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Live Blog: McDonald’s AA Game

High school’s main attraction, live from the United Center!

by Bryan Crawford / @_bryancrawford

What’s good? Y’all know SLAM is in the building for the 35th annual McDonald’s All-American game in Chicago. We’re kicking the live blog off for the boy’s game so be sure to chime in and comment. I’ma hold it down even though it’s a struggle for me right now. Dropped my laptop and broke the ‘F’ and the ‘V’ buttons. All good, tho. 2 buttons don’t stop no show!! In a minute…

- We’re back!! The boys squads being introduced to the Bulls intro music right now.

- Music just switched to ‘Lose Yourself’.’ Seems appropriate… This is a huge moment for these kids. One they won’t forget. Enjoy it!

- Not quite last year’s turnout in terms of fans, but there’s still a lot of people here tonight.

- We’re less than 4 minutes from tip-off, ‘Rack City’ blaring through the UC.

- Rodney Purvis got bun-nies!!

- T-shirt give aways always gets the party crackin’! Gets me crackin’ too when people are falling over each other to grab  ’em.

- Poythress, you can’t do that. Travelling…

- Grant Jerrett is nice down low.

- Shabazz with the jam!

- Shabazz with the 3. Cookin…

- Another jam for Shabazz, then a layup. He’s got 9 already. West up 11-2.

- Poythress with the nice lob finish.

- Another jam for Poythress

- Tyler Lewis is a trooper. Got his tooth knocked out in practice but he wasn’t missing this game for anything!

- TO. West up 15-9 with 15:28 left in the 1st half

- Yogi Ferrell in the game. Hoosier fans got a good one.

- Perry Ellis almost brought the house down with that inbounds play.

- Archie Goodwin with the nice tip-in

- Purvis!! Told’ja…

- Kyle Anderson is gonna be nice and Isaiah Austin is gonna cause matchup problems at the next level

- Kids out here going hard. Gotta love that

- Tony Parker with the nice jam off the dish from Anderson. TO, West up 23-17

- Shout out to adidas for going hard with the neon uni’s this year.

- TV timeouts are EXTRA long, yo. You don’t notice it because, you know,  you’re watching on TV

- Poythress for 3. Coach Cal got another one!

- Anthony Bennett with a nice jam

- Poythress is nice, man.

- FT’s cut the West lead to 7, 31-24

- DaJuan Coleman looks like… Oh, nevermind.

- That dude, again… Shabazz Muhammad with the nice tip jam

- Poythress is cookin, on the low. He’s got a quiet 11 points which has helped cut the West lead to 3, 33-30

- Former McDonald’s greats being shown on the big board. Bron got booed. Of course they show DRose and the UC goes crazy

- DRose got a louder ovation than when they showed Michael Jordan

- Alonzo Mourning in the building

- Good crop of big men in the 2012 class with Tony Parker, Cameron Ridley, DaJuan Coleman, Grant Jerrett and Isaiah Austin

- Almost forgot Shaq Goodwin

- He wants be called William, tho…

- Rasheed Sulaimon might be on that V ERY short list of Duke players I actually like

- Touchdown!! Kyle Anderson to Rodney Purvis

- Kyle Anderson out’chea dropping DIMES!

- Archie Goodwin blew a break away layup!

- He made up for it two times in a row tho. Back to back jams pust the West up 8

- 3:15 left in the 1st half, West up 48-40

- Shabazz Muhammad going to work. 13 in the game on 6-9 from the field

- Amile Jefferson got a little Lamar Odom to him. A little…

- DaJuan Coleman is built like a rhino

- Shabazz Muhammad, tho… 15 points already

- Halftime!! West up on the East 58-46

- 1st half scoring leaders West: Shabazz Muhammad 15 points, Archie Goodwin and Cameron Ridley 8 points

- 1st half scoring leaders East: Alex Poythress 11 points, Tony Parker 8 points, DaJuan Coleman 7 points

- Nice touch pass to Shaq Goodwin for the East dunk

- Perry Ellis with another jam for the East

- Kyle Anderson showed off some nice pro-style post moves for a second

- Rasheed Sulaimon showing offf the athleticism

- Yogi Ferrell might someday be the new #PointGod

- Sulaimon 3 on one end, Purvis dunk on the other

- Archie Goodwin, another Kentucky stud

- West team just loaded. Pulled away now and up 21, 73-52 with 15:42 left in the 2nd half

- Poythress is a beast. Nice jam down low

- Amile Jefferson with the Kevin McHale up and under move

- Oh, shout out to Devonta Pollard who had to sit this game out with a concussion suffered in practice. And yeah, Shabazz is still cookin

- Muhammad would’ve brought the house down with that windmill

- Great block by Gary Harris who blew the lob pass on the other end

- Marcus Smart struggling in this game. 1 point so far

- West up 80-56 with 11:50 to go in the game

- I need to get my hands on a pair of those West team shorts…

- Yogi gets great elevation on his shot

- Archie Goodwin has a really nice game. Kentucky fans should be excited

- Perry Ellis can jump

- Nice putback Shaq, er, William

- Nice pass off the glass from Kyle Anderson to Rodney Purvis. East still down 16 with 7:15 to go in the game

- Shabazz is showing why he’s the top player in the 2012 class

- Nice dime from Smart to Ridley. Texas connection

- Kyle Anderson flirting with a triple double: 9 points, 6 boards, 6 dimes

- Alex Poythress is going to slide right into that Kidd-Gilchrist spot and Kentucky won’t miss a beat there

- Kyle Anderson blows the dunk that could’ve cut the lead to 8. Things got a little sloppy after that for both teams

- Purvis 3, Jefferson dunk and we’ve got ourselves a game. East down 93-88

- Sulaimon out of the TO with a 3. Lead up to 8

- Dunk by Amile Jefferson cut the leadt to 6, but Grant Jerrett knocks down a jumoer to put the West back up 8. 98-90, 2:15 to go.

- Nice drive by Yogi to gt to the line. Misses the 1st FT tho…

- Another dunk by Shabazz Muhammd puts the East up 7, but Rodney Purvis with the And 1

- Purvis misses the FT but the East gets the O board but can’t convert

- Ferrell to Sulaimon for the And 1. Nice finish. Poythress fouls out with 19. Sulaimon makes the FT to put the West back up 8, 104-96. Kyle Anderson drives and scores. West 104, East 98

- 52.6 seconds left. Anything can happen but I’d say the West has this one locked up. Ferrell fouled with 43.5 left to play

- Great look by Anderson to Dunn to cut the lead to 4, but the West comes right back and scores

- Anderson with the Dunk, East still down 4 with 4.1 seconds left and fans are filing out of the United Center

- That’s it from Chicago, folks. The West wins by a final score of 106-102. It’s been real. See you next year… You know SLAM and SLAMonline will be there holding you down as always!

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  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    Loving this game… a few thoughts: 1) This game gets me as hyped as anything, in or outside of basketball, does. Love the game, and the interviews just as much. 2) Shabazz and Kyle Anderson are gonna do serious work at UCLA, and quickly change the “negative” perception surrounding the program. 3) I have no idea how to assess these big-men, cause they all look the same to me.

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    4) fresh how they’re playing in Chicago… although I’d be down for MSG, too

  • http://slamonline.com Ben Osborne

    Thanks for the blog, Bryan! Love that Shabazz played so well! Eldon, how do you know Bazz is going to UCLA?

  • http://slamonline.com/ Peter Walsh

    Eldon, what do you know that we don’t??

  • http://slamonline.com Eldon Khorshidi

    I should’ve prefaced that statement by stating it was mostly a gut feeling, but I think I know this much: Shabazz and Kyle are super close (best friend status, I think), and just watching them play last night it made so much sense basketball wise (for me). Kentucky would be too star-studded and would probably cloud Shabazz’ game a bit, but at UCLA Kyle is a pass-first player—he’ll get his ASAP, but he won’t mind deferring to Shabazz at all. Plus, they could both bring up and push the ball in transition, and the defense can’t focus on either one too much, which means both will do damage right away. I don’t see Duke as a real option, because they don’t foster the type of one-and-done program that these kids are looking for, IMO. And the weather/city of LA/proximity to home/weakness of the Pac-12 should be taken into account, right?

    All that aside, someone we know (this guy: http://www.zagsblog.com/2012/03/18/shabazz-to-take-official-to-ucla-then-decide/) told me recently it’s all but a done deal. I asked if I could “reveal” that if anyone asked, and he said I could, so I’m not stressing revealing it. Plus, I don’t think anyone takes my word too seriously at this point, so I hope I’m straight…

    Anyways, there’s my doctrine on Shabazz going to UCLA. We’ll see

  • Justin

    Those jerseys…damn

  • T-Money

    if cal lands bennett, shabbazz and nerlens noel… man.