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Report: Kentucky Recruit Kanter Paid To Play

There’s a scandal brewing at Kentucky, but this one definitely isn’t John Calipari’s fault. Pete Thamel breaks the news: “The best recruit in Kentucky’s top-ranked recruiting class, the Turkish center Enes Kanter, received more than $100,000 in cash and benefits over three years from the professional team he played for here, according to the team’s general manager. In an interview in his office here this week, the general manager of Fenerbahce Ulker, Nedim Karakas, said the club had given banking and housing records to the N.C.A.A. that show Kanter received benefits that could jeopardize his amateur status for college basketball. ‘I am sorry for telling this for Enes, but we cannot lie if someone asks the whole story, we cannot hide,’ Karakas said. Karakas said that Fenerbahce provided housing to Kanter and his family for more than three years, provided them with food and pocket money and paid Kanter a salary of more than $6,500 a month during his final season. Karakas and Fenerbahce’s basketball chief executive, Aydin Ors, both said they were unhappy with the way Kanter left the club because they had invested heavily in his development. Kanter, an 18-year-old who is 6-foot-11 and 272 pounds, is considered by some as the best big man in the world for his age.”

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  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    this is getting absolutely ridiculous…what is it the NCAA’s business if the kid was getting paid by a former professional club??? this is friggin ridiculous!!!!!! what is it the NCAA’s concern at all if any of these athletes receives money??? They bout to take back Reggie Bush’s Heisman as if dude was doing steroids or something its ridiculous. If a capatalist nation why in the world should it be that young men, over-18, aren’t given the autonomy the make personal financial decisions without these greedy, blood-thirsty, money hungry, gestapos on their heels wherever they go??? If an agent decides to give a kid and his family some money what is it to the NCAA??? Why should they care??? Shouldn’t their ONLY concerns be about the things involving these athletic programs….Oh I guess they consider the athletes themselves the ‘things involving the athletic programs’! These greedy old geezers sit back and run a multi-billion dollar industry off of the labor of these young men and put the whip to them everytime a penny comes their way. THIS IS GREED!!!!!!! Guess the philosophy is “if you teach these slaves how to read they’ll overthrow you”….UGHHHHHHH makes my blood boil….done

  • somedude

    Rick…the NCAA is an amateur league, the kid got paid money, ipso facto, he can’t play in the NCAA.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Stop snitchin’, Karakas!

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ The Promise

    100 grand, over 3 YEARS. Thats barely enough to get by people. Thats 30,000 dollars a year, thats enough for make a car payment, house payment, and food and hotel stays. This really is getting ridiculous Black Rick Kamla.. The NCAA is just making a show out of it to put a negative light on Cal and Kentucky.

  • somedude

    The Promise, 100k over the span of what I assume were his high school years. That’s far more money than anybody I know earned through that period of their life. He was by definition a professional athlete. They do not play in the NCAA.

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    i don’t think the issue is whether he got rich. as somedude said, you can’t play in the ncaa if you’re not an amateur. rules is rules.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @somedude…’Uncle Dell’s Barbershop Summer Baseball Classic’ is an amateur league…tell them NCAA higher-ups that stuff…they are making major league paper

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    DAMN, that SUCKS. And here I was telling people that the reason why Enes Kanter could play in the NCAA is cause he DIDN’T get paid. Wow. It’s ok Kanter, you’ll still be a top 5 pick in the draft.

  • Hussman25

    This does have a sense of revenge to it… but facts are facts… If he recieved impropper benes… His “amature” status is gone. Wonder if Brandon Knight’s decision to make a Finaicial Aid agreement w/ UK looks sill now. I’d be looking for a way out of town if I was him…


    i made more than that (not by much) doing a paid internship for Xerox (at the same age) come the eff on.


    and i meant per year not the total 100,000

  • somedude

    Kamla, they probably don’t have pay-stubs at that barbershop classic, do they?

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    Rules are rules, what’s the problem?

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    if anyone is unfamiliar with this situation with the NCAA listen to this. UGA wide receiver AJ Green is being suspended indefinitely as the NCAA continues to investigate whether or not the allegations of his family selling his game-worn jerseys are true…………

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    Former OSU wide receiver Dez Bryant was suspended during his junior season for not informing NCAA officials of his momentary stay at Hall of Famer Deion Sanders’ mansion……

  • T-Money

    revenge for what? it’s not about how muh money they gave him, the guy was clearly not an amateur – he was a (very young) professional basketball player. no different from ricky rubio. would anyone argue that latavious williams has the right to play in the ncaa because he didn’t make much in the d-league?

  • http://yahoo ddub

    all THE BIG PROGRAMS IN BASKETBALL AND FOOTBALL, CAN BE BROUGHT down for the same things,so the ncaa should get their asses out of the 60 70′s and start finding ways to handle the problem.The kids dont need boosters or coaches anymore,they go around institutions now and let the agents or reps,pay them.

  • http://www.dontevenreply.com total scrotal implosion

    House, food, etc, 6500 a month. Kid is not an amateur. I rarely side with the ncaa, but this is obviously a no-brainer

  • JTaylor21

    When is the NCAA going to start paying american college players? They have being ROBBING this players in broad daylight for years.

  • Hussman25

    With all due respect: Latavious situation was different, he didnt have the grades to get into school… He “chose” to play professionally (in the NBDL) so he knew this would end his collegiate career… Kanter wasnt “supposed to be paid” but his cost went over reasonable and customary charges for his pro lifestyle… they paid the kid alot of doe for him to play there and hoped he would stay 1 maybe 2 more years b4 he bolted… Not sure Y he would want to come to college anyway??? He’s the best Euro Big… Y not just stay there and play a season compaired to coming to UK and playing all season just to leave b4 the second semester in school to begin working out for the NBA. Cal tried to get around the system (again). The only reason he got outed was because this (kanter) former teams GM/Owner felt screwed and may as well take it out on the kid, UK and Cal. Now the kid will have to stay overseas… Doubt he’ll play in the D-League for a year when he can play either for his former team or a higher level of comp in Europe… What I am not liking about this whole situation is his former team waits till it’s close for NCAA kids to begin practicing to now be “honest” w/ the clearinghouse… This whole situation stinks to high hell!

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    NCAA is bogus, I remember talking to a dude who was a scrub on a Football team and he told me the college paid him. This happens all the time, so the NCAA needs to give the students a stipend each month. Also I know these kids are BLESSED to have scholarships and college paid for just to throw a ball, shoot a ball, swim, run and dance, but College’s are benefiting from them so why not give them a piece of the pie. Tebow made Florida so much much selling his replica jersey and him selling out the stadium, like alot of the other stars. Colleges have to work out a system, because alot of players are receiving money under the table and I bet alot in the NFL and NBA did, but money is the root of all evil and the kids want their money now, not later.

  • ilyasova

    this guy will be a legend no matter what

  • Grenners

    WAS a pro. But isn’t anymore. I don’t understand the issue. I was paid to tutor kids a couple of years below me in high school. Should that preclude me from being an amatuer student in college.

    Many a young kid can earn money playing sports in Europe, especially soccer, why the hell can’t they then decide to go and get an education….

  • http://sfdjklf.com Jukai

    Grenners: Er, no, it’s ‘pro’ only on a basketball level. Cause he’s playing amateur basketball. And he can’t play amateur basketball if he’s a pro. Do you get what I’m saying?

  • http://slamonline.com Big D

    Serves Kanter right after he backed out on Romar with the WA Huskies. And serves Calipari right for all his seemingly unethical means to pull kids away from verbal commitments. The NCAA is right. This kid was a pro.

  • ThaWindy

    He made more than 100,000 in cash and benefits in three years. His last season he made at least 78,000. So there is no telling how much he made…fyi.. I see it as a kid that had a really good paying job.

  • Ronald

    Yeah, this is kinda silly. But a catch-22 all at the same time.

  • JoeMaMa

    I laugh at those calling NCAA bigtime basketball/football ‘amateur’. Why, because the kids don’t officially get paid? The majority of these guys don’t care about grades…same goes for their coaches, the school officials, and for the most part, the NCAA itself. It’s a business, making billions on the backs of unpaid workers. How can anyone defend the NCAA?
    Technically, according to their rules, he can’t play. I guess all we can hope for is that the NBDL gets good enough that it becomes a credible alternative…or that more Jennings-like success stories from overseas push the kids there. (Jeremy Tyler kind of screwed that one up) Or that someone challenges the NBA age limit rule in court. But the NCAA is just too much of a hypocrisy to enjoy these days.

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