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Putting a cork in the Spurs…

by Lang Whitaker

CLEVELAND — It’s 3:42 a.m. as I sit down to write this. Next to me on my desk here at the hotel is a cork. The NBA has pretty strict rules about locker room behavior. We writers aren’t allowed to ask for autographs, aren’t allowed to pick up any memorabilia, etcetera. But this cork, it was one I just had to have.

This cork came from Robert Horry. He popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate after the game, after winning the seventh championship of his career. The cork fell to the ground, and I figured nobody would mind if I kept this one little memento from the 2007 NBA Finals. So I kicked it over near me, bent over and stuffed into my pocket. David Stern might be angry with me, but I don’t really care. And I don’t think he’ll care much either.

Last year in the Miami locker room after Game Six, things got out of hand, fast. I squeezed my way into that locker room about fifteen minutes after the Finals ended, and it was like walking into a Girls Gone Wild video, except there were no girls. Jason Williams doused me with Bud Light, Shaq was dancing, dudes were screaming. I think Antoine Walker stabbed someone with a trident.
But the Spurs locker room tonight was, to be generous, subdued. It was almost as if they had another series left to play. Tony Parker sat in his locker sipping a bottle of water, clutching his Finals MVP trophy like it was a Desperate Housewife. Matt Bonner was eating an apple, because, as he said, it was unlikely that anyone had ever eaten an apple to celebrate a championship, so he wanted to be the first.

And in the middle of the room, Robert Horry stood there giving interviews. I asked him if it was the calmest championship locker room he’d ever seen, and he said yes, it was. For these Spurs, winning titles has become business as usual — they’ve won 4 since 1999 and 3 in the last 5 years. Like it or not, they are a dynasty. Not a very dynamic dynasty, but a dynasty for sure.

As Horry headed off to the interview room, I asked him if he’d decided what his future held. He’s alternately declared he’d be retiring after this season and that he was going to play a few more seasons.

“One more year and then I’m retiring,” Horry said. For real? “For real.”

The Spurs may not be built to thrill, but they are built to win. Next year they’ll return this entire team, and they immediately become the favorite to repeat. If you want to against them, they’ll out-run you. If you want to get them in the halfcourt offense, they’ll out-execute you. No matter what you throw at them, they’ll catch it, throw it back at you and mortally wound you. Winning games it what they do. None of the Finals games were particularly memorable or thrilling, but the Spurs just did what they do. Sure, they might have played a depleted Suns roster and been the beneficiaries of Baron Davis’s first round heroics, but they had to win a lot of games to win the title. And they did.

Earlier yesterday I was on a local TV network (Sports Time Ohio) to talk about the Finals, and the host mostly wanted to talk about the Cavs. That was understandable, since we were on a Cleveland station. So I spoke in generalities — the Cavs could win tonight, the Spurs might not come to play. And at the end of the interview the host asked me for a straight-up prediction for Game Four. Who was going to win? Well, the Spurs, I said. The Cavs never had a chance. LeBron got LeBroomed.

As the Spurs were being presented with their trophies out on the floor, I found myself standing along the baseline of the court. Behind me, I heard someone warning people to please stop bumping into her. Then she started calling my name. I turned around and found Gloria James, LeBron’s mom, polishing off her dinner. I sat down with Glo, and she talked about how proud she was of LeBron. Nobody predicted they’d be challenging for a title this early, but there they were in the NBA Finals. They’re such a young team and they’ll continue to improve, and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of LeBron deep in the postseason for years to come.

These Finals might go down in history as boring or just plain bad, but I’ll always remember them for being a series in which the Spurs cemented their place among the elite teams in NBA history. (Also, I will never forget the blistering rant man ESPN Insider Chris Sheridan unleashed on some poor manager at the media hotel tonight when dude came over to tell us they were shutting down the hospitality suite. None of us at the table saw it coming, but it was an epic diatribe. I can’t go into too much detail as this is a family website, but it really was a thing of beauty. Someone said those of us who saw it go down need to get WITNESS SHERIDAN t-shirts printed up. That’s how classic it was. I’ll take a XXL, please.)

In a few hours I’ll board a plane and head back home to NYC. I’ve been on the road for 9 days now, and strangely, I’m going to miss these NBA Finals. I’d never spent much time in San Antonio or Cleveland, but both cities were great places to hang out and see one of the basketball team of the modern era ply their trade. It’s been fun to write these updates for SLAMonline, too. Hopefully you guys enjoyed our coverage as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Next week I’ll be back in the SLAMdome, working on the next issue of SLAM. I’ll get caught up in deadlines and editing stuff, and everyone’s attention will soon turn to the Draft.

Somewhere, Robert Horry will be placing his order for his seventh ring, the most ever by a player not on the Celtics. He’ll return next season and hobble around, probably knocking down at least one clutch shot somewhere along the way toward his shot at an eighth ring. We’ll stop thinking about Robert, stop thinking about Tim Duncan. But the Spurs will stay sharp.

And If I ever forget just how good this years Spurs team was, I’ll always have that cork to remind me.

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  • Ronald

    First and thanx for the coverage. It’s been a great ride. And someone for the love of god get rid of Chukaz.

  • James


  • Aaron

    Talking about Horry and his rings reminds me of an idea I had for a cover. The Tagline is “SLAM doesn’t care about winning” And on the cover is Robert Horry and Steve Kerr with about a dozen rings between them. The alternate cover is a starting five of greats who didn’t get a ring (an impossible task to coordinate). I wanted it to be a fold out cover with four guys on the cover and an empty spot. On the fold out would be LeBron walking away, looking all pissed off for being included in this starting five of “losers” and giving the camera the finger. Of course having actually just lost the finals I doubt LeBron would see the humour in it. Anyway, the starting five of “losers”. C Patrick Ewing (I really need a SLAM with P-Ew on the cover. People question how he’ll be remembered compared to other centres but damn it if he was in his prime now he’d be MVP, maybe. And he only eats beef. PF Charles Barkley. SF Dominqiue Wilkins. SG Reggie Miller. PG John Stockton.

  • LJ

    The Dull Dynasty

  • Ian

    loving the anchorman ness in miami reference – good work there

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    Chukaz speaks like he’s a pre-teen or somethin’.

  • http://www.wheeltoheal.com patrick

    Lang, trade you a 1999 Britney Spears “Baby One More Time” doll ” (in original packaging) for the cork.

    peep the goods here

  • Jonathan

    Lang, that note about employee no. 8 stabbing somebody with a trident has to be one of the funniest things i have read in relation to the finals….can go wrong with an anchorman reference!

  • Jonathan

    sorry meant to say, cant go wrong with an anchorman reference!

  • http://www.nba.com Both Teams Played Hard

    spurs will repeat. GUARANSHEED

  • FLUD

    Great stuff you big Langer!! (Langer being a mild insult in Co. Cork, over here in ireland. It’s also the surname of Bernhard and frequently used to describe a male ‘member’ in rural parts of this country)….hope I haven’t offended ya too much. Respect San Antonio man.

  • whooo!

    truth be told, the spurs could come back with a better roster. they have a late 1st rounder and an early 2nd rounder which can still get them a quality role player like reshawn terry, they still have the rights to luis scola (but who knows what happens to em), and tony parker is getting better every year. oh, and tim duncan without a doubt STILL in his prime after the playoff run he had (i think his ‘prime’ began his rookie year), as his game doesn’t rely on athleticism which has faded pretty fast. but the west is a monster, and assuming other teams are gonna make moves, the spurs will need to make small upgrades.

  • Cheryl

    You gotta respect the Spurs if you love basketball. Class act. I’m very happy for them, for Tony, for Rob, and for the city of Cleveland. You guys nailed the coverage and I’ve enjoyed the next best thing to being there. In a few weeks, I’ll be going thru withdawals, but right now, I am basketball-ed out. Looking forward to the draft coverage and any scoops on trades this summer.

  • http://www.lkz.ch/basket Darksaber

    Yes, i respect them. The Spurs were the best team, and if Deetroit Basketbaaall didn’t hire Flip, they’d have steamrolled the cavs, and a nice tight Finals would have been the result. Congrats to my dog, the Findog. MIKE got 1 before Stevey and Herr MVP. Lovely. During the Dallas years, i used to by my kickz according to what Mike and Eddie Jones wore (Brand Jordan represent). I am sooo happy for Mike. And my god, can Robert Horry NOT win in this league, maybe Team Usa should call him up or something. Well, Slamonline Staffers, thanks for your coverage, even though it was obvious you didn’t have much to write about. On to summer balling.
    Oh, is Chukaz still here? Jesus, probably still lobbying for a column i’m guessing.

  • illydiva

    Excellent, Lang! As I watched Robert Horry put up 7 fingers representing the number of rings he’s amassed, I could’t help remembering him saying to Reggie Miller earlier this season “I’d give them all up to be THE MAN… when I retire, nobody will remember me because I was never THE MAN”. Do you think he meant (still means) that?

  • http://www.myspace.com/aydreeyun Esco

    Horry is one lucky dude. Always on the right team at the right times…Dude has more rings than MJ…Re-di-cu-lous!

  • http://www.myspace.com/aydreeyun Esco

    And he should’nt worry about not being remembered. So many championship hopes got crushed because of him and his last second shots. Damn you Robert!

  • Sparker

    i’m happy for them, i guess, and wish i were more of a fan; but i’ve been a hoops nerd my whole life, and i just can’t get over that watching the spurs win kills something in me, every time. and i have to say: it’s weird. there are other teams i dislike a lot more (like dallas), but there are also plenty of teams who i don’t mind seeing win, even though i’m not a fan of theirs (the lakers, the pistons, the cavs). but during the spurs march to the finals… my desire to even watch was weakened every time they won. why? why? why? esp when even as recently as their last championship run, i could watch them and be pleased for themit? is it because they play such good defense that they make the other teams look bad? is it because none of us really feels satisfied when we see someone get something they don’t really seem to need? i don’t know. my old backcourt partner says it’s simply because manu doesn’t dunk anymore, so they’re just a lot less fun to watch than they used to be. and i think he’s definitely getting warmer. they’re efficient, they’re effective, they steamroll their way to success by doing exactly what’s required to win… but they have no flamboyance, no style, no panache. and this intangible may not be why i watch basketball, but it’s definitely in the mix when i most enjoy watching it. in any case… thanks for the coverage, lang. in my opinion, you took a bullet for the team on this one; and, as usual, you did it with style, panache and all the other good stuff the spurs seem to miss

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Well said, both Lang and Sparker.

  • Alan Rikman

    “If you want to against them”? Is that english or a Jim Jones lyric?

  • andacagar

    2 Argetine players in the starting lineup of a finals. Boca beat gremio in the first of a home/away series in the Copa Libertadores finals, good showing by the Argentine tennis players lately, things are good. Big up to Manu (most slept on player)and DALE DALE DALE BOCA, BOOOOOOCAAAAAAA!!!!! OH and La Copa America starts in less than 2 weeks.

  • Joel O’s

    Chukaz IS sixteen. Or so he claims. Haha.

  • Joel O’s

    TP’s got style. Did you guys see that insane layup he hit, driving left of his defender, going off on his right foot, ending up on the right side of the basket and flipping it in? And I’m sure the Spurs will somehow land themselves some previously slept-on talent (like they did with Whoo) or another veteran hungry for a title (Grant Hill maybe?)…

  • illydiva

    @Sparker, I feel you on that. Maybe if Manu still dunked, his flopping wouldn’t disgust me so. On another note, doesn’t Tony P have even a little bit of that flamboyance you feel is missing? I mean how he finishes off balance, over the defense, blowing right past everybody, etc.? If he did Sam Cassell’s “big balls” dance, Toine’s shimmy, or Shaq’s hulk walk afterwards would that make what he does stand out more? (Un)fortunately, he just gets right back to work like the pros the Spurs are.

  • whooo!

    for all the dirty talk of bowen, i think he deserves props when he locks down opponents without using his sneaky tricks. with the way him and duncan played defense, i think it’s a damn shame neither one has won a dpoy award in their career, and yet marcus camby wins it this year. they held lebron to 32 for 90 this series!

  • Joel O’s

    Good point, whooo!, especially considering Tayshaun and the other Pistons bruisers could not contain him.

  • The Million Dollar Man Ted Debiase

    Hey Antoine, you better go lay low for a while

  • tike

    Nice Lang, and this is def the worse finals on years.

  • ForzaMilan

    i wonder which deserving veteran the spurs are gonna pick up next year to give a run at the chip. stackhouse? cassell? karl malone? i was thinking d. fisher would be an awesome fit for them.

  • sixthman6

    i think they would have celebrated a lot more if they were at home..winning on their court doesn’t really allow you to run around the court like a crazy man, or jump on top of things and lead the crowd in celebration, or mess up the locker room, even if it is all taped up…plus, who didn’t know they would win it, i bet they were secretly celebrating since the Cavs beat Detroit so they didnt have mch left last night..

  • whooo!

    and for ppl saying it was the worst finals, EVER and ragging on post-game celebrations of all things… anyone remember that classic shaq interview, center-stage in jersey? it went something around the lines of… “shaq, what were you thinking when that buzzer sounded and you had just won your 3rd straight championship?” shaq responds in the most monotone voice, “Nothing.”

  • Ronald

    It is true that this finals was lackluster, but honestly, you cant blame the Spurs. Stupid Leastern Conference

  • http://breadcity.wordpress.com Jake

    You really got me curious about that Sheridan rant. Can you at least give us a taste?

  • whooo!

    and what’s with bron shaking bowen’s hand then leaving the court w/out congratulating? amare walked off the same way this year. what’s with kids these days?

  • Aaron

    Class act? Please…

  • white hot eboy

    Does anyone still find it mildy annoying that Lebron looks like a gigantic 5 yr old sitting on the bench biting his nails every time there’s a stoppage? I know someone will say it’s nervous habit or something along those lines but I can’t think of another NBA player who does this type of thing EVERY game.

  • illydiva

    @white hot…I’m a recovering nail biter myself; and honestly at his rate, I can’t imagine what’s left. Certainly, he has no nails.

  • Big L

    Good job Lang. I was wondering why the Cavs didn’t put more pressure on Parker to play D or try to get him in foul trouble. Or on one of his drives knock him on his ass. Cavs seemed soft throughout the series. The Cavs will be back but will need some major offensive improvement.

  • sixthman6

    and i think this was boring because the Cavs werent anywhere near the Spurs’ level, but i actually enjoyed watching the spurs dominate because they play great basketball. I enjoyed Manu getting up high to nail a layup of a bad angle or hit a timely 3, Oberto always knowing when to go for it and when to pass it back, TD ALWAYS remaining calm, the lack of hesitation in their play….their offense flows perfectly, they never hold it too long, when a player gets the ball they make their move or pass it, if they don’t have a shot or a pass a teammate always cuts or moves right on cue to get open….and thats just their offense..

  • because

    The reason this team was so subdued is because they weren’t disrespected like the Heat team was last season. That Heat team was called every name in the book by the Hollingers and Simmons of the world. They were told they had no chance of getting to the finals let alone winning. This Spurs team was always told they could win and the guys in Miami were telling everyone in the world a big BITE ME we won despite you.

  • niQ

    sell that cork on ebay.hahaah

  • JustMe

    Re “style”: there was a play where Ginobili split two defenders-hell, it looked like like the Red Sea parted–that was crazy! But yes, it’s getting harder to love the Spurs’ pretty bball: they make the shots they are supposed to make, down low or from the three. Little suspense; Little personality…. Though there was a nice moment a few games ago as TD with a quiet little grin palmed Mr. Eva’s head as it dawned on Tony that TD missed a dunk (!) off a dish which sent TP sprawling in the stands. Very small glimpses of personality.

  • guy

    finals where borin , but the spurs simply dominated , im a mad suns fan and if spurs play as well as they did next year it will be hard for steve nash 2 get his ring

  • k.o.

    very nostalgic

  • http://slamonline.com Sam Rubenstein

    The Chris Sheridan explosion was the highlight of the NBA season. If any of you were there for it, the last thing you’d be talking about is basketball. I need the weekend to reflect, but the story really needs to be told.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Ryan Jones

    Somewhere in a box I still haven’t unpacked since our move, I have four or five corks from the victorious lockerooms of the Lakers threepeat teams. I never really thought about putting them on eBay, but I should, because I’m pretty sure Kobe would bid on them, and that would be cool.
    Also, there’s no way the Cavs lose Game 5. Bet.

  • Mavs-Cavs Fan

    have yall shipped out slam 110 yet?

  • nacho

    The chip will forever have a cloud over it for what robert horry did and the bad rule that ensued. They beat a suns team that had finally gained ground and had to play a pivotal game 5 undermaned. The suns will come back with a vengence in 08 to claim what should’ve been there chip.

  • Dennard

    The Spurs own the Suns. They will get the elusive repeat next season. People can hate on them all they want, but you haters are wasting your time.

  • Mongoose

    Lang- Any comment on the Riley-Van Gundy relationship

  • Jesse

    Inner torment…

    Love basketball >

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    Hey nacho, a word or three of advice: GET OVER IT ALREADY. It’s not like the rule was a secret or anything. If you’re gonna blame anyone, blame the Phoenix coaching staff for not prepping the team better, or blame Stoudemire and Diaw for leaving the bench. But no, God forbid a team take responsibility for its own actions.

  • Shiz

    Kudos for Cleveland for even making it this far. It wasn’t too long ago, people were predicting a 1st round flame-out. Lets not forget (albeit pretty hard considering the trouncing they took) the Cavs are SO young. If they can keep this nucleus and find a guy that can coach his way outta a wet paperbag, the Cavs’ll be golden. Certainly the brightest “future” of any JV eastern conference team.
    Oh yeah, congrats on number 7 Bobby!! Congrats on numero uno Mikey! You deserve it!!

  • Chukaz

    Amare was not suspended for the last game of the series, so if the Suns were better they would’ve over come that loss.

  • Chukaz

    The Cavs ain’t that young. Eric Snow, Zzz, Marshall, DJ, and like 3 tother players that nobody knows about are really old. The only young players in the team are Bron, Boobie, Brown, Varejao. Hughes is kinda young but he is like Kobe’s age (maybe a lil’ younger)

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    LeBron needs help so bad I’m surprised he didn’t shoot a flare or build an SOS sign out of old basketballs.

  • k.o.


  • Vinnie

    Only team I thought could beat the Spurs were the Mavs, so I guess Baron Davis deserves some credit too.

  • http://www.insidehoops.com Jeff_InsideHoops


  • ss

    was the series that physical? why didn’t someone give some hard fouls to tony?

  • LANCo

    nice work spurs … and slam
    wierd thing to get … a cork …
    nyway man i hope u no that the spurs r gonna b more challenged nxt yr and u no wot… theyll probably thump the teeams agaen and agen.
    go tp, bb, td and mg.
    Congrats Horry on ur 7th .. hope u can get an eigth
    congrats to parker, 1. FINALS MVP – 2. FINALS MVP and 3. Marrying Eva
    congrats to timmy and manu for killing out there behind tony.
    To the cavs … keep tryin … vajaroe .. lbj… zzzzzz … drew drew .. gibson (sweet playoffs big man … snow snow (good coaching) … lhugh (bad luck wid da injury) .. pavlo … donyellllllllllll … and crew
    sweet stuff spurs … Pop is sickkkk?
    wot the f**k is wid Bonner eating an apple?
    Ah well, originality … i like it
    im out like lebron …?

  • Dennard

    Chris Sheridan seems like a pretty mild-mannered dude, I can only imagine how funny his rant was.

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    There’s a lot of rage inside The Machine.

  • http://slamonline.com CashAddict23

    ok, so ummmmm…..

    i think in yalls next issue, yall need to do an article on the best pfs to ever play the game…..since every f***in Bodies got an opinion….and since every body has to mention that on every sports show nowadays…. i personally think that sir charles and KG are both better than duncan.

    so u tell us what yall think…. bc i just dont want to believe that tim duncan is better than both of them

    that is bc he is not…. statitistically

  • Chukaz

    Eric Snow made a couple of jump shots. I’m a witness. I’m serious Eric’s J was lookin’ good!

  • whooo!

    hey russ, if you guys are for real about selling those corks, can’t you give em away to us slam readers in some kinda contest or something?! c’mon, make it happen!

  • dAnieL Lee

    I can’t believe people don’t like watching the Spurs play, watching TP, Manu and Timmy is just awesome. Well done Spurs, and well done Europe – League MVP and Finals MVP baby!

  • Drolfe

    SLAMMYS, please.

  • Drolfe

    The Spurs are a funny team for me: I like watching them play, but I hate to watch them win. I like their individual parts (esp Duncan, Horry, Pop), but hate the team all the way down to the drab ass uniforms.
    I think not wanting them to win stems from them always f*cking winning. Somebody said they didn’t seem that excited. Well I think you can drop the ‘seem’ from that sentence (and replace a couple of other words so it makes sense). Quite simply, they’re not that excited as a team because they’ve won so much in the past. Every single damn Spurs game the announcer reminds me of the fact that they have the best winning % over the last ten years of all the major sports in the US. There’s something in me that roots for the underdog, and the Spurs are never that.
    But like i said, as a fan of basketball I enjoy watching them play. Their team defense is faultless, and offensively, like Lang said, they just execute the sh*t out of you. I just wish they were one of those teams that dominate the regular season and not the playoffs. Like, you know, Dallas.
    One good thing to take away from this result: if history tells us anything, at least we can expect a Spurs free Finals next season.
    And seeing as though this is already a hugely oversized comment i might as well throw in my gratitude to all the Slam guys for the coverage. Thanks everyone.
    And to all a good night.

  • http://phoenixsunsrising.blogspot.com/ Hersey

    Hoo-ray. Worst season ever ends in the most appropriate way. The NBA is dull, the season is too long and teams that coast win championships. Not one moment of this championship was memorable other than the youtube clip of some dude laughing at Anderson Varejao’s crazy miss at the end of Game 3. Game 3 was the worst basketball game I’ve ever watched. Having paid for League Pass to watch my team play all year, I watched a ton of NBA basketball. The league is horrible and the Spurs are the best the league has to offer. Nibb High football rules.

  • dj

    I’m sorry lang, I’m afraid I have to directly and respectfully disagree with you about the Spurs being a dynasty. You can’t count their ’99 title because that was a different team, it didnt have parker/ginobilli/bowen/horry or anybody but duncan left. Secondly, even if you do count it, 4 in 9 doesnt just make it a dynasty. What’s a ‘dynasty’ anyways? The term refers to what happens when power is passed on from one generation to the next in succession! Does it have to be in succession? YES! When we apply the dynasty label to sports we can’t just throw out the essence of its meaning. Sure, you can call the spurs dominant, great, team of the decade, etc. Fine. I’m a spurs hater and at this point I know it and dont give a crap. But everybody falling head over heels callin them a dynasty is bullcrap. The three-peat lakers came out of the West three straight years to win each time. That’s far closer to a dynasty than anything these spurs have done. Name any dynasty from any sport in the past where another team won three straight in the midst of their supposed “run”. You could make a case that the Isaiah bad boys were more of a dynasty than these spurs, because they actually repeated and even when they didnt win it all they were just barely losing in the conference finals. Every year after the spurs won the chip they not only didnt make it back to the finals, they rarely made it out of the second round. Look it up. History will correct itself and remember these spurs as very, very good (albeit dirty, hard to root for and a killer for ratings) but NOT a dynasty. Just thought I had to make that clear.

  • newfie

    If to be a dynasty u have to pass it on from generation to generation, then doesn’t the ’99 team which “was a different team” kinda qualify as passing it from generation to generation?

  • http://kb24.com Bigi

    Bring on 2007-2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stuie

    Antother part of what makes them boaring is that they win every year even if they dont win or make it to the Finals.

  • Ronald

    So, winning is boring? You should tell that to the die-hard Warriors fans. Oh, Also to the ATLiens

  • Sarah

    thanks for the great coverage guys.

    i like it that one news outlet has taken a principled stand against the suns–refreshing.

    maybe they didn’t celebrate in cleveland, but downtown sa was wild that night. and tomorrow looks to be even better.

    for this spurs fan, those rare moments of adorable professional personalities and winning championships when all is said and done, is more than enough.

  • http://www.nba.com Both Teams Played Hard

    i REALLY hope the haters continue to hate on the spurs because i really enjoy it. its funny to me because everyone calls them boring and/or dirty. they kind of have that bernard hopkins type of persona. they execute you with no mercy. isnt that the way its supposed to be?? people say they have no style or flair, did they see tony parker at all? do they know who manu is? when the t robot retires with 8 rings, everyone will kiss his ass

  • http://www.myspace.com/clay_fisher Clay

    Spurs deserved to win…

  • sk

    slam you guys r a peice of work where the hell is my previous comment

  • bigmike407

    Can’t believe Bron couldn’t get one win on the Spurs. Ah, the power of team. Props to Finley for getting a ring. I really did think LBJ would do a little more work, but Bruce ‘Octagon Defense’ Bowen showed up, played dirty, and got the W. I’m not taking anything away from the Spurs, but dude is dirty, point blank period. I had to go and reread all the SLAM writers’ predictions again after the series. Everyone picked either PHX or Dallas. Hahahahahahahaha!!!! I told anyone who would listen that the game slows down in May and June, which favors the Spurs. Plus those other teams don’t play enough D to win a ‘chip. Congrats to the Spurs and Big Shot Bob, whose hand is as heavy as Star Jones before gastric bypass surgery. Is he the most decorated player in the league right now? Just curious.

  • http://www.friendster.com/sesa Sesa

    So when are we gonna disscused about Kobe’s trade demand again?
    Yo Mutoni! Where you at?

  • Stuie

    @ Ronald: This also goes along with why they arent a dynasty. They dont win the finals enough. Yeah they seem to normally make it either to the Finals or the western conference Finals But they only won the finals 3 out of the past 5 years.

  • Bobby

    Kobe to Cleveland
    K.G to L.A
    LeBron to Minnesota

    Play wit it

  • Bobby

    What’s a Slammy, please?

  • http://slamonline.com Russ Bengtson

    I wonder if more people would care about Tim Duncan if he came out and demanded a trade? (I’d actually like to see the Spurs add——ready?——Rasheed.)

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  • somekidfromCT

    If I was an NBA athlete Id be oh so jealous of Robert Horry, let alone if I was one victim of one of his game breakers.

  • Mars

    It’s their ridiculously good defense that makes them hard to watch. We have to remember that when watching a game, you are watching two teams, not just one. Their defense is so good it makes their opponent look bad. Just look at Lebron, look at Nash, by shutting them down you’re practicaly cutting the entertainment value by half (although there is a certain amount of glee watching a good player getting schooled). They have a lot of moments of greatness and they do show emotion but because they’re making the other team look bad, the overall attractiveness of the game is much lower.

    So to make it short, we loved the great teams of the past because they simply outshined their opponents, so it was quite attractive to watch. While the Spurs’ defense makes their opponent look ordinary, and even if the Spurs look shiny, the overall attractiveness is most definitely lower.

  • Holiday

    I read Horry said he would give up all those rings to have been remembered for more or something like that but believe me People form Detroit and Sacto aren’t gonna forget you any time soon, and I wanna thank you for denying Vlade Divac’s and Peja a ring!

  • Pablo

    Lang: amen!

  • http://www.youtube.com/mandiixoxo Amanda

    lucky ass duck