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Links: NBA 2K10 Review (sorta)

Well, the My Player mode, at least…

by Lang Whitaker

I’ve long said that basketball is the hardest sport to translate into a video game. Baseball and football are relatively easy, because after every play, all the players reset and resume their positions. Soccer is a little more problematic, but the field is so large and the action so spread out that you usually only dealing with a few players at a time. Basketball, however, is a sport that like a circus, with huge, nimble athletes crowding the court, ten players all constantly reading and reacting to one another, with equal parts predictability and unpredictability. It’s almost like quidditch. Almost.

As a result, I haven’t liked playing most basketball video games. It didn’t matter the franchise, 2K or NBA Live, neither game, for my tastes, nailed what it’s really like to play basketball.

But as I’ve learned the last few days, it turns out the “My Player” mode in the new NBA 2K10 is a fun way to play a basketball video game. The only thing is, you’re not really playing a basketball game; you’re playing a game that just happens to take place inside a basketball game.

nba-2k10-draft-combine-001I recently created Lang Whitaker, a 19-year-old, 6-1, 175 pass-first point guard who represented the best basketball-playing version of me, the me who played in high school many years (and pounds) ago. Despite making myself the lightest skin tone available in the game, I do not appear to be white. But whatever. After one year at that vaunted basketball hotbed the University of Georgia, I found myself going pro. This is how my professional career has gone thus far: I performed well in the pre-Draft camp, but went undrafted. The Sacramento Kings invited me to play on their summer league team, and after a few games I became the starting point guard (the Kings shifted Tyreke Evans to the 2 to accommodate me). I averaged 8 points and 8 assists (with 1 turnover) a game, but it wasn’t good enough to earn me an invite to training camp.

(Seriously, a guy averaged 8 and 8 with an 8-to-1 turnover-to-assist ratio and can’t get an invite to training camp with the Kings? No wonder they’re so terrible.)

Instead, I accepted an invite to go to training camp with the New York Knicks. After just two training camp scrimmages, including one session where I was lit up by Toney Douglas, the Knicks waived me. I was quickly snapped up by the Reno Bighorns in the D-League, where I’ve played ever since.

In your career mode, for each game you play, your performance is graded by your teammates; as the game goes along, you see your grade going up and down in the top left corner of the screen. Your grade increases for things like assists or rebounds, decreases when you allow your man to score or you turn the ball over. The way your grade changes is mostly logical, though it seems inconsistent. Your score gets a bump after some assists but not all of them, for instance. I’ll bring the ball up the court and pass it to an open guy on the wing. Sometimes I am rewarded for this, sometimes I am not, and I can’t figure out why I am or why I am not.

One major issue I have with the My Player mode is that your grade isn’t relative to making sound basketball decisions. For instance, when I’m the lone defender on a fast break, it would help my team if I attempted to stop the ball. But if I stop the ball and nobody picks up my man and he scores, then my own grade suffers and I am penalized. So on fast breaks, I often let the ball go and just focus on keeping my man from scoring. If I did that in a real game, my coach would be furious with me. But in this game mode I’m rewarded for it. This happens throughout the games: I can never switch after I’m picked, for fear of my man scoring; it’s safer to play conservative defense than it is to gamble on picking off a pass. Basically, smart team basketball must be sacrificed in order for your player to get a good grade from his team.

In addition to worrying about your personal grade in each game, you’re asked to complete two tasks per game, things like, “Hold your opponent under 39 percent from the floor,” “Have at least 5 assists,” “Shoot at least 70 percent from the free throw line.” Completing each task earns you skill points, which you can then spend on improving your player. Again, though, completing these tasks often requires counter-intuitive play — not going for a steal from a lumbering guy in the post because in this game I’m supposed to watch out for something specific like three-pointers from my guy on the perimeter.

In some ways, this is probably highly realistic, in that guys in the D-League not only care more about their own stats than team play, but that to some degree they need to care more about their own stats. If I was a real player, I would care more about team stats than my own stats. At least I’m pretty sure I would. In the My Player mode, you don’t have a choice but to look out for self.

Despite the fundamental flaws in the way the game mode grades you, it’s a lot of fun to play. I get the ball, come down and call for a pick-and-roll over and over, then try to hit my big man for an easy two as he dives to the basket. That’s what I do, and I’m focused on doing it well. When I was on the Kings it was a lot easier to roll up assists than it is in the D-League, because Jason Thompson could dunk on everyone. That experience has me hooked on the thought of making it back to the NBA. The D-League life is tedious — especially playing against the Austin Toros, who insist on using a zone defense against my Bighorns — but one day being good enough to play with NBA teammates is a worthy goal.

After every game that Lang Whitaker plays, the “2K Insider,” a guy who looks a little like Stephen A. Smith, gives you a report on your performance, telling you your shot selection was poor, or that you shouldn’t have allowed your man to score 8 points. A major glitch in the game, however, has happened following every game I’ve played in the D-League: The Insider tells me he has bad news, that the Reno Bighorns have decided to waive me. The good news, he always adds, every single time, is that he’s been in touch with the GM of the Reno Bighorns, who have decided to offer me a contract. I’ve played about 15 games with the Reno Bighorns, and this happens after every game I’ve played — they cut me and re-sign me.

Initially, I decided it must be a contractual thing, that the Bighorns didn’t want to sign me to a guaranteed deal because I’d count against the salary cap or something, so instead they’ve been signing me to a series of one-game contracts. At least, that’s how I’m looking at it. I’m tired of the disrespect, but I don’t really have a choice, either.

As a kid, I wanted to play in the NBA, but I didn’t have the skills necessary to make that dream a reality. Now that I can upgrade my skills beyond what they actually are, I’m determined to actually make it to the NBA.

Even if that road takes me through Reno.

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  • http://slamonline.com Tzvi Twersky

    Co-sign on review. Bet you Tzvi Twersky, 6, 165-lb, beats you to the L!

  • thalilbigkahuna

    I was actually surprised how fun this is. I was kind of expecting something like the superstar mode in Madden, which sucks, but this is cool. You’re right about not being able to make smart basketball decisions. Another thing I hate is how either my guy or somebody I pass to will miss a wide open layup. I’m pretty sure if you are talented enough to get invited to an NBA training camp, you can make an open layup. It’s all good though.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    That reward/performance thing sounds fatally flawed to be honest. Its based purely on getting stats? The intangibles don’t count, obviously.
    With NBA video games these days – hell, all video games now – they got so so so detailed with hundreds options and all this ‘career mode’ stuff that, and call me old fashioned, but I think I’m gonna go fire up Live 95 on Sega.

  • doom

    I made a Athletic 7’5″ Center, Victor Vaughn. Very easy, I just demand the ball and dunk it every time. If I get double teamed, I just dish it to the wide open PF. A+ teammate grade every time. Only problem is his hands are made of stone and so he commits many many turnovers. Point is is he is now the starting Center for the Chicago Bulls as a Rookie, only 10 games in. I’d highly recommend going the big man route, C or PF. I tried as a PG and a SG and I could never get to the association. Good review, I agree with what you were saying. It’s alot of fun and I find myself playing it more than the dynasty mode.

  • black pinoy

    great write up as usual lang..love the last lines hehe

  • http://www.in-n-outnba.blogspot.com Lucas

    Great read.. Makes me wish I had an Xbox 360.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Lucas stole the words right out of my….errr, mouth.

  • Cskin

    This mode is time consuming. I’m a 6′ 188 lbs pg, just made it to the league in febuary of my first year after working up to a 66 overall. It’s much better playing with the NBA guys as teamates,but I hate how the coaches will play me at sg or sf. Overall it’s a completely different and welcome experience for an NBA game.

  • Bombaclatt

    All i have to say is NBA LIVE 10. that is all.

  • JB

    Fifa 2010 > This.

  • Bassbester

    Is it only me or is 2k10′s Gameplay a little slower than 2k9′s. In the normal play mode that is, not in the career…

  • http://www.slamonline.com JL

    looks pretty realistic if it’s harder for small guards to make it than 7’5″ big men! I played the game this weekend and it was pretty smooth. Nothing strange other than one time I couldn’t inbound and about 3 times total in the game there were some astray passes which were beamed to the moon.

  • http://massmovementtv.blogspot.com Chris

    “Initially, I decided it must be a contractual thing, that the Bighorns didn’t want to sign me to a guaranteed deal because I’d count against the salary cap or something, so instead they’ve been signing me to a series of one-game contracts. At least, that’s how I’m looking at it. I’m tired of the disrespect, but I don’t really have a choice, either.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! I think the reason why this game is so successful is because it markets itself to ALL the folks over 21 that played ball but aren’t in the NBA.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    2K10 is fun — I been buying the series for about 8 years now, and its still the closest a videogame has got to real hoops. Despite that, it was hard to buy this year’s edition because of Kobe on the cover. In the end, I just stuck a sticker over his face and rolled with it.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com/madlib Michael NZ

    I couldn’t give a flying eff who’s on the cover really.

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  • http://www.slamonline.com Justin Walsh

    It just so happens that I’m a 6’2 220 LBS tweener SG lefty who can’t play defense for squat, can shoot from the outside like a champ…and misses right hand layups. DLeague win.

  • http://www.slamonline.com JL

    is slam banned from putting up a full 2k10 review due to contractual issues?

  • Darien

    I’m a 6′ 3″ 195lbs PG and I never had to play in the Dleauge…I’m on the Kings but they rotate me from PG to SG and for some strange reason SF too…I think the goals are unrealistic sometime…I got one where i was suppose to hlod my opponent to 10 pts and they put me on Kobe WTH…and how come they don’t pass it to you when your wide open they jack up stupid shot but I get penelized if I do that…great game play idea just shoulda worked on it more

  • iamse7en

    What of the bugs I’m hearing about? Game slows down considerably when you’re in the post?

  • B_Easy24

    Damn M Cho u got sometjing against the mamba? I bet if lebricks was on the cover you’d be sucking him right, typical casual fan

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Justin, that sounds exactly like what you told us how you played earlier, haha.

  • doom

    Not really. The games DOES lag, but it seems to be worse in shiny arenas, like Boston or Cleveland. Like wheres theres lots of reflections and stuff off the hardwood. But once I installed it to my harddrive it wasn’t as big a issue, but it can et to be a very big annoyance.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Put me down as a 5-10, 170 swingman with a good jumper, good speed, decent quickness, above average defense and a 70 FT%. But take into account that I’m challenged by age…

  • david

    I chose a 6-7 athletic SF (pippen-esque), played about 15 games in the dleague before portland signed me, and i have just played past the all star break with them (havne’t met lebron, but I kicked Paul Pierce’s arse). it’s fun definitely, some annoying things though, sometimes stats they bring up like team records and league leaders stay on the screen for the next possession while you’re playing, so you can’t see what’s happening on the screen, can cause your matchup to score which is really annoying, also the stats for other teams are per 48 minutes, while i’m only playing 5 minute quarters, so it’s all a bit skewed.

  • http://www.boogiewilliams.com Boing Dynasty aka make it reign aka flightschool aka the ghetto Kornel David

    Lang, i think the assist confusion your having is that you can also get team mate points for a “good pass” to a wide open team mate or just for simple swing pass at the top of the key, even if the player you pass to dosent even shoot. You can also have a combo of good pass/assist points. The most annoying part for me playing with a 6’7 SG, is making a cut and being wide open and calling for the ball while in motion to the bucket and not only does your PG not hit you with the pass, you lose team mate points for calling for the ball in a bad position.

  • Joe A

    My player got drafted by the Blazers. Sadly I don’t think I can throw a Stephen Jackson-style tantrum to try to get myself traded to the Celtics. My main problem with the mode so far is I’m on a point guard heavy team (Me, Blake, Miller, Bayless, and Chucky Atkins) so they often play me at the 2. My guy is an pretty accurate to me physically (5’9″ 160lbs) so when I’m playing shooting guard, whoever I’m guarding abuses me in the post. Joe Johnson hit me up for 42 points mostly off of turnaround jumpers from the post.Other than that, probably the most fun I had with a video game in a while.

  • davidR

    you’re hilarious lang

  • http://slamonline.com Shadow

    “Despite making myself the lightest skin tone available in the game, I do not appear to be white. But whatever”. Best line by far, nice job Lang.

  • la huey

    my player mode is a lame name for it but its actually really fun. lang is right though, it really sucks that they make you not want to play help defense.

  • thalilbigkahuna

    I keep getting cut and then resigned by the same team too.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    @B_Easy24: See, there you go. Your response pretty much sums up the ignorance that makes me dislike Kobe. Sometimes its the fans make you hate the band.

  • sebastian

    after every game my 2k insider tells me I have a big decision to make and that teams are interested in me. But I never see where I’m supposed to make my choice on teams.

  • mumadone

    victor vaugh, lol.

  • Drew

    well here is my deal i got 2k10 the day it came out looked at the rosters and rookies and so forth then i saw the my player mode first i tryed a shooting guard i sucked got mad and made a new one. i was a power forward but i always got called with 3 sec calls that pissed me off. then i made i athletic shooting guard he is awesome. i played the summer curcuit and just made everyone cry. i averaged like 26 points 5 rebounds and 4 assist. so i got invited to many training camps but i picked the one i would most likely have success in so i picked the raptors they really dont have anybody at the 2. i played i dominated but got waived to some dleague team played 7 games got invited to a 10 day trial with the blazers and have dominated behind brandon roy with 17 points 4 re’s and 3 dimes but the thing is i dont think i can play 82 games i mean i could but tht sounds kinda tiring?

  • http://www.nba-basketball.org NBA Basketball

    Lol Joe A, you cracked me up with that.
    This seems like a fun game, need to get that RROD on my Xbox fixed.

  • http://www.basketbrasil.com.br Rubens Borges

    @M Cho do the same thing I did, print a custom cover from he interwebs, I got Melo on my…

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    i too enjoyed the experience in this mode, which kinda make the actual game an afterthought (and that’s coming from someone who’s been on the 2k wagon since they came out 10 years ago). too bad it suffers all the weird game play that Lang and a few people mentioned here. by the way i haven’t figured out how to play D effectively, as my guy keeps getting by me (and i’m playing point and keep putting skill points on “on ball defense”). any tips on d?
    one thing no one has mentioned so far is that you can take the player you create online for pickup games right? i haven’t gotten that to work for me so i don’t know whatsup. i heard you can get skill points for running in pickup games to boost stats?
    i’m looking forward to 2k11 when they really polish up My Player. it’s easily one of the funnest way to experience basketball in the virtual world.

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    hey lang maybe we can get updates for the next Links edition on how your player is doing. Detailed simulations like this that cater to the hardcore hoophead is really why NBA live will never catch up to 2k.

  • Squirrel7

    Lang, random question, but are you playing the Xbox or PS3 version? As I own both consoles, and have it being shipped as we speak on PS3, I’m hoping the PS3 version is marginally better.

  • http://fdsjklf.com Jukai

    It’s a good thing the My Player Mode is so much fun, because the actual game f’in sucks compared to 2K9… and 2K9 sucked compared to 2K8.
    They’ve effectively killed post past and defense in this game.

  • andy

    i’ve always liked create-a-player modes. i recently found my old Sega Genesis at my parent’s house and fired up NBA Live 97. on it i found a team comprised entirely of playground legends – earl the goat, pee wee kirkland, joe “the destroyer” hammond et al – all lovingly created by me. if they invent time travel in my lifetime i’ll go back and slap my 14 year old self upside the head for completely wasting his (my?) youth!
    as you can imagine one side of me is sorely tempted by 2k10′s My Player mode. think i’ll pass though.

  • riggs

    the “one-day contract” bug everyone is experiencing is actually a glitch that will be fixed with the next update, a work-around for this is if you get offered a contract by another team dont accept or deny just get out of the game completely and reload your player. There is significant lag in the game and thats from pretty much too much stuff going on but this will also be fixed in a week or two with the second update.

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com DP

    sounds very dope, Lang. I guess I’m going to have to wait until my born day to cop this one. play wit it.

  • Rich

    Look everyone, I played with the Reno Bighorns for about 8 games, 6’3″, 190 pounds. After scoring 23 points in one game, I got called up by the GS Warriors. I’ve been killing the league. However, my team is getting killed – nobody passes on the team, just like in real life. I hate that Stevie Jack ALWAYS shoots 3s, and now we’re getting hammered by 30 points every night. It’s so bad now, I don’t even pass the ball, and they now say I hold the ball too long, and I get penalized.

    The lag DOES NOT happen in the My Player mode when you get called up. Played about 7 games in the L, no lag. But please Stevie Jack, pass the ball, I’m open!

  • http://www.commuto.com Stephen Arbib

    Love this mode. I’ve been hooked on it for a week now. Nets offered me a 10 day contract which I’ve been killing it on as a SG. No sign of the new owner yet or his flock of playmates. Maybe once I become a starter the game will invite me to some of his private parties.

  • http://www.commuto.com Stephen Arbib

    Rich…I feel you. I’m on the Nets and they are terrible. There is only so much I can do but we keep on getting killed by everyone. Even when we have a 10 point lead and I get subbed out, by the time I’m subbed back in we’re down 10. I pretty much hate everyone on my team.

  • http://www.cavs.com MooButter

    can anyone explain the free throw shooting to me? I’m always to early or too late. It’s making me crazy and costing me close games when the other team starts intentionally fouling.

  • http://www.commuto.com Stephen Arbib

    BTW…2K sports will have a patch for the slowdown and other bugs out within 2 weeks. Should help resolve a lot of the issues people are having.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Lang Whitaker

    I’m playing the PS3 version. Also, there’s a review of both Live and 2K10 in the new issue of SLAM.

  • http://www.commuto.com Stephen Arbib

    MooButter, free throw shooting largely depends on your stats. If you stats are good you have a bigger window for the “Perfect Shot”. Generally you want to hold down and release when the hand is over the forehead of the player. However, there are different animations for different players so you’ll have to get used to each players release point.

    Anyway, if you build up your stats to above 70 you should have no problems hitting the free throws every time.

  • Rich

    But I will always love 2k for making a basketball game that is sooo real. Think about it. You have to space yourself on the floor to get open. You have to set picks and drive the lanes. Great job on the My Player mode. I don’t even think about starting my Association.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Spaceship Jay

    Thank You Jukai. I thought that I was the only one about to through the disc out of the window due to the lack of jump-shot defense. That, and NO ONE SWITCHES on defense, and I can’t figure out how to stay in front of anyone on D. Interesting enough though; when I watched the Suns/Warriors preseason game, they were playing exactly like 2K10.

  • http://www.basketbrasil.com.br Rubens Borges

    I find it funny that “My Player” gets burned on the same thing I get burned on the defensive end… I’m on my 4th game with the Jams on the D-League, hoping for that NBA call up anytime soon… For some reason my personality is “unpredictable” what?

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  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    got into the L after 4 dleague games. Have never gotten lower then a B grade, and have only lost 1 game my whole career. I think its easy to control the game while still getting good grades. Difficulty is at Hall of Fame too.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    actually i have led the Houston Rockets from the 12 seed to the 7 seed in 12 games. Starting PG over Aaron Brooks one game outta the D League. This game is cake if you know basketball.

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com albie1kenobi

    so any tips on how to play D and not get burned?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    hold the l trigger only around picks, stay back off your guy a good 3 feet, (especially in the d league). If he starts to burn you hold L trigger and at the guy your gaurding, you’ll bump him and slow his momentum.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    and you can deny ball all together with the right analog stick

  • Danny W UK

    I’m playing as Albert White, from Michigan/Missouri (1995 McDonlads guy that shoulda, but never, made the L), 6ft 6 in 2 guard. I chose to try out for the Kings, but was behind K Mart, and ‘Reke, so I got cut. Played for Tulsa for maybe 10 games, then got picked up by the Jazz on a 10 Day contract. I’ve stuck with them, although I have apparently been offered loads of contracts, I have never seen one. In 5 minute qtrs, I’m averaging 20, 4, and 4. Rated at 43 points. One annoying thing, when I played against the Lakers, I got told my man ‘lit me up’, it was Kobe, and he scored 8 points on me. Other than that I’m loving it. Playing Association as the Kings, and I’ve just traded Mason to the Grizz for Thabeet, realistic huh?

  • Danny W UK

    And if you ever wanna play online add me. Gamertag is CW484.

  • Rich

    I’ve been so hooked on My Player, I haven’t even checked out the other stuff on the game. My GS Warriors are finally winning games, trying to make it to the playoffs. I even took Curry’s spot in the starting lineup. Last night, Kevin Martin LIT ME UP, nothing I could do. He can shoot from anywhere. Michael Redd too. If you are a true basketball fan, you gotta get this game. Oh yeah, and Stevie Jack still won’t pass the ball.

  • Lu Galasso

    I just got NBA 2K10 and I’ve only started a pro season with the Raptors. I haven’t done the Player mode thing yet, but your review got me enthused about it.

  • http://www.daytonastate.edu/athletics/ White Chocolate*DSC*

    I made 6’6” athletic shooting guard and i averaged 30 points and 8 rebounds in the pre draft camp and got picked up by the bobcats and during there training camp i averaged 34 points and 7 rebounds and they signed me a contract to stay with there team for the season. but my guys only like 43 overall. He can just dunk. And then i made a 6’3” point guard who got picked up by the nuggets and was averaging 24 points and 12 assists and they sent him to the d league for 6 games until i got picked up by the hornets. they always sub me in and put cp3 at the 2. it’s really addicting till you play a few games in the league cause I dont really have time to play all 82 games thats just to much so that’s when i just start over

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Your sponsors over at EA won’t be happy about this article…

  • Shem

    I agree with the fundamental part but its actually really fun. I like it how if you have a smaller guy you get more skill points. I dont know how to get drafted though. Right after training camp the heat decided to keep me and off with the season. Other then that great game.

    P.S: Brandon “The Kid” Moss is gunning for your spot Mario!

  • http://wtfslamonline.com nbk

    you gotta download the combine to get drafted. and if you do its number 26 by the bulls every time

  • Quail

    @ nbk: no its not, i got drafted by the kings 23rd. and theres a bunch of stuff u all should probly know about the my player mode:
    1) if u got the draft combine off of xbox live, u can change the quarter lengths if u want. just change them in the main options to however long u want them to be, then upload ur player and start ur career.
    2) also if u got the draft combine, the team that drafts u will literally NEVER rly sign u after summer league. if u pick another team, u will have a clone of ur player on the team that originally drafted u. so both ur player, and the clone’s player’s stats will be on ur stats. also, when u play the team that drafted u, ur clone will be on the floor so there are 2 of u in the game. u can work around this by doing this:… when ur done with ur 6 summer league games and all other 29 teams are offering u a training camp deal, just go back to the xbox dashboard and then turn the game back on. then if u load ur player back, u will automatically be on the team that drafted u and in their training camp.
    i give credit of this information to the people on the 2ksports website.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I talked to like 7 people who were all drafted 26th by the bulls, the rest all got drafted in the 2nd round. but thats good to see

  • luis morales

    This game is fuked up, I was playn my player mode & all the sudden daa guy started playn by himself, im talkn about daa hole game by himself

  • Quail

    my friend got drafted 18th by the wolves too. just sayin

  • Matt

    is there any way to change the quarter lengths without downloading the draft combine I’m getting tired of only gettin 8 points an game with 12 assists and 15 min of playin time?

  • shamar

    i created a 6’8 SG kinda playin like old mcgrady. very easy if you go inside all the time and buckets wide open. I got into the league with the suns early december with a 60 rating. its nice tho if you mount up assists and rebounds first before you take over on offence. the guy that looks like steven a smith is a lil annoying buh i juss ignore him. This addition to the game is nice b/c if allows me to see the ups and downs of the league and is better than dynasty. it is def better if your man(no homo) is bigger like a center type. truss me it helps.

  • taylor

    If you want to be successful in this game then all you have to do is make a 7 ft, 11 in center whose weight is all the way up. Put them at center and they will dominate anyone in your path. That’s what i did and now i am starting for the chicago bulls. we are still undefeated and my player averages 36 points, 14 rebounds and 8 blocks. That’s what i cal domination.

  • MattD

    I actually played high school basketball as a 6’4 3G/1G… and i actually was being scouted by tennessee state, Chattanooga, Tennessee Tech, Austin Peay and best of all but the biggest longshot(because they only contacted me once) were the Vanderbilt Commodores. But i had a struggle with a drug addiction and i quit basketball my senior year, because my coach knew i was addicted to Percocet and Methadone.. something that the local doctors here prescribed to me to help me with my bad shoulder and broken ankle so i could play more and get healthy quicker.. even play hurt. So it was either get kicked off the team and possibly expelled for popping perc’s in the locker room at halftime.. or i had to do community service for my coach. I said F*C* the coach and just quit. because my addiction is partly his fault for getting doctors to prescribe me pain killers when he knew i was addicted. So with that said. THIS IS WHY I ABOSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MODE. It’s a savior to my basketball career in my mind LOL. I’m now 25 and i’ve worshipped basketball since i was a child (Lakers fan since i was in diapers) and i have always played beeball vid games. This is the best mode thus far in any video games history. I love it even though i just started.

  • MattD

    I hope my story can inspire those who are relied on by their county to win basketball games. don’t go down the road i traveled. It’s pure hell and cost me a shot at something special.

  • Haven

    My question is when your in the association, the 2k guy says “So some other teams want you, take your time to evaluate if this is where you want to be, and ill stand behind you whatever you choose.” But then you cannot actually choose to go to a different team. I only played 6 D-League games but now I am on the Mavs who stupidly traded JTerry for TJ Ford which makes it impossible as a PG to play on the team. They play me a lot but along with JKidd and TJFord so neither one of them shoot the ball and they just end up stealing my assists. Additionally Dirk never wants the ball and pretty much will only score when hes down low. I want off the team so any help on how to do so would be appreciated. I am really not trying to play through an entire season just to sign with someone new.

  • airperri

    I created an athletic guard, 6.7 . Finished as mvp of the finals with the Orlando Magic. I have now 66 in general , the problem , or the damn glitch is I cannot start the second season!! FU#############!!

  • dre

    all you have to do is go to setting on your player mode to change time.. thats it its not hard at all

  • L

    So I created a point guard, who did well in the summer league for the Magic but wasn’t offered a contract. Instead I got to pick from quite a few different teams (I think most of them) and picked the Cavs. I made it through the training camps and actually got to skip the D-League. I would say in about 7 games I was the starting point guard. We actually got a pretty sweet team despite loosing Mo Williams and Z due to PT but picked up Okafor at the PF position helping us have the best record in the league and win the Finals. But here’s my problem. There’s no way to manage your “Career”. You’re stuck with a team. You do well you stay. You do bad and you go to the D-League…only to come out on an even worse team. (Toronto) The 2K insider should be your manager, you should be able to ask for a trade, negotiate your contract.

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