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Win tickets to Game 2!

adidas has two tickets for a SLAMonline reader. Enter now!

by Ben Osborne

Our good friends at adidas—who have had a pretty nice postseason with Derrick Rose’s coming-out party and Dwight’s establishment as the game’s top big man (both celebrated in the FreeDarko video Lang linked to a couple weeks ago)—have come to us with an amazing offer: two tickets to Game 2 of the Finals in L.A.

This contest is open to anyone who wants to enter via our comment section. Here’s what you have to do: write a 100-word (MAX!; longer than that is instant elimination. Shorter than that is welcome.) piece about how you have used Brotherhood to support your favorite team. It’s open-ended, so be creative. Also, while I expect a bunch of Laker and Magic fans to enter for obvious reasons, this is the FINALS. Any hoop fan who can be in L.A. Sunday night should want to attend, and the team you want to write about supporting can be any of the League’s 30 franchises.

The sort of small print: the game starts at 5 PM PST at Staples Center. There is no assistance with travel to or from the game so you need to be able to get there. This contest will run til mid-afternoon Friday and then a winner will be selected and contacted by SLAM with further details. PLEASE make sure the email you sign in to comment with is a working one and that you have regular access to it (I’m consistently amazed at how many people take the time to enter our contests with an email address that either doesn’t work or they don’t read…you can’t win if we can’t contact you!).

Have fun with your entries (only one per person, please) below, come back late Friday to see who won, and be sure to follow The Brotherhood at adidasbasketball.com.

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  • bryce paul


  • minikidd

    1st.. I want ‘em:D plzz

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Since I only know one Cali located Laker fan, I’d enter just to try and save Bodie a few bucks from scalping.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/42594-Hoops4life- Overtime

    Brotherhood…it equals team. Teams win and fall together. Success. Failure. We all experience both, its whether you experience it with your brothers (or sisters) or on your own which makes the difference.
    Man my favourite team? I’m lucky, I love these teams…but I’m gunna go with the Magic this time…just because they beat up on the annoying Celtics/Cavaliers
    I’ve used Brotherhood not only by buying products, but by listening to the message…The Magic won because they are a team, all working together for the same goal, and I love them for it.

  • http://www.lkz.ch Darksaber


  • Miguel Garcia (Mexico)

    I´ve been a Magic fan ever since i was 14 years old. I got to live the easy joy of getting to the 95 finals but then had to live through the “dinasty that never was” and several blown drafts. The main reason i was able to go through all this was my brotherhood: first my wife, the biggest female Magic fan i´ve met and the one who has been with me all the way and my brothers from the Orlando Magic Zone Forum; we have shared the hard times and now we get to live the finals together…

  • Michael

    My bro and I like the Magic

  • http://lacuevacrosscountry.com Slick Nick Da Ruler

    Brotherhood is taking Grant Hill to the NBA Finals with your winning ticket.

  • Sean B

    Growing up a SoCal kid, the Lakers mean everything. We don’t just watch them – the Lakers affect our collective moods for the following day. To help channel good karma, me and my friends watch every game in the same swingman jerseys, same “Sasha” headbands, on the same TV, with our same “Lakers 2001 Champs” cups. We are poor college kids, but we still help each other scrap together some money to catch a few games in the nose-bleeds. We even put our girls on hold to watch the games at all cost, together. That’s my Lakers Brotherhood.

  • http://sportzin.com Joey E.

    My Lakers Brotherhood is something that I’ll cherish forever. Born and raised in L.A, I’ve seen a lot of greatness out of my team. I’m not exactly the most fortunate guy in the world. I mean sure I have tons of Lakers gear in my closet and car, but that’s only half of it. This sounds pretty funny, but I have never been to a Lakers game. But this is what I love about the Brotherhood. They know that I’m always going to be there for them. I don’t have to be at every single game to show my support.

  • thesubwayconnection

    Not only have I been coaching for a few years, but I’ve specialized in the middle school range. What’s so special about that? Well, for most teenagers at that age, they’re overly self-conscious. Which doesn’t necessarily help them focus on the “Team” aspect all the time. I’ve always treated my teams like family, and some of my players have stuck with the program for more than a few years. I still regularly talk to and play ball with some of the kids who are now in their 20s. How have I accomplished this? I’ve always preached family first, and when you’re on that floor, those people out there with you are family. They want the same things as you – so you need to trust them and treat them like Brothers. Brotherhood is more than a concept, it’s a success story for all involved.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    Detroit fan through and through, I bleed red white and blue. In 89′, 90′, and 04′ Detroit showed the world what it really means to be a TEAM. All for one and one for all this team at it’s best was a true brotherhood. Showing the league that thier 5 was better then everyone elses 1 or 2. Now, well, they’re proving it again, just in a different way. Parts of the 5 are now trying to be the 1 and it’s all falling apart. The realization that 5 beats 1 needs to come back fast.

  • Owen

    I told my brother – my actual brother – that we’d be okay after game 7 of the 2000 WCF, when Shaq dunked his way into a commercial and left our beloved Blazers bloodied and bowed.

    I told him we’d be alright when the team got swept the next year – LA, again – and subsequently became the most shameful franchise in sports.

    Brotherhood got us through those tough times. We’re out of the woods now, ready to challenge the bullies of the world. This means you, LA.

    Let me into STAPLES. Let me root for Superman.

    For my brother.

  • Statik

    We’re the “other tenants” of Staples, but we roll out in bright red like a girl’s toe when it’s our turn. We endure being outnumbered by the purple and gold all over LA, the stepchild rules, even Laker fans in our house ‘cause the price is cheaper; but we stand up for our own. We cheered thru the second round in 06 because we went farther than the Lake Show; welcomed home B.Diddy, and chanted “Fire Dunleavy” while getting blown out by Portland. Thru the highs and even more lows, our brotherhood still shows strong as possible for the Clips.

  • Ken

    Though I played in high school, it wasn’t until I moved to Japan and coached a high school team that I truly felt hoops brotherhood. I taught at a small school in the middle of nowhere, and we only had seven players on the team. I scrimmaged with my players; we could only run four on fours. We lost every game. NBA games weren’t televised, so I lent them VHS tapes and copies of SLAM. When I left Japan, my little brothers gave me a team jersey as a memento. I remember our brotherhood every time I wear it.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Good stuff so far, but let’s remember that 100-word limit.

  • MikeF

    My dad, my brother and I used to watch hoops religiously. That was during the early 90′s when KJ ran point for the Suns. Well, years passed and my interest faded, but my dad and brother never relented. Sadly, in 2004, my brother passed away from a drug overdose. Lost, hurt and stunned, my father and I got together often in the following months, but being men we just used basketball as an excuse to do that. I lost one brother to stupidity. But in the end I gained another brother, my wingman during Suns games to this day. My dad.

  • SG

    Regardless of our differences in race, creed, nationality, talent-level, past successes and failures, we form a bond and have a goal bigger than any one individual. That is the Brotherhood of the Lakers. We give tough love and fight with each other but it only makes us stronger against the competition. We learn from and look up to our older more accomplished brothers so that we may all accomplish something together, as a family. They say Kobe can’t win without Shaq? But I ask, could Kobe win without D-Fish??? The KB24/D-Fish relationship is a perfect example of our brotherhood.

  • Sparker

    brother can u spare some tickets?

  • MikeF

    Dang how many times did I count that before posting? And now that I did – it’s coming up 101?!

    I’m going to repost (minus one word) — SLAM, have a heart!

  • MikeF

    My dad, my brother and I used to watch hoops religiously. That was during the early 90’s when KJ ran point for the Suns. Well, years passed and my interest faded, but my dad and brother never relented. Sadly, in 2004, my brother passed away from a drug overdose. Lost, hurt and stunned, my father and I got together often in the following months, but being men we used basketball as an excuse to do that. I lost one brother to stupidity. But in the end I gained another brother, my wingman during Suns games to this day. My dad.

  • Seven Duece

    As a native Floridian I don’t just remember the Glory Days of Shaq & Penny; I remember the first year. The struggle of the team to win games & community support. My grandparents became an avid fan & though we couldn’t afford to go to many home games, their tv was always tuned in to support the home team. I started playing the game, then teaching my little nephew as well. The game & the team brought all of us a little closer.

  • Arlow

    “Brotherhood” is submitting my entry in hope of winning a pair of tickets to a game in LA when I know I can’t afford to get there.

  • Kaj

    The Team that I support are the Rockets.
    Even though it’s very hard to watch anything that has something to do with basketball(almost only soccer) I try to watch every game. And even though Tracy McGrady is injured almost the half(or more) of every season, I still think he is one of the elite players of the league.
    This finals i’m supporting the Magic because I think they deserve a ring after still not getting one their whole franshise. And Superman deserves a MVP trophy.

  • Double J

    When I was small, I wore a 1988 NBA Championship tee. Not really knowing the significance of that shirt, I rep’d it with pride. As I grew older that very tee made me realize LA and I were made for each other. I grew up with Kobe and Shaq, I’ve seen their rise and fall. I have seen how brotherhood can affect the game so deeply, but now we’ve attained a brotherhood once more. We have a team that is firing on all cylinders and I am waiting with pride as we return to LA for one more round.

  • http://www.liveddb.com DDB

    My Brotherhood with the Orlando Magic began about 4 years and 11 months ago when they drafted Jameer Nelson. Being myself from Chester, I played with and against him growing up. With my confidence that Dwight would blossom into a star and first hand knowledge of Nelson’s leadership, I proclaimed then that the Magic would soon dominate the East. When he went down with injury, I enjoyed watching how this team rallied around one another and everyone picked up their level of play to reach the finals.

    It took 5 years for my prediction to come true and I’d like to watch it live!

  • Donn

    When i think of Brotherhood, i think of unity. I met a deaf person last weekend and I don’t understand sign language but this person had a Lakers hat on. I pointed to his hat and gave the number 1 sign. He smiled, shook my hand, and gave me a hug. We didn’t know each other, didn’t understand each other, but our love for the Lakers united us. Instant Brotherhood.

  • http://www.nba.com tealish

    Haha Slick Nick deserves to win the tix

  • Big L

    My Brotherhood with the Magic is: being a kid with no Dad and finding out sports on my own, picking a team from Florida when I live in San Diego because they were new and had no history so I can be a part of all of it, the pinstripes, Blue Chips, Nick Anderson’s steal and his missed free throws, 30 assists, 6 cups of coffee before games, layups in the dunk contest, #1 draft picks and bad draft picks, collecting Magic sneakers, 19 game losing streak and a 21 win season, beating the King.

  • http://computeristsolutions.com josh

    Brotherhood is loyalty. I am a Cleveland sports fan to the day I die! Been to Browns Stadium, rooted for the Tribe with 100 others in rain, and now watched our best championship chance disappear 4-2 to the Magic. I pray Lebron stays anyway. Please let me watch Game2.

  • Charita Batiste

    Brotherhood is important …sisterhood is cool to. I am a female with a love for Basketball. I am so glad to have found a group of guy friends who have accepted me for my love in their brotherhood. Throughout this whole playoff season we have met whether at a bar, bar or home to follow our rockets, then nuggets on to these finals. I would love to see Dwight Howard win a Championship with my brothers…He deserves it! And it be great cause it wasn’t the Lakers!


  • http://myspace.com/loumac Louis B.

    Brotherhood for me is family. My brother is the reason I’m a Lakers fan, and our love of Lakers basketball is the thing that bonds us closer than anything else. When its 3’oclock in the morning and I’m worried whether or not we’ll close out in the series, or whether we’re a good matchup for Orlando, or whether Kobe can put together 4 more games for us to win the championship, I call my brother and I know he’ll pick up because I know he’s thinking the same thing. That’s a bond that only a brotherhood can create.

  • boobie_gibson

    Brotherhood is sticking with your team no matter what. I am a Raptors fan since the beginning. Through the Vince Carter era where it seemed like we were one of the up and coming teams. Through tragedy, where VC decided to leave the Raptors and requested a trade. I was with them when all looked lost, AND when Bosh emerged and took the team to the playoffs two years in a row. And even with trade rumours circling around Bosh, and the team seemingly sinking before the worlds eyes, I’m still with the Brotherhood.

  • http://slamonline.com Jacob J

    I am a Pistons fan and I’ve been watching and cheering on the Pistons since the Jerry Stackhouse days (Im only 14). Throughout the tough roads that the team went through I felt like I went through it too. Whether trade rumors or any rumors for a matter of fact I still kept faith in my team. When we proved all the doubters wrong and won the title in 04 and I just celebrated with them jumping around going crazy. Then when the pistons lost in seven in 05 I was depressed and upset with them.Because thats Brotherhood.

  • AlbertBarr

    As a Kings fan, supporting the team is sometimes a painful experience…but at the beginning of the millennium we were BALLIN’. The whole town was alive. Cars honkin’, cow bells clangin’…everywhere you went you were part of a Kings Brotherhood. What me and my boys did though…we would support the Europeans on our team. Whenever any King drained a 3, we would throw up the euro 3 on our hands. That is when you use your thumb, index and middle finger instead of index, middle and ring. Divac, Turkgolu, Stojakovic. Great team. Good friends. Go Kings!

  • Kihwan

    Brotherhood is talking to complete strangers at the grocery store because they have your team’s jersey on. Brotherhood is making friends from other states, even countries, on message boards without ever meeting them face to face. Brotherhood is getting into fights with the other team’s fans, simply because they are the other team’s fan. Brotherhood is buying League Pass so you don’t miss a single game. Brotherhood is watching a game with 4 generations of family. Brotherhood is passing on the tradition of rooting for the Lakers down to my 4 kids.

  • QaSaNoVa

    Repping Chilltown, NJ I was devastated when the Nets lost back to back in ’02 and 03. Neighbors and friends from the block were relishing the start of summer, the beer, the food. We would watch every game at a different neighbor’s crib, would pool money to bet on the Nets. True brotherhood was all of us selling valuables to pay the bookies off! Kidd, Kittles, RJ, K-Mart were def a fam the way they swished and dished. My block repped them harder than any other. We still love the Nets, who forged the impregnable bond which lasts today.

  • Scott Robles

    Brotherhood… its a factor played within all aspects of our life. Basketball is defined as a game of five not one athletes intent on making a difference every time they walk on their hardwood floors. The Brotherhood has a mission: to truly reveal to aspiring athletes what truly makes the stars we want to be. A star can be only be a star only if there is someone to compete against. What cannot carry themselves to greatness (surely Kobe has realized this)!
    A brotherhood must rise above the others and want greatness at the cost of blood and sweat…that is Addidas’ brotherhood…and my epiphany!

  • Taranvir

    Brotherhood has helped me become a fan of the game i love most. It has helped me get closer to my parents and help them love the game. My parents have developed into fans as well. Brotherhood has helped me get merchandise I only saw on wishlists. Brotherhood has guided me all the way to games, where popcorn goes flying everywhere, but you still cherish every moment of it. Brotherhood has been with me as i grew up and brotherhood will be with me as i die.

  • JoNaBo

    Brotherhood is defined as a group of men united for common purposes. One time I can honestly say that I’ve experienced this was on April 11, 2006. The day the Lakers brought playoff basketball back to Staples after a one year layoff to face Phoenix. No one gave us a chance but we believed. Our brains knew we weren’t the best, but our hearts knew otherwise. I even remember cheering Kwame on like an MVP. The Lakers would go on to win and I like to think that we the fans had some part in it.
    This was brotherhood.

  • Diesel

    Can I have The Tickets? – Brotherhood.

  • Ivan

    It takes a lot to define brotherhood. Love of the game and team is understood. Passion for crashing boards and stats and scores. Laughing as Laker-Hater madness soars. Young fans clown knowing Kobe’s hotter. And there’s no such thing as a Kobe stopper. Ariza, Luke, LO, Farmar and Brown. Fish and Sasha (though he rarely knocks it down). Bynum and Gasol can control the key. This time, they’re gonna get that trophy. Win or lose, it’s our team and we’re showing pride. Low on funds but we still want to watch the team live.

  • http://www.slamonline.com wayno

    This is some good stuff! Good work everyone.

  • http://www.stbarthshome.com Tanny

    I won’t tell you how united I feel with the players. I won’t tell you Kobe is the demigod. I won’t tell you I have the same hair as Sasha (God, no). I’ll tell you, however, that though I don’t experience a Brotherhood with the players, the team helped me find a basketball Brotherhood here in SoCal. As a Swedish expatriate I floundered in the materialistic and careless society that is LA, but as a sports fan, I found people who also cared, people who had a connection. That connection is the Lakers and the Brotherhood that the Lakers create.

  • Matt

    My aau team started off with five people and we were the laughing stock of the leage. Through our brotherhood we fought through the early struggles and ended up as one of the best teams in the state. It takes brotherhood to band together when no one belives in you.

  • chen yueh

    brotherhood is to put ego aside and
    play team basketball
    every point & defense counts
    lakers do not lose when scoring over 103 OR
    when kobe takes less than 20 shots
    go L.A.!

  • Pardeep

    Brotherhoods supporting the Lakers so much you pray for em every night. Brotherhoods crying like babies when the Lakers loose. Brotherhood is trying to steal credit cards, sneak out to LA but its to hard . Brotherhoods trying to sell everything you got because you cant afford going down to LA to support em live. Brotherhoods crying now because you cant afford to watch live knowing you would win these tickets if you had over 100 words to write. Knowing deep down you aint true fan till you see em live. Please Slam make me a true certified Laker fan.

  • Quail

    i’m 16, live in kentucky, and have never been to a pro or college basketball game… that should be enough.

  • Clayton Jarnagin

    Since 2003, the Denver Nuggets have hoped, and expected a big change. They wanted to be a playoff team and become a respected team again. They drafted Carmelo Anthony, making him the face of the franchise. They got better and better each year but never got over the hump. Then, they finally got a true leader in Chauncey Billups. Lots of people say that the Nuggets are a bunch of thugs, but this Denver Nuggets team has come together to form a true team. As some people would say, the thugs formed a Brotherhood.

  • Zak

    A brotherhood is loyalty. It’s passion for your team. It’s hoping you can buy a few tickets before they sell out in 2 minutes. It’s about building your schedule around watching the Lake Show. It’s about the excitement you feel as it gets closer to June. It’s about the satisfaction you feel when your team succeeds, like you have something to do with it. My brotherhood is being a small part of the Lakers’ success.

  • James Golfo

    “Will I drive up from San Diego to go to game 2? OF COURSE!”… My cousin’s elation set the tone for our journey to Staples Center for game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Fast-forward to gameday: my cousin made the long, traffic-filled drive to pick me up at UCLA on time for the game. Equally challenged, I rushed through a midterm so we could make tip-off. The Lake Show got off to a quick start; euphoria and cheers ensued. But the Nuggets prevailed. Cheers were replaced by silence and sobs. We left Staples arm-in-arm, our playoff experience spoiled.

  • http://n/a Euhn Lee

    B-efore I moved to NY from LA, I always watched games on TV with my older brother.
    R-ooting for our team together drew us closer.
    O-thers that shared our LALove easily joined our brotherhood.
    T-ime passes, scenery changes…
    H-ere in NY things are different.
    E-veryone hates the Lakers.
    R-EALLY hates them.
    H-owever, it doesn’t bother me.
    O-ver there, thousands of miles away, I’ve got my brother, my family.
    O-ver there, thousands in purple and gold are my brothers, my family.
    D-oesn’t matter if results are bad or good. That to me spells BROTHERHOOD.

  • http://www.jameyburke.blogspot.com KobeWearsAPurpleThong

    Brotherhood..? How ’bout Brother and Sisterhood..?? My sister and I have been to just about every Boston Celtics homegame for the last 2 years, and I’ve been a supporter for about 25. My sister was always a sports fan, but I took her to her 1st real-live NBA game 2 years ago, and she was hooked. Sharing basketball has brought us closer and we have a better brother/sister relationship due to it. Too be able to support the Celts last year and spend time with my sister was just awesome-especially watching them paste the Fakers in Game 6. We are there, screaming, clapping and yelling at the refs for our brothers! So Brother and Sisterhood will continue to support our team, or should I say, our brothers. GO GREEN. (and oh yeah..GO MAGIC-BEAT LA!!!!!)

  • Lakersgonnabechamps

    To me, brotherhood is helping others out. It is being with a group of special people who give up important things to help their brothers out. It is Kobe Bryant skipping surgery on his pinky finger to help his brothers win a championship. It is Lamar Odom playing with a bad back, knowing he can aggravate it, to help his brothers out. Down here in LA it’s me putting on my Lakers jersey before every game to root my brothers on, no matter what. Please Slam; let me go to a Lakers game for the first time in my life.

  • yep

    Regardless of our differences in race, creed, nationality, talent-level, past successes and failures, we form a bond and have a goal bigger than any one individual. That is the Brotherhood of the Lakers. We give tough love and fight with each other but it only makes us stronger against the competition. We learn from and look up to our older more accomplished brothers so that we may all accomplish something together, as a family. They say Kobe can’t win without Shaq? But I ask, could Kobe win without D-Fish??? The KB24/D-Fish relationship is a perfect example of our brotherhood.

  • nope

    Since 2003, the Denver Nuggets have hoped, and expected a big change. They wanted to be a playoff team and become a respected team again. They drafted Carmelo Anthony, making him the face of the franchise. They got better and better each year but never got over the hump. Then, they finally got a true leader in Chauncey Billups. Lots of people say that the Nuggets are a bunch of thugs, but this Denver Nuggets team has come together to form a true team. As some people would say, the thugs formed a Brotherhood.

  • Ben

    I got a school team that I coach and we got the finals coming up pretty soon. We got some guys rockin’ Adidas but most of them just wear runners. It doesn’t matter who we play we always win because we play as a team. In fact we’re more than that. We’re a Brotherhood.

  • http://mynameinblue.blogspot.com Hisham

    Euhn Lee ftw. I’d win it if i could enter, of course, but unfortunately the tickets don’t include a flight from Amsterdam to LAX

  • Debbers

    The shot clock dims. Players flood the hardwood, locating their position amid the X’s and O’s, searching for The Shooter. The whistle pierces, momentarily silencing 20,000, and the band of Brothers watching eyes-peeled, elsewhere. The collective dreams of the Brotherhood consumes you. A winning play, and the Brotherhood resounds. Anything off mark, and the Brotherhood is harshed by disappointment. Belonging overwhelms you, knowing that somewhere, everywhere, awaiting the same fate, the heart and soul of the Brotherhood throbs. It’s the understanding that the rhythm of the Brotherhood beats as one, that keeps the flame of support for your team alit.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/category/blogs/fear/ Freedom Fries

    Brotherhood means not minding winning nosebleed tix :)

  • http://www.triplejunearthed.com Dacre

    I wear Adidas, If I couldn’t wear Adidas I would rather not have feet.

  • http://representkobe.com gabe yeh

    My buddy and I run a small design business in SoCal. We’re Laker fans and we recently launched a whole street art project, posters, hand printed shirts etc just to support Kobe and get LA pumped for the Finals. We’re offering the posters as free downloads on representkobe.com so fans and other members of the greater LA brotherhood can print and post their own and participate in the campaign themselves.

  • Ralph ‘chaps’ Rodriguez

    We drink we smoke we party we watch the lakers in unison. females fake it (haha nah not like that) but when its just the guys its a connection we can sense that tension in the atmosphere all that drama at work, with the girlfriend its all put aside. Them boys from LA been bridging, forging a long lasting tradition. Even the young ones recognize Magic’s hook, Jerry West getting heart broken again and again till finally breaking through! Kobe just another link in yellow and purple chain of tradition that holding us together.

  • serevei

    well brotherhoood is when…

    actually scratch that as if there gonna give it to a kid from australia

  • http://www.hbo.com/thewire/ jasondolemite

    Brotherhood is sticking with your team no matter what – high times and low. Brotherhood means sweating with your teammates during long practices in a losing season. Brotherhood is team celebration after victories. Brotherhood is Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, etc.

  • Johannes Neukamm

    Brotherhood naturally arises from family. As there are many kinds of brotherhoods not relating to one’s blood, the most natural sort of brotherhood has to be the one shared with your actual brother. So take two frantic hoops fans – one Laker, one Celtic – that bond over the most legendary rivalry in sports history to stay up till very late due to time difference, just so they can watch the games bugging each other but still enjoying it and wishing to be there in person some day. There you’ve got some serious brotherhood.

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  • http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/.a/6a00d83451c3cb69e201156fbef83c970c-pi ENDS

    I BLEED BLUE & BLACK! Since the First Day in 89 I saw the Pinstripes in Action to the day I cried after Dream made our Dreams null & Void I Knew that Loyalty is Royalty. Never have I strayed and never will I, because like a family (A Brotherhood have you) family is Loyalty. With this recent turn in our City’s history many have jumped on board and donned the Colors. I don’t shun them, I say let’s use this experience to start our own legacy for our town; a True Brotherhood that Our grandkids will Respect

  • http://www.fnl4.com Miguel Rodriguez

    Loving the game, loving others, loving people no matter were there from is the true sense of brotherhood. Teaching this concept everyday whether at work, watching your kids grow up before your eyes; all of these moments created the brotherhood of the 2 teams left standing. Everyone has been impacted in their lives to one day prove to the world how this season of brotherhood will impact the rest of their lives and ours. Good Luck in the finals everyone.

    From one brother to the next.

  • http://myspace.com/jrcfl Justin

    Brotherhood is unity through good times and bad.
    Brotherhood is Blue and White Ignite.
    Brotherhood is getting to see your team win the Eastern Conference Championship from the last row of the Arena.
    Brotherhood is having the team flag fly from your car even in torrential Central Florida rain.
    Brotherhood is wearing your team’s jersey despite ending the year 21-61.
    Brotherhood is entering a contest with your fingers crossed, hoping that you can make it 2500 miles across the country wearing your team’s colors in the other team’s Arena.
    Brotherhood is Let’s Go Magic!

  • Danny

    Brotherhood is owning every jersey on the roster
    I had a LAKERS jersey but made sure I lost her
    Brotherhood is skipping practice and nite school
    Knowing this the year ur Magic will rule
    Brotherhood is making CAVS SUCK shirts
    Kobe ready to walk off? ask Bron Superman hurts
    Its changing your life style for this team
    Like B.I.G said, This season was all a dream
    We got 5 on it Hedo,Lewis,Alston,Lee and Howard
    It takes 5 homie we dont need no selfish Coward

    Brotherhoods BEAT LA and Beliving in Magic!

  • Dave

    True brotherhood is what life is all about. Practicing the way of ubuntu, I am because we are. Last year, Doc River’s Celtics proved this, reminding the city of Boston and the NBA, that a brotherhood is most powerful. In both life and the game of basketball, we build on each other to surpass levels of individual greatness. This year, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard have led their brothers to the NBA Finals. Alone one may be superman, but only a team, a brotherhood, will triumph over kryptonite, uniting in the fight to win it all and save the world.

  • Joshua Lo

    Brotherhood is being connected with your team from birth. I was born months before the Lakers beat the Celtics for the second time in 1987. My best friend in elementary school became my enemy when he moved to Chicago. I imagined greatness when the Lakers signed Shaq and traded for Kobe. I rejoiced throughout the three-peat. Then last year, I was stuck in NY where I was surrounded by Celtics fans and their Beat LA t-shirts. Come next year, when I’m going to be teaching English in Korea, I’ll still be following my team in LA. Brotherhood never ends.

  • Tarn

    Feb.1 2008 ,start saving money for 08 finals. Gasol’s traded. My Brotherhood: REJUVINATED. First round exit pain, GONE! Catcha flight to Boston for game 1. Only Indian Sikh wearin Yellow Turban/Yellow Jersey. Missed final exam for math,fail the course. Racist looks,Death threats. But love for Lakeshow too much to get distracted from screaming, cheering, cussin at KG. A BETTER ME equals BETTER WE. LA lost. But learned true BROTHERHOOD’S about SACRAFICE, HEART,LOVE,DEDICATION, SAME GOAL. EVERYBODY’S involved water boy and fans. My BROTHERHOOD with LA togethers dominating as Shaq and Kobe. But this DUO UNBREAKABLE.

  • Mase

    Boring.Stupid. Words me and my brother hurd our entire lives describiing most dominating team in sports:SPURS. Yeah. We stuck with the team everyone hated,was “too boring to love/watch”. And the team that KEPT WINNING. We acted like Spurs, Humble,Boring and celebrated every June. When Spurs BROTHERHOOD led to Tim Raising his arms, Popavich cracking boring smiles. Wasnt hard loving the Spurs. But was sticking to your teams fun? Your team win 4 titles in 8 years?. Loving the Spurs was very fun. You shoulda tried. 4 titles in 8 years. Now thats BROTHERHOOD.

  • Steve

    The Lakers have and always will be family to me,is that brotherhood enough for you…

  • Nas

    I always have been a long time Kobe fan. It was always more about Kobe for me than the Lakers. During my pre-brotherhood days I would not find any fault in anything Kobe did on the court. For example back in the 2006 season I would always be mad at the rest of the players for not being good enough. After seeing the Brotherhood concept on addidas I realized, that I have to support the entire Lakers and not just Kobe. This has helped me to become a True Lakers Fan Now. I Would LOVE to attend game 2.

  • Scott McWilliams

    I’ve been brotherhood with the Lakers since ’87 at age 10 when I saw Magic drop the sky hook with 4 seconds. 22 years later and I’m raising my own young one to bleed purple and gold from the lone star state. Through wins, losses, trades and injuries, I’ve been there. Watching my favorite team on tv (thx league pass) from 1000 miles away. Don’t think I’ll make the trip for 2 free tix? The kicks are laced and ready to go – just like my Lakers.

  • Genenene

    S-eeing the NBA Finals live with my Laker Brotherhood!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Good stuff, everyone. Considering the short notice and that the winner needs to be able to get to Staples Sunday on their own, I think this was a great success. I’m going to shut comments down, pick and contact a winner and announce them later today. Thanks for playing!

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    We have a winner! Euhn Lee (Posted: Jun.3 at 10:00 pm) gets the tickets. Congrats to him and thanks again to all of you for entering. Big thanks as well to adidas for providing the tickets.