Monday, July 21st, 2008 at 12:01 am  |  17 responses

Jordan Flipsyde

August 1, $95

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  • rob stewart

    Jordan’s are beginning to be alot like Gatorade; way to many flavors/styles to keep up with.

  • jsmoov5


    your true about that but that is a pretty sweet shoe.

  • jumpman2323

    so is this a play on the ajf-3 fusions?

  • http://www.slamonline.com James the balla

    i dont know, they are ok, 95 bucks for jordans isnt bad. I wouldnt pay it though.

  • hugos boss

    jsmoov5 this is as wack as a shoe can get, wtf man.

  • http://Yahoo.com young Quany

    I dont like them i think that there ugly jordan is desprite to make new shoes so he is throuning anything together so he can make some new kicks!!!!!!!

  • duke4005

    It is a SKATE shoe!!! Ridiculous. Tie to re-focus on how Jordan bacame Air.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Wow, not a bad shoe if it wasn’t for skateboarding!

    WHEN WILL BASKETBALL/REAL SPORTS COMPANIES REALIZE THAT THEY SHOULD STOP MAKING SKATEBOARDING GEAR. F*ck Nike SB’s, F*ck these shoes, and F*ck those wooden boards with four wheels that try to sustain a certain “culture” in our world, when in reality its phony sh!t. Skateboarding is like the black plague on other cultures. Its all Lupe Fiasco’s fault for making that stupid song and Pharell’s fault. Skateboard P. is such a stupid name anyways. Why can’t skateboarding stay within its own boundaries? I wouldn’t mind it if it did just that. SKATEBOARDERS, STOP CONTAMINATING THE THINGS THAT I LOVE WHICH ARE PURE.

  • hugos boss

    lol, that deserves an oscar, any ways pharrel is a poser skate bitch. and sb’s are some of the gems nike has put out. thats like saying you wouldnt wear air max 90′s because you play ball.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/betcats BETCATS

    now i need to go to the bathroom. These things make me dihereia. Sh!t is ugly now i got to paint my toliet

  • DS44


  • myKALITOSway

    yo agree wit everyone else what are da kats at Jordan Brand thinkin this is not a b-ball shoe i understand want 2 expand da market but stick 2 da roots and at least if you make a shoe like that ask around b4 you just throw it out like that but hey they have to do that……..throw it my way if you want to give it away

  • JEEZY32

    Its like a very casuall nd wild jordan 3 upper nd nice air max bottom

  • http://AF1.com AIRIONA


  • SCHZ

    I like it just i like playing ball… not skateboarding

  • http://hotmail.com clampdown

    i no what these are. this was supposed to be jumpmans project on a skate shoe, i swear search these up on nikesb.org.it said that they were designed by stevie williams,but at the end of the day, does the skateboarding market really want to wear shoes by air jordan? does that even make sense to anyone? i think that jordan should just let nike do the skateboarding thing. but for me personally, these are just gay.

  • L.4.D.G

    I’m tired of stupid ppl saying that Nike is a basketball company! Nike is an athletic company. Their first shoe was a running one. Nike is out there to make money like everyone else, so why wouldn’t they make a Jordan Brand skate shoe?