 “Spud,Nate” give hope to smaller dreams.” But what I really remember about all-star weekends…. is no matter if you’re a Professional Athlete, Actor, Singer, or Celebrity…. NBA ALLSTAR WEEKENDS has changed my life.

    Med ( WEST )

  • paul castillo

    Dwight superman dunk because he showed true creativity. It take real work to use someone elses dunk and modify it. but he used creativity to show those hops of it.

  • Dillon Liang

    West medium.
    5. 2002 All-Star Game when T-Mac threw the ball on the backboard and dunked it. That was classic.
    4. 1988 Slam Dunk contest when MJ did his infamous dunk from the free throw line. You can’t deny that that was one of the greatest dunks in dunk contest history.
    3. 2009 All-Star Game where Shaq and Kobe were co-MVPs. The best duo in the history of the game despites their feuds in the past come together and put on a show on probably the last time they ever play together.
    2. 2008 Slam Dunk contest when Dwight the Superman put on one hell of a show. Dwight’s Superman cape dunk was amazing and it was amazing to see how a 7-footer can dunk like that. Unfortunately, he was dethroned by Kyrptonite aka KyrptoNATE Nate Robinson in the 2009 dunk contest.
    1. 2000 Slam Dunk contest where Vince Carter did his between the legs dunk and then put his finger up in the air. That was the best dunk in slam dunk history in my opinion. It just literally dropped my jaw when half man half amazing did the dunk and he’s arguably the top 3 dunkers in NBA history.

  • amrit

    In the city of Houston…. The first all star game i saw and the best all star game i saw so far. what an incredible show was put on. The thrilling overtime game. Marv Albert, Steve Kerr, and doug collins the commentators. It dosen’t get better. Dazzling moves, high flying dunks, and a breath taking game from start to end. i remember jumping up when t-mac windmill on a fastbreak. Hollding on to my breath when t-mac had the ball and couple seconds left on the clock West down by two t-mac try to close the deal by going for the win, but unfortunatley east won.

  • amrit

    i would like the west warm up… and size large

  • http://ward94bball.hyves.nl Ward

    1986 dunk contest, damn that was some good stuff!
    East/West (I don’t care) XL

  • http://myspace.com/stepboys jivan ivan

    YO! Michael Jordan was the reason why I started watching All-Star weekends! Not only was he nasty at the Dunk Competitions, he was hella humorous! He made sure everyone was having a good time at All-Star weekend. One thing i remember was Jordan ripping Penny’s warm-ups off during the starting line ups. Everyone had smiles on their faces. Now give me my jacket!!!!!!! haha


    Thank you!

  • MJdunkman

    Ok here goes:
    5-GilZero jumping off the trampoline and doing a between the legs dunk
    4- This years HORSE trophy. Oh man that made me laugh.
    3- Tony Dumas in the ’95 dunk Contest
    2- Shaq missing a three pointer and then Olajuwan nailing one at the other end.
    1-The ’00 dunk contest- Vince, TMac and Stevie Franchise(and Larry Hughes!!) but especially VC

    East L

  • Feng

    LeBron open lane off the board dunk on Sunday. L West

  • LJ

    The moment I’ll never forget…The 1993 NBA All Star Game. It was hosted by Utah, and fittingly, the MVP (or rather, MVPS) were John Stockton and Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz, only the second time in NBA history that teammates were able to share the glory.
    I have to be honest, I HATED the Jazz. I could care less about them really. But what I saw that day made me love them, and even change my mind about who I wanted to win. At first, I was rooting for the East all the time. But after seeing the West, I was captivated. I didn’t care about the East anymore. Jordan? Forgot about him.
    I don’t remember the stats they got, or which team seemed to be winning, but I do remember that Stockton, like always, passed. That’s it, that’s all. He passed to whoever was open, and barely took a shot. Not surprisingly, Malone received it most. Malone did the scoring and Stockton did the passing. It was “Stockton-to-Malone at it’s finest, and if not, a pretty close second (in my opinion at least). And to top it all off, they did not forget the most important rule to remember: There’s no “I” in team.
    That’s all I basically remember, not the game being played, with both teams battling it out, but who played the best they could. It turned out to be my newfound heroes. It is definitely one of my greatest basketball memories, let alone All-Star memories.

  • LJ

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Oh by the way, if I win I would like a ‘M’ West Jacket.
    Thanks guys.

  • Anthony

    West, XXL.

    fav moments?
    1. DR J dunking from the foul line. That goes for air mike too..
    2. Jason Williams awkward pass behind the back in his rookie all star.
    3. Magic’s return in the all star.
    4. josh smith wearing nique’s jersey. and then he did the windmill.
    5. Dwight howard in superman costume.
    6. nate robinson jumped over Dwight H.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Tzvi Twersky

    There were a lot of great entries, but we could only choose seven winners. Congrats to our winners: Myung, Jay Colle, Mr. Thell, Pic, Ken, Pardeep, and Jason. For those who didn’t win this time, keep your eyes locked on the site; we got fresh prizes to be won.