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Win a meal at Michael Jordan’s The Steakhouse N.Y.C.!

SLAM=your best bet for all things MJ.

by Ben Osborne

michael-jordans-the-steak-house-nyc-main-dining-roomYes, as promised, there are more MJ giveaways. Today’s treat is a $100 Michael Jordan gift coin, a unique piece valid only at his eponymous steakhouse right here in NYC (Michaeljordansnyc.com).

Just like us, MJ’s restauarant—located in historic Grand Central Terminal in midtown Manhattan—has got Hall of Fame fever. Starting Monday the 7th and running through September, they will be running an “Eat Like Mike” promtion,basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan.  The Steak House N.Y.C. will feature Jordan’s favorite cut and sides, Delmonico steak served with a baked potato and broccoli ($39). When dining à la Mike, be sure to raise the dinner’s complimentary glass of Champagne to celebrate his induction!

They will also have the Hall of Fame Burger (pictured at right), which uses his favorite ingredients. Made with fried green tomatoes, sliced onions, Jordan’s own blend of prime sirloin and chuck, and finished with his Nana’s dressing, it’s a slice right out of the legend’s life. hall-of-fame-burgerAvailable in the restaurant’s bar, it is served with fries and a choice of soda or Brooklyn Brewery beer, which pays homage to the legend’s birthplace ($23).

What’s more, Michael Jordan trivia question cards will be given to all guests dining at the restaurant and bar. At the end of September, a drawing will be held of correctly answered cards to win two tickets from American Airlines, valid to travel any U.S. flight route.

As stated earlier, SLAM’s role is to give away a $100 gift coin to use at the restaurant. While we don’t have any problem with someone flying from elsewhere to come enjoy it and/or waiting til they come to New York on vacation, we realize this is best for New York-based readers. Hey, those are the breaks. Along those lines, this is how you can win: tell us about your favorite MJ-in-New-York memory. What was it, and why?mj-on-ewing

Please keep your entries to 100 words or less, and be sure to use a valid email address when you comment so that we can contact you. We’ll let this run through Labor Day Weekend and then pick a winner—whichever entry we think is best—next Tuesday. Good luck!S0101_Bulls_v_Knicks_AH001.jpg

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  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Wow……this is great….although I can’t believe the Steakhouse is still open.

  • http://www.shawn-kemps-offspring.blogspot.com Eboy

    Best NYC memory? So many, but for me it had to be Michael in the ’92 playoffs in the Garden, during the infamous clip of him going up the basket, getting dragged down by Oak or the X-Man (maybe both), putting in the potential dunk to fingeroll and then screaming at a sprawled out Pat Ewing on the landing, like a warrior slaying the dragon that burned down his town. His competitive fire burning it’s brightest amongst perhaps his most deadly foes, willing his team in the most heated of moments.

  • http://www.twitter.com/Th3_R3al_Chris Young Chris MP3

    Eboy, send me the gift certificate if u win? I’m in NYC twice a month so I could use it.

  • rob stewart

    My favorite MJ in NY moment was when he passed the ball to Bill Wennington for the game winner against the Knicks. I think it was the same night he got his famous “Double Nickel”. That moment represented how complete of a player MJ had become.

  • http://dsfjkf.com Jukai

    I want to type something original. 33, 47, 50. There are so many great moments for his Airness at MSG.
    But those games are meaningless to me. I barely remember them.
    But I will never forget March 28th, 1995.
    It was art, man. It stopped being basketball by twenty points. The threes off stutter steps, the fades without hesitation, the spin moves that left Starks fuming. He was so hot, when he took that last turnaround, everyone knew it was going in. I knew it was.
    Dude passed it to Wennington at the last second for the dunk.
    The finishing touch on a masterpiece.

  • NAS

    John Starks dunking on Ho Grant & MJ in the playoffs (does john starks have a steakhouse?)

  • supremearthur

    coming from new york and watching these playoffs vs the bulls, it would have to be either his dunk on patrick ewing when he got doubled, did a spin move and then elevated like crazy. the other one would be his” double nickel game” scoring 55, just 4 games after he came back after his 1st retirement.

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    One year before I was born 1985… I have a VHS of this game. MJ dropped 33 I believe, rookie season. I watched it when I was 10, just getting into basketball. Uncle gave me the tape. Bulls up by a few points, MJ has the ball at half, dribbles inside the three, stutter steps, pull up jumper. Wets it. It’s that one play that meant nothing to anybody, but helped me fall in love with the game, and to this day I still use that same move. 10 years old, trying to be MJ.

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    Jukai someone beat ya lol!!

  • Chris Ujma

    To say something new, one of my favourites was his game against the Knicks….for the Wizards. Opening night, first NBA game broadcast live on the BBC. With the heartache and pain of 9/11 resonating around the world it seemed to give hope, give people positive focus.

    Great performance? No. But it evoked passion, the spirit he embodied, put a needed curiosity back into insignificant ‘sport’….
    Selfishly for me, seeing 23 in Wizard blue ruined his legacy, but timing is everything, and post Twin Towers only HE could turn the spotlight away…. even if only for 48 minutes.

  • http://yahoo.com Logues

    I dont know what year it was, but it was in the early 90s in the playoffs, and the bulls were losing to the knicks, and then mj just took over. its the one on all the old mj vids where he scores, then steals the inbound pass, then xavier mcdaniels steals the ball from him, but then mj hustles back and strips it from mcdaniels on the layup. not that exciting but it just proves how he played on both ends of floor and how much he wanted to win.

  • DD

    I’ve got to go with Michael Jordan scoring 33 points at Madison Square Garden against the Knicks for the firts time in his rookie season. That was a sign that New York was to be screwed at the hands of the greatest player to ever play the game. The Knicks just can’t stop great players; hint (MJ, KB24 and LBJ).

  • http://dsfjkf.com Jukai

    James: once again, gotta stay true. I could lie and say a more obscure MSG game, but honestly, the double nickel will always stick out in my mind the most.

  • kaboom

    Jordan’s first game at Madison Square Garden was the 1998 game, which exemplified the true greatness of MJ. It was Jordan’s last game as a Bull and he came out rocking the 1’s. Dropping 44 on Houston, Starks, and whoever else tried to defend him. Despite the impressive line he posted, those throwback shoes signified to the world what possibly would be his last game there. Combining the revolutionary shoes and greatness made for an unforgettable night. He gave the NY fans a show and once again, showed his dominance that the Bulls had over those Knicks.

  • Jason H

    My favorite MJ-in-NY moment was when he was playing his last game in his Chi-Town jersey right on the floors of Madison Square Garden. When he decided to pull out those good ol’ sneakers of his from ’85 (Size 12.5 Jordan I’s) to pay tribute to the arena and his legacy…I was shocked. “My goodness, he got his first NBA injury in those!! He wants to risk this trip with a ‘Last Injury’?! This man has balls!!” Then he went to dominate the game with a memorable no-look-and-1 scoop, postin’ 42/8/6, 3 robberies, and 1 swat. That’s MJ for ya’.

  • VA iLL biLL

    Favorite MJ moment in NY? I could use ’98 when he does his patented 180-in-the-air-twist-slap-on-the-hand maneuver not once–but twice. I could use the ’92 playoffs when he dunks on patrick ewing and yells (gatorade commercial). Or I could use the double nickel game. Those are all played out. Instead, I’d rather use a moment that was probably not seen by most. ’84. First game ever at MSG. He’s matched up wit BK, and the announcer exclaims, “This is the matchup we’ve been waiting for! Michael Jordan against Berna…” The announcer doesn’t get to finish his sentence as The King shakes BK out his shoes at the top of the key, does a quick spin move, and nails a jumper in his face. Ruthless.

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    @Jukai … I hear ya. When ya got a favorite, ya got a favorite.

  • Ken

    Yeah, while it’s nice to hear different stories, and a more obscure story probably has a better shot at winning, you got to be honest. So I’m not going to even bother writing a full entry for this, but rather just cast my vote for the dunk on Ewing, when Jordan was on the baseline and looked like he was gonna dribble out to the 3 point line, but then spun back and KABOOM! I remember jumping out of my seat and just jumping up and down when I saw that.

  • kaboom

    I meant “finest” not first in the above entry.

  • Richie

    My favorite MJ NY night had to be his return to MSG after the first retirement wearing 45. He’d been off ever since returning and a big night at the Garden was inevitable. I was 15 at the time, without cable so I huddled next to the radio listening to every play as they recounted his point total. I knew it was special night with MJ going for 55, the game coming down to Wennington for the win and Spike providing a knick name. I will never forget that.

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  • Alvin H

    As a sneakerhead, I remember him rockin the I’s in his last game as a Bull at MSG. I think I might have a SLAM poster of that on my wall years ago. But since everyone’s listing memorable highlights, I’m going in another direction. I live in NY, and I remember getting my first MJ trading card as a gift, the ’88-’89 Fleer All Star card showing the free-throw line dunk in his IIIs. Also memorable was celebrating my birthday at MJ’s Steakhouse last year.

  • http://None Chris Fedail

    MJ in Game 5 of the 93 ECF. After a dominant 54 point performance in game 3, he pretty much altered his whole game in an all around dominant fashion with a triple double. 29/10/15. People will always remember this game as the game where Charles Smith gets stuffed 4 times to end the game. I remember it as the game MJ showed us he could do it all. Not only did he get the triple double, he found BJ Armstrong in the corner for a 3 with a little over a minute to go that put the Bulls ahead for good. A sign of things to come a la Paxson and Kerr.

  • Nik A.

    On March 28, 1995 my dad and I made out way to Madison Square Garden. Yes, Jordan’s double nickel (55) was incredible, but for me, the end of the 2nd quarter changed everything. As Michael made his way to the locker room, I hung my 10-year-old hand down he slaps it. He didn’t, but our eyes did meet for a split second. The look I saw in his eyes, the sheer determination and will to succeed has been a daily reminder of what it takes to achieve great things. Thanks for the incredible memory Michael!

  • KP

    His turnaround fadeaway was ridiculous. The most unstoppable move since Kareem’s hook shot. A little fake one way, then turn the other way for a jumper. Nobody could stop it and no one else in today’s game has anything like it, not Kobe, not Lebron, not DWade. If they did, Kobe’s percentages wouldn’t drop off so badly in the finals, Lebron would have made the finals, and Miami would have beaten Atlanta last year. That’s why Jordan’s was & is the best in my eyes. And that’s why it’s not 1 moment, 1 game that I remember most. It’s that smooth, fadeaway jumper he used to knock out GP, Magic, Hornacek, BRussell, Clyde and everyone else – that I remember most. Thank you Michael.

  • bc

    I’m sure this is a lot of people’s favorites but when I watch the clip of Jordan dribbling out, then spinning back on the baseline, driving past Oakley and then dunking on Ewing, it still gives me chills.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    My favorite MJ moment in NY happened on a cold day in 1963. February 17th to be exact. “Brooklyn where stars are born”. Couldn’t be more true in my eyes. That day has special meaning to me, not only because my idol was conceived… or that the new Jordans would be released every year during my playing days. It was also my own birthday.
    Thank you Michael for all the memories, the passion and the dreams…….

  • Justin

    my favorite NYC moment of Jordan when he made his 1st return back to MSG after retiring the 1st time. It was the end of the game and everyone was expecting Jordan to take the last shot. However, he fakes everyone out and passes to Bill Wennington for the game winning dunk. That moment right there showed that MJ didn’t always have to take the last shot and he was a great teammate as well.

  • J SAMU


  • Brendan

    The best moment in NYC was his first moment: the first time the G.O.A.T stepped on the court where he would make his mark for all time. It was the moment where everyone in New York first saw his brilliance live, and all saw the potential that lay ahead. That first game, where he scored 33, was just the tip of an iceberg for many more performances to come.

  • http://aol.com Ben Baran

    This one is a no-brainer for me. MJ’s best New York moment was his first game back from his first retirement. He wore the #45 because the number 23 had been retired, and chose 45 to honor his borther Larry. Jordan proved himself ounce again as the games’ best, dropping 55 points against the Knicks and putting on a show on the biggest stage in basketball, MSG. All the doubters were put in their places as Jordan proved that if anything, he got better while away.


    My favorite game against NYC when mike return he just work himself back of being mike 55pts having his way the shorts backward the shoes No-10 scotty was wearing spike lee saying how he give his knicks a double nickel and mike ran 2 center court pound his approve in the knicks gym and show the world im still mike he told the fans and haters he still love them one the greatest player (DR.J)I STILL HAVE THE TAPE VHS. MOMENTS OF A LIFETME 6x champion 2x olymics college high school

  • Asim Siddiqi

    My favorite MJ-NY moment had to be when he put the double nickel on the knicks coming out of retirement in just his fifth game back in 1995. It was just something special and epic to see this man perform after coming back after such a long break. The display and showcase that he put on was simply a masterpiece. With the spin around starks, the 3s, the shake that he did on matt bonner, the and 1 on starks, i can go on forever, and to top it off, the pass to bill wennington at the end, it was breathtaking to see this performance in just his fifth game back. It was a message to spike lee, the knicks, and the entire NBA, that the king was back and he was ready to takeover once again.

  • http://aespinal@eci.com aespinal@eci.com

    My memory has mulitple reasons of importance. but when Jordan came back against the knicks from his retirement and wore 45 jersey. I just got the jersey that same day with the fresh jordans. And luckily for me my father got tickets. we where in the nose bleed seats but i can say i was there. My father passed away last year so i have the picture of me and him and ticket and jersey framed. i have over 80 pairs of jordans so for me and my father jordan was somthing greater than a athlete. Greatness

  • Artem Lomaz

    So difficult to keep under 100 words, but here’s the attempt…

    The follow-up/verbal aggression towards X and Ewing after a foul in ’92 is burned into my brain. Unfortunately, I didn’t witness that game. If I were to recap something I actually experienced & isn’t just a part of my cranial hardwood archives, it would be the last MSG performance in ‘98. Everything that night, from the black jerseys, to the throwback shoes…magical. The best is that he never announced it as his last game at MSG, it was just somewhat understood. As I watched, I knew that I was taking part in history, and that my childhood would end when they inevitably dismantled. That game captured every essence of a proper goodbye.

  • Josh

    My favorite MJ moment in NY isn’t against the Knicks. It’s the 1998 all-star game held in NYC. MJ was sick and wasn’t sure he was going to play. Yeah right. MJ came out and led the East to a 135-114 win over the West. He had 23 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals. He was the games MVP. I was 8 when this happened, but I will never forget Jordan putting on his uniform to give back to the fans that voted him an all-star.

  • Kyle

    My favourite Michael Jordan moment was when he returned to his home state in New York and recieved a standing ovation from the fans of NY . To him that must have been 1 of many of his exciting moments in his life and as well as mine.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    A winner has been contacted…hopefully they entered with a valid email address.

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Our winner is Nik A. Congrats to Nik and thanks to all of you for playing…keep it locked to SLAMonline as you know we’ll have more contests soon.