Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006 at 3:18 am  |  31 responses

New Raptors Jerseys

A sneak peak at Toronto’s new kits…

by Lang Whitaker

Thanks to Linkstigator Josh Braby, who sent along this link to our main man Morris Peterson‘s MySpace page featuring photos of the new Raptors uniforms. Looks like they basically just ripped the purple right out of them.

What’s really interesting is that I think this is the first time a player has leaked photos of his team’s new unis before the team actually had the introductory press conference. Nice work, MoPete.

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  • Gani

    nice jerseys. i wish the lakers would use the black jersey you guys had kobe wearing some time ago.

  • http://www.espn.com oicsms

    i didn’t know the heat moved to toronto? where’s the orignality?

  • Paps

    Should have the claw logo on the front.

  • epididymis

    the new jerseys looks ill but i mostly agree with oicsms, they look way too much like the heat jerseys

  • jj

    I just wish they’d keep the red one too. I know not many red jerseys are popular, but the raptor’s one was great!

  • Matt

    if it ain’t purple, it’s all good with me

  • Alex

    “i wish the lakers would use the black jersey you guys had kobe wearing some time ago.”
    that was an NBA Rewind Swingman jersey only… never meant to be worn on the court, at least this decade

  • Josh

    That is a sick jersey, Toronto should definetly consider changing there jersey’s to those (except keep the red alternates). And one question Lang, is NBA live europe going to be televised in

  • Tommy Jackson

    Lang – if you look on the World Wide Follower’s NBA front page, you can see this Link title… Bucks trade Magloire to Blazers for Blake, Skinner, Ha
    Shouldn’t the next line be, “That’s you in that big body Benz, Ha”

  • http://thehype.wordpress.com Hype

    Is it me or does the Away uni still have traits of purple on the rims of lines? Damn you purple! But yep, I too, thought about the Heat jersey right away.

    Agree with keeping the Red alternatives, those were hot.

    As for MoPete having MySpace…umm… I dunno, does he need more friends?

  • Waxtron

    Those are a little bland. What’s the deal with all the purple in the L anyway? I think one team at most should rock purps.

  • T-dot

    Those aren’t the actual jerseys, just fan made… however the white one’s are probably gonna be very accurate, I don’t think there will be black ones…


    damn mopete

  • Stevo

    I thought MoPete was a flint

    How come Fred and Barney never had myspace?

    and I second Gani on that notion, why didn’t they ever use those phaat black Laker Jerseys?
    would it make them more underdogs than ever?

  • O’Neezy

    I agree wit T-dot… The black ones are definately done on some program. Wasn’t he in that exact same pose for a picture in this same magazine?

  • http://yahoo.com DP

    Damn, they look like the same shit to me. But I guess they are decent.

  • puerto rican bill walton

    not enough sports teams wear turquise or feuscha.

  • sixthman6

    Those look fake, notice how bosh has a short fade and he’s now rocking a small afro in the USA practices…

  • sixthman6

    That’s not even mo’s page, and i found this http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/thumb/8/84/200px-Bosh.jpg

  • Blinguo

    I was looking at SLAM 74(DEC’03) yesterday, Kobe:Season on the Brink and the black jersey on Bosh there is from your In Your Face with CB4, just photoshopped black by some internet jokers it seems.

  • Punisher

    those are so fake thats a pic of bosh from his rookie season any real Raps fan would notice his shoes arent right his hair like come on why would they change the jersey color and not the design one bit no one has ever done that before the letting and other things will be changed as well and mopete would be in some serious stuff if he released the new look

  • Sean (San Fran)

    Yep – in retrospect – 100% agreed these pics are photoshopped for sure!!

    Another couple points, the Raptors eliminated the Road jersey that says “Toronto”
    on the front – they ALL say “Raptors” now, regardless of home or away.
    Also, the “new” road jersey photo has the NBA logo in black/silver on Bosh’s jersey amd shorts – not red/white/blue – which the NBA would never allow unless it was a league wide thing (like in ’96 when they had the Gold logo for the 50th Anniversary).

    You can also tell that the “new” Raptors Home jersey pic has been photoshopped – look at all the “smudges” around the Raptors logo on CB4′s chest.

  • Sean (San Fran)

    To follow up on what sixthman6 posted earlier in the thread:


    We’ll have to see what the final word is on all this…def. smells like a hoax to me.

  • http://slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    For whatever it’s worth, I’ve seen the new Raptors uniforms, and there is no purple in them. I’m just saying…

  • Sean (San Fran)


    Nice one – I’m glad someone saw them for real – instead of just “photochopped” pics.

  • Hardcore-Rap-Fan


  • James

    PHOTOSHOPPED. Zoom into picture with your photo program if you have doubts. NOT LEGIT.

  • John

    that jersey is fake when u zoom in the black jersey u can still see the purple in the jersey so therefore someone made had edit the photo and where are the new NBA basketballs?

  • rapsfan
  • http://msn sale viski

    wht a complete waste of time, why dont ppl jus wait for the new ones to come out holy, they make ppl thinks its real. i bet the ones we are gonna see in a few months are definatly gonna be better then those

  • joe

    happy to get rid of the purp at all costs