Thursday, July 27th, 2006 at 11:08 pm  |  3 responses

Almost There…

A few notes from an exhausted brain…

by Lang Whitaker

Well, I’m back in NYC. Flew out from the West Coast last night on the red eye, got into NYC early this morning and went straight to the office, where I wrote all day long, trying to finish off this cover story for the upcoming issue of Kicks. Like Floyd Landis, I’m running on pure testosterone.
The bad news is I haven’t had time to even look at the internet, much less link to stuff. And even after I finish off this story at some point tonight, I’ve gotta go do another interview in the morning. But by tomorrow afternoon the decks should be clear and I’ll be posting away again.

The good news is I’ve got a ton of great stuff from the last few days that we’ll start trickling out next week. As always, Sam is keeping it going over here. And we did manage to get Omar’s latest review, Miami Vice, posted today, too.

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  • Thomas “Grittz” Gray

    This is my first time writing to the mag, but I have been a subscriber since the early days of your mag. My first highlight mag was Steph and KG and I have been hooked like a crack head ever since. The mag is great, but I am from Arkansas and I know, who the hell is in Arkansas. But there are some die hard basketball fans here and even in the countriest sections of the state like the one I am from we live, die and breathe basketball. I know that it’s a long shot right now, but maybe in the future can we get a Joe Johnson cover. You talkig about a state that would blow up, we would kill for that. The mag is the greatest and its our bible for those dont understand what basketball means to us, and you guys gave us that so Thanks a million or so. Out El Dogg baby.

  • Stevo

    good luck on the stuff, lang

    like we all supportin ya

  • Shawn Kemp

    Keep crankin out the good stuff Lang, cant’ wait for the new Kicks!